Title: Enemies of the Heart (working title)

Author: Neldluva

Fandom: Samurai Champloo

Rating: R

Pairing: Jin/Mugen

Warnings: yaoi, naughty language, liberties taken with the show's timeline, PWP-ish, ANGST

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to those who created Samurai Champloo ... and made it so delightfully slashy.

Summary: The boys find a new way to pass time.

Jin awoke one night to find Mugen's hand down his kimono.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, cracking open an eye to glare at Mugen. "It's the middle of the night."

"Shut up, the girl's in the next room," Mugen replied, his voice matter-of-fact even through the thick drawl. "The whores here are all lousy."

"And for all I know, so are you," Jin said disdainfully, plucking Mugen's hand away. "Get back to your own bed before I forget my promise and kill you."

Mugen smiled a manic grin of triumph, and Jin saw his teeth gleam by the dim light of the moon. "Don't give me that shit," he scoffed. "I snuck up on you, and you didn't even twitch. I could've killed you and you would've gone right on sleeping. Anyway, if you were going to kill me, you would've done it already."

"How do you know?"

"Your hand's on your wakizashi."

Jin took his hand off the short sword under his pillow, sparing Mugen another glare. "Why not do the girl?"

"Not my type. She'd get annoying."

"And I won't?"

"Good point." A rare thoughtful look came over Mugen's face, and he backed off. "Maybe I should wait until the next town."

Jin tried not to let his relief show on his face, though Mugen must have seen something because he halted in his retreat. "Then again," he said, "it could be a long way to the next town, and I ain't patient."

A nerve near Jin's eye twitched. "You are crude and tedious."

"You aren't complaining."

"You're practically on top of me." And, he neglected to mention, mostly undressed. Jin was slightly surprised to find so much of that rough brown skin showing. When had clothes come off? That was disconcerting. He was startled to find that Mugen was right; he wasn't complaining. Could he possibly be desperate enough to actually desire his foul traveling companion?

"I'm clean," Mugen said as he began to unwrap Jin's hakama.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, I took a bath a couple of days ago. No lice."

"Well, isn't that reassuring." Jin's voice was deadpan, sarcastic, speaking only of calm indifference. Inside, though, his thoughts were all in turmoil. The need to find release, to hold another in intimate abandon, to forget just for a moment his horrible circumstances was nearly overwhelming … but this was Mugen! Mugen stank, Mugen was rude, Mugen stole, Mugen scratched himself at meals, and most importantly, Jin had sworn to kill Mugen. One thing Jin didn't need was another complication in his life, let alone a complication as annoying as Mugen. Apparently, however, he was willing to be convinced; Mugen's hands were gentle despite his haste, stroking appreciatively down Jin's body in a callused caress.

Meanwhile, Mugen was having no such philosophical qualms – in fact, he was enjoying himself a great deal. He hadn't thought it would be so easy to get Jin to agree to his proposition. The samurai was usually stuck-up to the point of being intolerably annoying, and while there was no expression on his face to indicate pleasure, Mugen could tell he was far from unwilling. Evidently, Jin needed this as much as he did.

So focused was he in his triumph that he had let his guard down, just enough for Jin to take advantage of it. "Fuck!" he grunted as he felt Jin flip him over, effectively mashing his face into the futon. A strong, bony elbow pressed into the space between his shoulder blades, holding him down. He tried to struggle, but the elbow only pressed harder.

"Hold still," Jin said, voice still infuriatingly calm, and Mugen bit back the enraged retort that rose to his lips. He hadn't intended to be on the receiving end in this expedition, and to have his ass yanked up without so much as a "Do you mind?" made him more than a little angry.

Mugen felt Jin's long fingers prod at him, made slick with something, probably spit. He sighed and gave in, spreading his legs slightly to accommodate the coming intrusion, and was pleased to note that Jin wasn't pressing quite so hard against his back. He even grudgingly responded, pressing back slightly to urge Jin to explore. Preparation was cursory, though, and Mugen was glad for it. As he had explained to Jin, he was not in a patient mood. He took a deep breath and tried to relax as he felt Jin press against him.

