By Henrika

Henrika- Fullmetal Alchemist is over in the states. (Well, unless you count the movie, but that probably won't come out here for a LONG while. I still intend to keep writing in this genre (I think some of my fans would murder me if I didn't), but I'll also expand to some others I've been wanting to do. This includes FMA manga happily and therefore you get a Ran Fan story. For those of you who haven't read the translated chapters, Ran Fan and the rest of the Xing gang show up later (around chapter 40 I think, but I can't remember) ironically seeking the Philosopher's Stone. No spoilers here excpet their existence. Ran Fan/Ling! Hurray. Enjoy and review!

Ran Fan is deeply aware of the concept of devotion. She knows exactly what it means to devote her life completely to one person. Her devotion is not blind either. She knows exactly what kind of emperor her young master will be. She has seen his kindness to others, his determination to achieve his goal, and the way he treats her (his most loyal vassal). She knows that she was assigned to protect him, but that was of no consequence. Several guardians to potential emperors have turned on their charges in order to further their own causes. She knows that she guards Prince Ling's life with her own because she chose to do so.

She knows she stopped several assassination attempts just because she was alert to a seemingly innocent action. She knows Prince Ling has stopped several more. They are both skilled at reading people. They practice on one another, though this has made it rather inconvenient for her to withhold anything from him, even when it's for his own good. They spar together too. She's taught him how to better sense an enemy and he has taught her how to better use her skills of deception. They both practice stealth, which, when they were younger, meant many late night trips into the royal kitchen to pilfer desserts.

She knows she will sacrifice herself readily if it means she can protect him or help him become emperor. He never likes it when she tells him this. He says he doesn't understand why one person's life is worth more than someone else's. She points out that an emperor is automatically revered by all people and is thus more important than those people. He simply scoffs at that and tells her that her life is just as good as his, maybe even more so. She blushes, but then points out that he's just contradicted himself. He scoffs again and she laughs, something she rarely does. He smiles at her and she feels that strange thump in her heart that has slowly developed as she's grown up beside her young master. She knows that he could never love a peasant, even one that has saved his life numerous times.

But with that strange tug on her heart, the one that feels suspiciously like love, Ran Fan is sure she knows the meaning of devotion.

Henrika- I still adore Riza, but Ran Fan is one heck of a strong female character!