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"Oh come on it was not like that!" Seth defended himself as everyone laughed at the conversation. They were all at a dinner party being hosted at the great hall to celebrate another charity event organized by Kirsten. Everyone was having a great time and one of the waiters approached Ryan holding a phone.

"Excuse Mr. Atwood but you have a phone call, from London" he said and everyone went quiet

"Is it Annie, I want to speak to her! Can I!" May asked her father frantically

"May, let me answer it first" he said and took the phone. "Hello?" he asked curiously

"Hey, it's me" Annie said softly

"Annie hi! How are you? It's so good to hear you!"

"It's good to hear you to. I have something I need to tell you" she said and Ryan's face went from smiling to serious which alarmed Marissa.

"What kind of news?" he asked

"It's good news don't worry, me and Nick are perfect fine"

"Well that's ok then! So what is the news?"

"Well actually it's a bit of both. The good news is that we're coming home a bit early. The bad news is that well, we've come home a bit too early" she explained

"ANNIE!" May yelled and ran to the doorway. Everyone turned to see Annie and Nick, Annie holding her cell phone in one hand and Nick's hand in the other. Annie hugged her sister close and walked with Nick to their relations hugging them all.

"Why did you come back early? We would have picked you up from the airport" Marissa said hugging her daughter.

"And spoil the surprise and looks on all your faces? Never! Besides Sophia and Marcus had left for their honeymoon and the house was empty. So rather then spend a few more days in an empty house we decided it was time to come home" Annie explained "I missed you all too much"

"Everyone?" Anthony asked making Annie smile

"Even you! Come here" she said and hugged him. As she hugged him she looked over to Nick to see him hugging his father. Each smiled to each other and Summer caught the glance.

As she hugged Annie she whispered in her ear "It's about time". Annie instantly knew what she meant and smiled.

"It's good to be home"


Annie had been down to the public library as soon as she got back only to find a new parking lot. She couldn't believe it was gone at first and wept in Nick's arms over those many hours and memories of her childhood lost forever. That night everyone was in bed, everyone except for Annie. She didn't realize how much difference the hour difference between England and America had affected her and she couldn't sleep.

"Hey, I didn't know you were up. I needed some water, what's your excuse?" Ryan said approaching her on the living room couch.

"Dad, can I talk to you?" she asked and he sat down next to her

"You know you can. What's this about?" he put his hands on her and she turned to him

"Ok um … When we were in England something happened with Ben … I won't delve into it but it's over between us"

"And now you're with Nick" Ryan finished her sentence which shocked her

"How did you know that?" she asked

"It's so obvious and it's about time too!"

"So you're ok with it? I mean since you and Greg are business partners it would be a little weird if something happened" she asked and he stroked her cheek

"If you feel it is what you want and what he wants, who am I to stop it?" he asked and he held her close in a warm embrace

"Thank you for understanding. I'm off to bed, goodnight" she said softly and he kissed her forehead before watching her head for the staircase. Ryan sat there for a moment in silence but a smile spread over his face when he felt a pair of familiar hands touch shoulder from behind. Marissa stood behind him rubbing his shoulders.

"So you finally did it then" she said and he raised an eyebrow

"Did what?" he asked

"Remember at the beginning of summer I said that you have to her sort her problems out. You had to let her go. You did it"

"Look at me! I'm growing!" Ryan said making her laugh softly

"Come on, let's go back to bed. Besides at least that's one down, only two more to go" Marissa said and Ryan rolled his eyes at the thought of going through that all over again twice.


"I still can't believe that you and Nick are finally together. It seems only yesterday since he arrived here. A lot happened this summer" Charlie commented as he and Annie were in their limo heading for Nick's house to pick him up. It was the last day of summer and the debutant ball was over. Annie had made her debut to Newport society along with Nick and loved every minute of it. Now it was time for the end of summer ball. It was being held at the great hall, the same place that the debutant ball had been held except it had had a make over since the ball the day before. "I still can't believe what Ben did to you! What an ass!" Charlie said making Annie smile

"Forget about him. It's all he deserves. The more you waste energy thinking of him, the longer he survives to me. He's dead to me now; I have you, Nick, Greg, my family. That's what matters now. And so a new year of school will begin in two days and a whole new chapter of our lives"

"I'll drink to that" Nick said from the open car door which made Charlie and Annie jump as they hadn't realized the car had stopped let alone opened.

"Where are your body guards?" Charlie asked as Nick kissed Annie

"I gave them the night off. No guards, no supervision, just fun! It is the end of summer after all" he explained

"Come on let's get this party started!" Charlie said ushering Nick in and all three headed for the party


"Does this spot look familiar?" Nick asked as he and Annie walked hand in hand around the garden

"Just a little! You were so shy then, you could hardly look at me!" Annie laughed

"Maybe because I was blinded by your beauty" Annie smiled and kissed him softly. "Remember, if you ever feel like talking I'm here" she whispered with a smile saying the words she said that night at the beginning of summer.

"I don't feel like talking" he whispered back making her giggle softly. He kissed her more passionately but was soon interrupted by Charlie whistling to get their attention.

"Hey guys quit making out and get up here!" Charlie called down to them from the upper level balcony.

"He has impeccable timing doesn't he?" Nick asked

"That's Charlie for you! Come on before he starts stamping his feet" Annie replied as they walked hand in hand through the crowds of people to the staircase


"Look all I'm saying is that if you moved the wall by a couple of inches it will still be perfectly alright. Look just get back to me when you've checked it. If it fits then it fits! If not then a new one will have to be ordered. Ok bye" a man in a car by the great hall hung up his cell phone. He had pulled over to answer the call and had been parked there for a few minutes. He had to speak loudly as even though he had his windows closed he could hardly hear the person on the other end over the music coming from the hall. He turned on his ignition to try to pull out onto the road but his car wouldn't start. He cursed under his breath and got out of the car to check under the bonnet. That was when he saw the screaming teenagers running out of the hall


He was thrown to the ground by the blast, he saw teenagers running and screaming, flames licking the sides of the building before everything quickly turned to black

The end?

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