"Shit!" he grated, shifting slightly to make himself more comfortable.

"Too much for you?" Jin asked, and Mugen could hear the condescension dripping from his voice.

"In your dreams," Mugen replied with a scowl. "Just hurry up, I'm not getting any younger."

Jin obliged him with one long push and a nearly inaudible groan. Mugen bit his lip, drawing some blood; it had been a long time since he'd done this, and Jin wasn't exactly being gentle with him. Mugen breathed deeply, trying to disperse the slight pain and hoping Jin wouldn't lose his nerve.

Which, fortunately, he didn't. He allowed a few moments for Mugen to adjust, and then set up a firm, steady pace. Mugen gasped quietly and twisted as Jin hit something good in him. He'd forgotten how much fun it could be to fuck a man, and for all of Jin's stuck-up, untouchable personality, it was clear that he wasn't new to the idea either. Mugen was slightly surprised at his reaction, for hardly had Jin started when he began arching back, clenching his teeth to contain cries of pleasure. He must have been harder-up than he thought.

With a small grin of satisfaction, Mugen felt Jin lose a little of that constant control before stiffening, releasing a soft moan, and drooping against Mugen's back. Mugen grimaced. Jin made for a hot, sweaty, uncomfortable blanket, and he hadn't finished his partner off yet. Mugen wriggled, and Jin crawled off his back, flipping him over again and settling between his thighs as if he'd done the same move hundreds of times. He swallowed Mugen promptly and deeply, far deeper than Mugen had expected, and that was enough to bring him to release.

Mugen lay on his side of the futon, panting and attempting to understand the change he had just witnessed in his stoic traveling companion. He watched Jin crawl up and settle himself on the opposite side of the bed, keeping most of the mattress between them. Not a hair was out of place, and Jin's glasses weren't even crooked. Mugen let out a low whistle between his teeth.

"So, that wasn't the first time you…"

"No," Jin answered shortly. "They didn't let girls in the dojo. They're too much of a distraction to training samurai." He slowly closed his eyes. "I don't even like girls much."

"Huh," Mugen grunted in reply. He kept his eyes on Jin. By looking at the samurai, one would never be able to tell what they had just done. An observer might have thought they were discussing the weather, save for the fact that they were both naked and Mugen was still flushed and panting. In spite of it all, Jin's annoying personality included, Mugen had to admit that he had just experienced the best fuck of his life, male or female.

"I'm still going to kill you," Jin muttered sleepily.

"I'll kill you first," Mugen retorted before his eyes closed.

To be continued!

Vocabulary: (courtesy of Wikipedia)

kimono: Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes that fall to the ankle, with collars and full-length sleeves. The sleeves are commonly very wide at the wrist, perhaps a half meter. The robe is wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right, and secured by a wide belt tied in the back, called an obi.

Wakizashi: a traditional Japanese sword similar to but shorter than a katana and sometimes longer than the kodachi. The wakizashi is usually worn together with the katana by the samurai or swordsmen back in feudal Japan. When worn together the pair of swords were called daishō, which translates literally as "large and small". The katana was often called the sword or the long sword and the wakizashi the companion sword.

Hakama: a type of traditional Japanese clothing. Hakama cover the lower body and resemble a wide, pleated skirt. Hakama are tied at the waist and fall approximately to the ankles. Hakama are worn over a kimono. There are four straps, a long one on either side of the front of the garment, and a short one on either side of the rear. The rear of the garment has a rigid board-like section and a toggle which is tucked into the rear of the obi, and helps to keep the hakama in place. Hakama have seven deep pleats, two on the back and five on the front. The pleats are supposed to represent the virtues considered essential by the samurai. Many martial artists continue this tradition, but different sources give different meaning to these pleats.

Futon: a type of mattress that makes up a Japanese bed