Title: Dance
Author: Girl Who Writes
Word Count: 400
Rating: G
Prompt: Enjoy by Bjork
Summary: Her smile is reserved for his eyes only.
Author's Note (if desired): This story was written as part of rtchallenge at livejournal's February Ficathon.

I wish I'd only look
And didn't have to touch
I wish I'd only smell this
And didn't have to taste
How can I ignore?
This is sex without touching
I'm going to explore
I'm only into this to
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

- Enjoy, Bjork

He asks her to dance at the end of Fleur and Bill's wedding.

Since Dumbledore's funeral, between the full moon and their work for the Order, and her work for the Auror Corps, they haven't seen each other as much as they would've liked. Some stolen kisses in dark corners and half mumbled promises for 'later' has been all either of them can manage.

He's watched her the entire day, her pink hair in big chocolate brown curls to her shoulders. Her smile is reserved for his eyes only, as she kisses him lightly in greeting. Her dress is silky, a light gold that clings to her body in a way he admires whilst Bill and Fleur exchange vows. She smells like raspberries, chocolate and firewhiskey (and admits later that she, Charlie and the twins had toasted the groom over breakfast, when Molly was upstairs).

The dress was proving a very distinct problem – she looked breathtaking in it. But he couldn't look away from her when she was wearing it. And he had noticed that he was not the only one who had noticed it; some of Bill's friends were eyeing Tonks' in a way that made Remus feel quite antisocial and even more possessive.

Remus did not dance; something Lilly had tried desperately to cure him of for years with little success. But seeing Charlie, Bill, the twins and even Kingsley dance with her was tempting. She kicked her fancy shoes into the rose garden and turned her hair pink as soon as Fleur decided enough photographs had been taken, and sat down with Ginny and Hermione.

And he saw one of Bill's friends; a solid man who'd had far too much to drink, get up and stumble towards her, Remus had made a decision. He's in front of her in seconds, kissing her deeply in front of everyone until the Weasley boys start to wolf whistle and Ginny's covering up her laughter at Tonks' flushed delight.

Fleur and Bill sit around the table with their parents and friends, and all eyes are on the girl with the pink hair and the man who holds her so tightly in his arms like he's afraid to let go. His hand skims the fabric of her dress and she smiles up at him.

And she is the most beautiful when they sit on the grass later that night, her head in his lap and flowers in her hair, her fingers intertwined with his.