Title: Angel's Protection

Author: Blackest Grim

Rating: M

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Summery: It is Harry's Seventh Year and he has already defeated the monster his world feared with the help of old friends and the new friends he found in ex-Death Eaters and Slytherins. It is now only a week until they graduate and Ron is jealous of his ex-friend.

Warnings: Time Travel. SLASH/ femSLASH (This means Male/Male and female/female relationships. You have been warned.) Good Slytherins, Bad & Jealous Ron, and Defeated Voldemort.

Parings: Salazar/Harry, Godric/Draco, Richard/Helga, Rowena/ JoAnn, Severus/ Lucius, Lestat/ Valo, Celest/Helena, Remus/??, Devon/ Matt, Ghost??

Spoilers: Books 1-6


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Chapter: Return to Hogwarts

Lord Ghost and Raven watched the stare down under the safety of a invisibility charm, but Ghost knew they would be found out some time soon as Lord Crock kept looking in their general direction; but Harry had told them that they were to stay hidden as long as possible until they were able to retreat the castle and get back to the school.

He had found new faith in the young vampire for how quickly he had come up with a plan, though Slytherin didn't seem that surprised, who at Ghost's look of shock leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Who do you think came up with the plan in Vepra's Castle?"

Harry had magiced his dirty clothing to a battle uniform, the style was odd so Ghost assumed it from the future (1). He wore numerous belts and had black and white stripes that went up and down his arms. That being the only parts he had seen before the battle cloak had appeared and hid anything else from view.

Ghost was happy he had joined Harry, he knew what he was doing and showed him more respect than Marvolo ever had.

As Harry watched Salazar and Marvolo 'greet' each other he was reminded of him and Tom, 'We were so much alike, we could have been twins.' He clenched his teeth, 'If only Dumbledore had just minded his own damn business, maybe we wouldn't have gone to the dark side and I would have known my family…'

Suddenly there was a figure in front of him; Harry looked up at the apparent Black. Angry green met cold blue in a clash of hatred. In a movement to fast for anyone to see both had out a dagger and were in a blade lock. The sound alone got everyone's attention.

The Black looked down at the shorter wizard, a smirk came across his face, "Not bad."

He disappeared, Harry fallowed in a flash of his black and green cloak. This was the signal.

Salazar grabbed Heather and motioned for Lucius, Severus, Remus, and Draco to fallow him. They knew what was happening and Draco shifted to his silver dragon form, able to fit in the large hall way. Everyone got on to his back, he was slightly in shock to find two additional form get on him. He looked back and met eyes with Salazar who just nodded his head.

Draco turned his head to Harry as suddenly a very large snake hissed at Marvolo and his Dark Lords. Marvolo backed up at a warning on he could understand, his Lords fallowing in his retreat.

The snake disappeared and Harry appeared on Draco's head, "Let's get out of here Firebreath!"

Draco didn't need to be told twice, he turned his head to the front doors and blew a burst of grey fire at them and flapped his great wings and flew through the flames and out of the Castle.

Marvolo hissed under his breath, still at the top of the stairs. His yellow eyes narrowed, "Its time to go public, we are going to take down that poor excuse for a school!" His clawed fists clenched, "and take out Ghost for his betrayal."

There was chorus of "Yes Master."

At the bottom of the stairs Lord Crock sheathed his dagger, "Someday we will meet in battle again Harry Potter, and that will be to the death, this I swear on my hatred for your ancestor."

/At Hogwarts, in unknown corridor/

It was dark and cold; he found it hard to breath. He found he could not see, he could not smell anything, but he swore he could hear someone breathing next to him. Slowly he felt energy come to him; he tried to sit up and failed as his arms collapsed under him.

He lay back down, the floor was cold stone. He shivered; he just knew that he was completely naked. He felt something touch him which was fallowed by a moan of pain from the other.

Sight came to him, he was in a poorly lit hallway but he could see his black hair that stuck to his sweat covered face. Clumsy he pushed it out of his eyes. His vision was blurry, but he could make out the form of the other person, who was also completely naked. As he vision cleared he could make out the face of the other, it was twisted in pain and he, he was sure it was a male, was breathing hard.

Slowly he tried to sit up again, this time he succeeded, but barely. He rubbed his eyes, he recognized the other person –he didn't know from where- but he did. Suddenly there was a pain his head, his eyes widened as he remembered, "Sirius!"

The other's dark blue eye snapped open, but his eyes were unfocused, he mumbled, his voice week with little use. Slowly -with much effort- Sirius sat up, his eyes focused and he coughed to find his voice. When he spoke it was raspy, "J-James…?"

The first man blinked, "I-is that who I am?"

