"Mama! Mama!"

Christine raised her head to see her eldest daughter running towards her as if a demon was at her tail. Before she could ask the six year old what was the matter little Geneviève had scrambled beneath Christine's skirts, effectively hiding herself from view. Christine was sitting in a rocking chair in the lawn and Geneviève's actions jostled her and startled the babe that was suckling from her breast. A wail burst from the little bundles chest and Christine sighed in agitation.

"Geneviève Bernadette Desslar! Look what you did! You woke your sister!" she scolded. No sound came from beneath her skirts but she could feel the little girls tiny arms wrap around her legs. Christine sighed and looked down at the dark haired beauty she held in her arms. One month old Pénélope Camille Desslar was the newest addition to the Desslar home, and her father's pride and joy. She had Erik's dark black hair and gray green eyes with Christine's milky complexion. She would always have a special place in Christine's heart because she had come very close to almost losing her in labor, a feeling Christine never wanted to have again.

It had been a long labor and Christine was convinced that she was not going to make it out alive. She did not care what happened to her in those moments, she only wanted her baby to be alright. Erik had stayed by her side the entire time, never once letting go of her hand, whispering encouragement in her ear. Almost fourteen hours after starting labor Christine had given birth to their second daughter. Erik had prayed to God, thanking him for making sure both Christine and Pénélope were alright, never being more grateful for anything in his life.

"Shush, my love, shush," Christine cooed, rocking gently back and forth. Pénélope stopped her crying once she began to feed again and Christine turned her attention to her other daughter.

"What is going on, Geneviève?" she asked gently, feeling the girl trembling in what could be excitement or fear. The little girl squeezed her leg. She was about to ask her again when she did not get a response when she heard shouts coming from straight ahead. Ah, this is what had gotten her six year old all worked up. A game was going on, Christine assumed it was monsters and princesses because that was the only one that was ever played. Poor Geneviève was the princess and the four monsters were now running towards them at that very moment. She could not help but smile at the sight.

Erik looked a mess. His coat had come off and Christine could only imagine where it had ended up. His white shirt was wrinkled, pulled out of his trousers, and stained in various places from the grass. He wore no shoes, his hair was disheveled and she marveled at the fact that his mask had somehow managed to stay on. Wrapped around one of his legs was little Alexander.

His dark brown hair fell in front of his blue eyes and a smile covered most of his face as he laughed happily. On Erik's other leg was Alexander's twin brother, Christian, who, despite being twins with Alexander, had managed to inherit his fathers green eyes. When the twins had been born their eyes had been the only way to tell them apart for a long time, now both Christine and Erik knew each one and knew which was which even with their eyes closed.

Last, but certainly not least, was a pair of little arms wrapped around Erik's neck as he clung to his fathers back. Their eldest child, Dominic, was a miniature version of Erik, with black hair and gray green eyes. Christine could easily picture Erik looking as Dominic did when he was younger, living with Emma. Dominic Tristan Desslar had been their first child and Erik had been rather smug about how wonderful he had looked when he was born, and of course he had loved it that he had gotten to use the name he picked out first.

Christine had cried when she had first held him in her arms because he was everything she had been waiting for for a very long time. All of the stress and hardship that had come before him no longer mattered the first time Christine laid eyes on him. He made everything worth the struggle. Of course Erik had wasted no time, as soon as Christine was able he had wanted to celebrate the birth of their son with a night of passion and a little over a year later she had given birth to GenevièveBernadette Desslar. She was perfect with her chocolate curls and blue eyes so much like Christine's.

For a few months Christine had believed that they would not be having any more children, but low and behold, she was told she was pregnant again. Both Anthony and Raoul had teased Erik, saying that he could not keep his hands off of Christine long and they forgot what she looked like when she was not pregnant. Erik, however, had thought himself a real man that his seed was so strong to produce. But neither he nor Christine had been ready for having two babies when they were only expecting one. Alexander Sébastien Desslar and Christian Xavier Desslar had been born on Christmas day and they both truly had been a gift from above.

For a long time after the twins were born Christine had refused to let Erik touch her, saying she needed some time to raise their four children and not worry about getting pregnant again. Although she was not complaining. She loved all of her children with every fiber of her being. But a woman could only take so much. Then, on Dominic's seventh birthday Christine became pregnant with Pénélope and Christine swore she would have Erik castrated before she had another. Five was certainly a healthy number. Even with such a large house Christine was content with five.

