Title: Angel's Protection

Author: Blackest Grim

Rating: M

Summery: It is Harry's Seventh Year and he has already defeated the monster his world feared with the help of old friends and the new friends he found in ex-Death Eaters and Slytherins. It is now only a week until they graduate and Ron is jealous of his ex-friend.

Warnings: Time Travel. SLASH (This means Male/Male relationship, if you don't like it and are most likely looking for an excuse to flame someone than why the hell are reading my story, because I have a friend that likes to be very mean and sent answers to people who flame me. If she doesn't I will. You have been warned.) Good Slytherins, Bad & Jealous Ron, and Defeated Voldemort.

Parings: Salazar/Harry (eventually) and another main paring that I can't say just yet…

Spoilers: Books 1-6


"I love Salazar/Harry fictions!" -Talking

'I love Salazar/Harry fictions!' -Thoughts

"I love Salazar/Harry fictions!" -Perstaletongue

'I love Salazar/Harry fictions!' –Hogwarts

A/n: This is a response to a challenge by Cap'n BlackRose in Insane Dreams. I hope you like it Cap'n; you doing my challenge so now I would love to do yours, after all I do love Salazar/Harry fics.

Chapter: Bye Bye

Harry groaned as their new Defense professor fawned over his abilities in the class, again. He hated how Professor Templeton used his defeat of Lord Voldemort at the beginning of the year as an example for almost every spell they worked on.

He also hated how much the man asked for him to demonstrate in front of the class, and everybody knew it, even the Slytherins could tell their fellow seventh year was ready to personally show the man how he defeated the Dark Lord, and it wasn't going to be on a dummy.

The professor had yet to discover this little fact out even though it is…one week from graduation. Harry hissed in Perstaletongue under his breath, a habit he had picked up when he was angry, as he walked up in front of the room to demonstrate once again.

This time it was a spell that he had personally made, he had made it to help him and his friends defeat the monster. Because there was no shield spell strong enough to stop the Killing Cures, Harry needed a way to weaken the strong spell that was Voldemort's favorite.

Finally with newfound allies and friends he was able to do as he sot to, he called it 'Angel's Protection', which described it well with its golden color. It is a very complicated spell but worth the trouble as it could save your life when use with a shield spell. He had made many others but this is his most famous.

Harry glared at his professor, who wasn't effected in the least, as he turned around to demonstrate. Before he forgot he pulled out his wand, because he even has incidents where he forgot the piece of wood on his bedside table. He could do wandless magic but only he, his friends, the deceased Dumbledore and Voldemort knew it, so they decided to keep that tad bit a secret.

As he started the incantation and swift wand movements he noticed his ex-friend Ron Weasley evilly smirking, but seeing as the red head was utterly stupid without him or Hermione he over looked it.

Big mistake as he would soon find out as his new best mate Draco Malfoy suddenly tried to push them out of the way of a bright-orange spell sent at him by the youngest male Weasley. But it was too late.

As the spell hit them Harry's incantation was finished, but the spell mixed with the golden magic that came from the tip of Harry's wand and the two were gone. As if they had never been there to begin with.


A/n: Sorry it's kind of short, but it is just the prologue. Anyway tell me how it was? Was it good? Let me know as I refuse to update a story no one reads.

This is the Challenge set by Cap'n BlackRose:


Must be Salazar/Harry pairing.

Harry must be out of Hogwarts or at the very least in his seventh year and younger than Salazar.

Sal must be a teacher at Hogwarts and Harry must get a job at Hogwarts when he is dragged to the past. Doesn't matter what post. Try and be original.

Must be Sal that woos a, for whatever odd reason, reluctant Harry to him.

The rest of it is all yours! Do enjoy! Please drop me a line if you decide to write a fic based however slight off this! I'd love to read it!