Sirius looked hard at him, "I-I don't know, I can't remember much…"

James rubbed his forehead, "Me nether…"

They sat there in silence when Sirius spoke again, "Where are we?"

James looked up and around him, "Hogwarts…" He looked to Sirius, "I think…"

Sirius looked down at his state of dress, "Why are we naked?"

James looked dawn at him self, "I have no clue…"

"Should we try to find someone?"

The hazel-eyed wizard gave him a look, "Can you even stand?!"

Sirius sighed, "Good point…"

It was silent again; they heard foot steps coming their way. They looked to each other, "Let us hope they are friends and not foes."

Sirius nodded his head in agreement.

/Entrance hall, Hogwarts/

Harry kneeled down on the ground and kissed the stone cold floor of the entrance hall, he even hugged it, as best you can hug a floor. Every one gave him an odd look, "Um Harry, what are you doing?"

Draco once again worries for the sanity of his best friend. Harry sat up and stuck his tongue out, "Just happy to be home! Leave me be!"

Draco rolled his eyes, he pointed in the general direction of Lord Ghost and Raven. "After you are done having an affair with the floor can you explain to us who these to invisible people are?"

Harry rolled his eyes at them as he stood, "You can take off the charm now; you don't need it any more."

Lord Ghost waved the charm away, as soon as the spell was gone Raven ran to his sire, "Where are we Sire?"

Harry smiled down at him and patted him on the head as he attached himself to Harry's leg, "Home, we're at your new home."

Salazar ruined the moment, "Harry, I know who Lord Ghost is, But who it this?" He pointed to Raven.

Harry picked up the shy boy, "This is Raven, he helped me and Miss Heather escape from or prison room."

Remus knew there was more to the story and crossed his arms over his chest, "And?"

Harry blinked his eyes, "And?"

Salazar rolled his eyes at his mate, "How can he speak persal Harry?"

Raven held onto Harry tighter, looking behind him. Harry noticed this and turned as well, there stood Godric and Rowena, a smile on their faces. Rowena put her hands on her hips, "It's about time. I was starting to get worried."

Rowena spotted Raven, "Don't tell me he was at Marvolo's Castle…"

Lord Ghost spoke, "Marvolo found him in a muggle park talking to a snake, he can't speak English. Marvolo was going to force him into being a sacrifice to become immortal."

Raven hid his head in Harry neck and started to whimper, Harry started to hiss softly, trying to calm him down. He was asleep in seconds. Harry looked to Rowena, "Can you take him to Sal and mine's rooms, tell Lucifer, Vixen and Nagini to watch him- they'll under stand you."

She nodded and took Raven, who clings to her for dear life.

Godric motioned for them to fallow him; they did, to the meeting room. There waited the rest of the group along with Matt and Devon. The later recognized Lord Ghost and paled in fright, Harry noticed this, He's on our side Devon, don't worry.

Devon calmed down, trusting his Master, but still kept an eye on the Dark Lord who went to stand in the corner to get out of the way.

Salazar got to the point he wanted to get to in the entrance hall, "What do you know about Raven that my brother didn't find out Harry?"

Harry sighed, "I have a theory but I am not sure if it is right…"

Everyone stared at him, waiting, until he cracked, "I think he is the reincarnation of Tom Riddle."

Everyone else from the future nearly felt out of their chairs, Draco was the only one to voice his opinion, "What?!"

Helga leaned forward, "Tom Riddle…isn't that the name of the Dark Lord you defeated in your time?"

Lord Ghost looked to Harry in shock, he learned more and more about Harry every second.

Draco leaned forward, "Yes! Harry explain yourself now!!!

Harry finally sat down next to his mate, "His magic, it feels so much like Tom I though that he was there."

Severus connected eyes with Harry's, "Are you sure?"

Harry's voice was strong, "He was in my head for almost six years Sev. I can feel his presence all the way in my room. He is Tom, I don't know how but I have never been so sure in my life."

Everyone got quiet. This news sinking in until Lucius thought of something, "Um Harry? Do you think he has any memory of his life as Voldemort?"

Harry shook his head, "No, and if he does by some wild chance he retains it he won't do anything."

The three ex-Death Eaters didn't seem so sure, Harry smiled at them, "Not only will he have to depend on me as his sire but -."

Harry was interrupted when Rowena ran into the room out of breath, "Helga, metical attention needed now!" She leaned against the door way as Helga stood, trying to catch her breath.

"What is it Ro?" Worry laced Helga's voice and everyone tensed behind her.

"I found two naked men down by Sal and Harry's room, both seem to have no clue where they are and can't even stand up." She held her chest, "They clam to be James Potter and Sirius Black."


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