"Hello, love, have you happened to see a princess anywhere around here?" Erik asked, trying to catch his breath. Christine smiled when she felt Genevièvesqueeze her leg. She felt bad for her daughter, being the oldest girl she was teased constantly by her brothers. She shook her head at Erik. Alexander, however, seemed to know all of his sisters tricks and he lifted his mothers skirt. Genevièvesquealed in delight and darted out from under Christine's skirts. All three of her brothers abandoned Erik to chase after her.

Erik collapsed onto his back in the grass, exhausted. Christine smiled and shook her head at him. He grinned and removed his mask for a moment to wipe away the sweat before slipping it back on. Christine had been adamant about how she wanted her children to view Erik. From the moment Dominic was old enough to know what his parents were talking about Christine had demanded that he see his father unmasked. It had been the same for the children that followed. Of course they were scared at first, their father, who they all loved dearly, looked quite different beneath the mask. But Christine had explained what happened to make their father that way and over time they grew used to it.

Erik pushed himself up and sat down beside Christine's chair, running his hand gently over Pénélope's soft head. Christine looked at him with a smile and he pressed a kiss to her lips.

"How is my daughter this morning?" he asked softly. The baby raised her eyes at the sound of her father's voice and looked up at him from her place at Christine's breast. Erik found the sight of Christine nursing their children to be the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his long life.

"A lot better than your other one is doing at the moment," she replied, looking in Geneviève's direction. Her brothers had managed to corner her against a tree and they could see that she was crying. Erik muttered some curses under his breath and took of at a jog to save his little princess. His sons really were tyrants, no matter how many times he told them to play fair with their sister, she was the only girl old enough to play and they found great pleasure in torturing her. Leave it to Erik's sons to be the tyrants.

"Dominic, Alexander, Christian!"

All three boys froze at the sound of their father's voice. They all looked down at their feet, knowing they were in trouble now. Erik walked past them and got down on his knees in front of Geneviève, who launched herself at her father. Erik wrapped his arms around her and rocked her gently while she cried into his shirt.

"You do not need to cry, Genny, you are just being a big-"

Dominic stopped short when his father glanced at him, knowing when to be quiet. Erik knew all to well that his eldest son was usually the one to start all of the trouble. The twins loved doing whatever their older brother wanted, because it seemed like fun to them.

"I do not know what the three of you said but I want all of you to apologize right this minute," Erik said. Geneviève turned her face away from her father's chest and stuck her tongue out at her brothers. They all said sorry in unison, knowing that they were to always listen to their father, no matter how much they did not want to. Christine shook her head as she watched from a distance as Erik scolded the boys, all three of which had their heads down, looking at their feet. After a moment Erik gave all four of his children a hug before making his way back towards his wife. Pénélope had fallen asleep with her mouth still at Christine's breast.

"You look more tempting every time I look at you, love," Erik informed her as he approached. Christine raised an eyebrow.

"Is that so?" she asked. He grinned and nodded. Erik took his youngest daughter in his arms and set her down in the small wooden cradle at Christine's side, kissing her softly on the cheek.

"Oh, yes, very tempting," Erik murmured, pressing several kisses to Christine's neck while she tried in vain to pull up her blouse. This mans libido never failed to amaze her. She allowed him to lavish her skin with kisses but managed to pull up her bodice without anyone seeing anything they should not.

"You know five is the final number," she whispered against his mouth. It was not a question, more of a fact. Erik growled against her mouth.

"Two more," he begged. Christine laughed and shook her head.

"No! We have five, Erik, or have you forgotten?"

"Of course I have not forgotten, I am the one exhausted every day from playing with them!" Erik said. Christine smiled.

"Exactly, so you should want to rest now that we have Pénélope!" she said. Instead of answering Erik cupped her face in his hands and brought her mouth to his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth and causing her to moan. She wished she could tell Erik that they were never going to make love again if it meant more children but this man was just so... good at it! He had yet to disappoint her in that area and she could not imagine not feeling that close to him.

Erik brought her lip into his mouth and suckled on it, drawing out another moan.

"Two more..."

"Mmmm," Christine knew what he was doing. He wanted her to agree and he was promising her a reward with his kisses. Her eyes snapped open when he cupped her breasts and she shoved him away from her, effectively knocking him onto his back in the grass. Erik sighed and propped himself on his elbows, looking at her from his place on the ground.

