(A/N) I know I know, there are a million truth or dare fanfics out there (I've read lots of them) but I couldn't resist writing one...It's just too much fun.

"ALRIGHT!" Ed said happily "Time for the truth or dare party to begin!" Ed looked at the odd group of attendees of his random party. It consisted of Alphonse, Winry, Roy, Riza, Barry the chopper, and Edward himself.

"Who invited you people anyway?" Edward asked confused.

"Well," Al said slyly "You invited Winry for obvious reasons, and I invited the others."

"Whatever-" Ed started to say, then he processed what Alphonse had told him "What OBVIOUS reasons? HM!"

"WELL DUH," Al said trying to annoy Ed "You LIKE her."

"Do not! Do not! Do not! Do n-"

Roy interrupted "Let's start." Ed continued his "do not's". "Shutup fullmetal asshole!"

Ed stuck his tongue out at Roy as Al said "Okay Ed truth or dare."

"Dare, I can handle anything." he said trying to sound manly.

"Or you're just afraid of the truth." Roy teased.

"Fine! Truth!" Ed screamed annoyed.

"Okay Ed," Al sounded cheerful when he said "Tell us who you love."

Edwards face went a little pale and he looked at the ground and muttered something nobody could understand.

"What was that?" Riza asked.

"Winry! DAMMIT!" He blushed as the Colonel, Al, and Hawkeye began cracking up.

"Edward?" Winry was shocked. "Oh my gosh." She just stared at Ed in complete silence.

"Fine. Hawkeye, truth or dare?" Ed said in a pissed off tone.

"Dare, it's obviously safer." she said sarcastically.

"Okay," Ed said to her "you really need to loosen up. And I know the best way too... I dare you to get drunk."

"But..." Riza was aggitated. "Fine."

She started drinking.

"Well since she's busy..." Ed said staring menacingly at Roy "Truth or dare colonel?"

Roy looked slightly uneasy. "Truth."

"Admit your feelings for Hawkeye." Ed said in an its-obvious-as-hell voice.

"But..." Roy was hesitant. "I..." He looked at Riza who was still downing booze. "I love you." he blurted out.

Hawkeye set down her drink for a minute. "You wha-what?" She said dazily.

"Love you." he confirmed.

Hawkeyes eyes bulged out and then she started gulping down more alcohol.

Roy muttered something and then said "Rockbell" he pointed at Winry "I dare you to take off your bra and put it on Fullmetal."

"What!" Ed shrieked, "Why does HER dare involve me!"

"I enjoy your pain, midget." Roy smiled.

Winry shrugged and took Ed into the bathroom.

From outside, they could hear screaming and lots of throwing of things. It was quite entertaining.

"Why heeelloooooooo." Winry said happily as she dragged Edward out of the bathroom.

Everyone laughed at Ed's irritated expression... and his chest.

"Okay..." Winry said to Barry "Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." he hissed.

"I dare you to get rid of that giant knife you're holding." she said smirking.

"But it's so precious." Barry carressed his giant knife of doom.

Winry picked it up and threw it out the window.

By that time Riza had finally finished downing the booze. She had drank the last bit of liquor they had.

"Col- Colon- Colonel..." she finally "Roy...I looooveeee you toooo." She slurred her words, and then leaned over and kissed him.

Roy had a look of surprise and happiness on his face. "So," he said placing his hand on the drunk womans chest "Would you like to go do something fun?"

Riza leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Not even when I'm drunk sir."

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