Chap 1: Sleep

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After Roux had entered the chocolaterie the only thing they seemed to do was sit and talk while Vianne served the odd customer from whom Roux received several curious stares. They kept talking until it was dark and Roux helped Vianne close the shop for the night. Anouk wanted to hear what Roux had been doing for the past few months but now it was time for all of them to go to bed, as Vianne had to open the chocolaterie early the next day.

The three of them headed up the stairs. Anouk and Vianne changed into their nightclothes in one room while Roux donned an old jumper and baggy pants and climbed into bed before the girls got out of the other room, Roux wriggled over to the middle of the bed where he quickly fell asleep. When the girls came out in their nightclothes they almost burst out laughing at the sight of Roux sprawled in the middle of the bed. "Come on Anouk get into bed, you've promised to help Josephine in the café and me in the shop tomorrow remember?" Vianne said as she climbed in under the covers and snuggled in beside the sleeping Roux.Anouk sighed huffily, but crept into bed on the other side of Roux; they soon were both fast asleep.

Vianne awoke the next morning staring at a blue woolen jumper and feeling warm breaths on top of her forehead, she was confused for a minute, her thoughts still befuddled by sleep, but then they cleared as she remembered Roux. He had moved during the night, wrapping his arms around her in a sort of bear hug. Vianne gazed up at him burning his face in her memory in case she woke up and it all turned out to be a dream. She soon made a move to get out of bed and almost accomplished it when Roux suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist, surprising her and pulling her back into bed. Roux leaned his head on her shoulder and mumbled directly in her ear in a sleepy voice "Now you didn't think you could escape without saying a proper good morning now did you?"

She let out a muffled laugh, careful not to wake Anouk up. "Oh, and what in your opinion is a proper good morning?" "Oh, I don't know, maybe you could answer that for me?" "I guess I could" She twisted around in his arms and gave him a long, deep kiss before springing out of the bed, saying "Good morning" before going and having a shower and getting changed.

Roux mumbled half to himself "Good enough." He then turned over and went back to sleep.

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