"No more."

Erik sighed dramatically.

"If we are not going to have no more children than I cannot promise you the pleasure of my body," he said sadly, looking himself over as he lay in front of her. He bent one leg and smirked at her. Christine rolled her eyes and stood up.

"You are not that pleasing," she replied, walking away.

"Christine!" Erik whined. Christine laughed but was quickly cut short when she felt her husbands hand snake around her ankle and he tugged, sending her to the ground. She began to giggle when Erik pinned her to the ground with his body, not allowing her to get up. Christine laughed, shoving at him with her hands, but to no use.

"Now that I have you where I want you, we can discuss when the best time is for our next two children. I was thinking two more girls would be nice," he said with a smile. Christine shook her head.

"You are mad!"

"Mad, no, in love, yes. Perhaps two more boys, I am sure Dominic and the twins would love that!" Erik growled. He was becoming more and more aware of the fact that his lovely wife was squirming under his sex craving body. Christine was shaking her head, her laughter causing her side to hurt.

"Could you possibly imagine two more boys, Erik? If so you are mad!" she said laughing. When the twins had been born it had been almost impossible for them to get any sleep and Dominic and Geneviève had been very young. Christine could remember finding Erik asleep in the strangest places. She, too, had been willing to lie down almost anywhere if it meant just a few moments of rest.

"I love you," he whispered. Christine looked up at him and smiled, pushing the hair away from his face.

"I love-"

"Get them!"

Christine and Erik were interrupted when four bodies hurled themselves at them. Alexander and Dominic jumped onto their fathers back and when he rolled away from his wife Christian and Geneviève jumped onto their mother, their little hands reaching out to tickle. Erik was laughing as two of his sons tried to pin him to the ground and Christine had managed to grab Christian and was tickling him back, causing his sister to giggle.

"Alexander! Dominic! Help!" Christian laughed. Geneviève was giggling so hard she had to sit down. The two boys that were on Erik heard their brother and leapt from Erik to all attack Christine. Christine had tears in her eyes from laughter as all three of her sons jumped onto her, tickling her with their little hands. Erik sat up and shook his head, laughing. Geneviève ran over to him and plopped herself onto his lap. Erik smiled and gave her a hug as they watched Christine and the boys.

Erik sat there looking at his wife, seeing the happy glow in her eyes and the smile that covered her entire face it seemed. She had never looked happier and it was a moment Erik would never forget. Alexander, Christian and Dominic looked happy as well and not for the first time Erik told himself he would do anything to make sure that those smiles never faded from any of their faces. Little Geneviève brought Erik out of his thoughts when she squealed in delight and scrambled off of her fathers lap. Her brothers stopped tickling their mother to see what had caused their sister so much delight and soon they too were running in the same direction.

Christine and Erik turned with a smile to see Sienna Daae slowly making her way towards them, her hand on her swelling belly. Her arm was entwined with Meg de Chagny, who was carrying a baby boy, Daniel, who was not much older than Pénélope. Christine loved the fact that she had these two women as her very good friends, they had become like sisters to her, one happy family that continued growing. Not far behind the two women were their husbands, Anthony and Raoul. In one arm, Raoul carried his blonde haired daughter Alice, and in the other, Mary. Holding Anthony's hand was his son Jean, who had just turned six, who happened to be a little less than a year younger than Dominic.

Christine had never seen her brother happier than when he was with his wife and child. He had finally sat down and talked with Nadir and now the Persian was living with his only son. Gustave did not mind this for he had bought a home near Christine and her family and he was happy. Everyone was happy. Erik came and embraced his wife. He would have to talk Christine into having another baby. Five was not nearly a large enough number.


Hoped you all liked that! Just a little look into what Erik and Christine's life is like after the events that took place in the story, just in case you were confused about whose children were who,and which order they came, here you go, I love kids, so this was fun for me!

Erik and Christine Desslar:

1. Dominic Tristan Desslar

2. Geneviève Bernadette Desslar

3 and 4: Alexander Sébastien Desslar & Christian Xavier Desslar

5. Pénélope Camille Desslar

Anthony and Sienna Daae:

1. Jean Claude Daae

2. unborn baby/boy? girl? let your imagination decide!

Raoul and Meg de Chagny:

1. Alice Cecile de Chagny

2. Mary Aurore de Chagny

3. Daniel Philippe de Chagny

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