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Roy let out a nervous laugh when he realized there was a gun pressed against the back of his skull "Now, now, Riza...I was..." he searched wisely for his words "kidding."

Barry stared at them oddly "Anywaaaay...hm who do I dare now. Ah yes the unchoppable one."

Al realized he was refering to him. "Hm... how about dare?"

Alphonse had apparently learned, as did everyone else, to always take the dare.

"I dare you to...dress up the shrimp like a girl." Barry said amused.


"Your suffering is quite amusing." Barry said casually.

Al picked up Ed and took him up to Winry's room.

After awhile they had all started to wonder what was taking so long, then Winry realized it.

"Edward!" she yelled loud enough for him to hear "If you're looking through my underwear, I swear I'll get my big wrench!"

Ed and Al soon returned. Ed had on a formal poofy dress, make up, and his hair in a bun.

Everyone began cracking up. Edward shot Barry an evil look.

"So it's my turn to dare brother isn't it?" Al asked trying to contain his laughter.

"Who said I'd pick dare huh? I'm smarter than...wait...I pick dare." Ed replied.

"Smarter than I thought fullmetal." Roy smirked.

Ed stuck his tongue out at Roy "At least I didn't have a drunk woman, whom you LOVE, threaten to shoot you."

"At least I have the dignity and respect for her not to search her underwear." the colonel shot back.

"If you had the chance you would...hell if you had the chance to you'd probably frame it on the wall." Ed was getting pissed.

"This is really disturbing." Barry commented.

"Oh yeah well,-" the colonel began to get back at Ed but was stopped by a rather angry Alphonse.

"Will you two SHUT UP! Ed I dare you to make out with Roy, at least THEN you'll be quiet."

"..." Ed and Roy just stared blankly at eachother.

"Get a move on." Alphonse urged.

"...hell...no..." Ed said quietly "No WAY will the first time I make out be with HIM!" Ed pointed at Mustang.

"Awe he doesn't know how." Roy said in a childish voice.

"I damn well do too!" Ed said angrily and he grabbed Winry by the wrist, took her into a corner, and made out with her.

"...So..." Roy said looking at the rest "uh...Hawkeye, truth or dare."

"Truth." she was still a little out of it.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he said quickly.

"Wh-ha-what!" she began to return to normal.

"Please." Roy gave her puppy dog eyes.

Hawkeye tried hard to sound unexcited. "Sure."

And she got up and said "I'm going to make a phone call."

As soon as she left, you could hear high pitch, happy, girly screams emmiting from the kitchen.

"I dare you to go shut her up with a kiss." Barry said annoyed.

A very odd grin went over the colonels face when he headed for the kitchen, a grin that was a mix of mischeviousness, and happiness. It was quite scary.

After Hawkeye's scream fest was suddenly stopped, the entire house was completely and utterly silent.

"So..." Alphonse said breaking the awkward silence. "Would you like to bring Ed and Winry back to reality?"

Barry went and grabbed his knife "It'd be my pleasure."

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