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He had asked her out on a date when he had woken up beside her the following morning, revelling in the soft feel of her skin beside him and the vision of her simply being there. For a short moment he had thought that she might say no, and immediately regret everything that had gone on between them in the past few hours. However, she had smiled at him, moving her hand onto his chest and curling up closer, hence making his heart pound and smile become broad.

"Can I take you out on a date some time?" He'd asked quietly into her ear when he was sure she was fully awakened, although the alarm clock that had gone off had surely been enough to waken the dead.

She'd smiled at him, opening her eyes and he didn't see an ounce of anything that told him that she'd rather be elsewhere. "It depends," she'd said. "On whether you let me choose."

"I think I'd make a better choice," he'd argued back defiantly, enjoying seeing her eyes blaze. He'd had the strongest desire to resume their kisses from the night before, too possess her in some way, but knew that as he wasn't as exhausted as he'd been last night it would be too difficult to save certain things for a little time longer, so he tried to cool his ardour.

"No, Seeley," she'd answered back in her usual manner, although the use of his first name was having a strange effect on him. "You want to take me on a date? Well I get to pick the restaurant!"

"Then it's you taking me on a date," he'd said back.

"Okay, Seeley Booth. Would you like to go on a date with me sometime?" She'd said, smiling infuriatingly.

"Only if I get to choose the restaurant."


They'd eventually made it on that date three days after the arrest of Lammork and Charlesworth, after Brennan had uncovered nine more bodies and another hand carved box full of the small trophy bones and found wrapped inside a hidden compartment a money bag with a beautifully scripted list of names, some of whom Tempe had already given to several of the bodies found at Moreton Street. It was a useful thing for Dean Lammork to have kept a record of, if a little sinister. It also told Booth a little about the psyche of the killers he was dealing with; they had taken the time to get to know their victims before they had killed them.

They had stayed in Brigiton for one more night, but this time Booth had found his own room, knowing that temptation would have been far too much if he'd spent another night in the same bed as Tempe. He wasn't quite sure how he'd managed to refrain from letting those kisses go any further in the first place. Now they were in a restaurant that they'd actually managed to agree on. A small, cosy Italian that Angela had recommended to them both separately after being taken there by the agent who had interviewed her after her ordeal. His parents happened to run it, and so far Booth had been mightily impressed.

"So what did Angela tell you about this place?" Tempe asked him, her fingers caressing her wine glass in a manner that made him want to forgo the meal and take her back to his place now.

"She said that it was one of the most romantic restaurants she'd been to with fantastic food and that you'd love it," he said, amazed at the deviousness of Angela Montenegro.

"That was pretty much what she'd said to me," Tempe nodded, giving him a smile that told of the thoughts that were going on in her mind.

"Did she know that we couldn't agree on a place?" He asked, giving her a knowing look as he sipped his wine. It was the same one they had had at her house and at his, the taste of it reminding him of her lips.

"I might have said something," Tempe laughed, and he found he really wanted to know what she had said about him.

"So what have you and Angela been talking about then while you've been identifying these bodies?" He asked, a little warily.

"We've been discussing the possibilities of who the remains belong to and running data through the angillator," she said sweetly.

He gave her his most practised flirtatious grin, knowing that it still wouldn't work on her like it had other women. Maybe that was why he felt the way he did about her. "What have you told her about us?" He asked in a low voice, moving a little toward her across the table.

"What makes you think I've told her anything?" She said, her lips staying parted after the question had finished, returning him a look that made his legs quiver.

"Because there is no way that Angela would have let you stay silent on the subject," he retorted, regaining composure.

Tempe laughed. "I tried to not say anything," she said. "But she wouldn't let go of the subject." He smiled at her, having a feeling that Tempe had acted rather out of character and told Angela a few things willingly. That he took as a good sign. She wanted to discuss him.

"So what did you tell her?" He didn't know if it was reassurance he wanted or flattery, or maybe a bit of both.

"I said that as we couldn't decide on who was going to pick the restaurant then we probably wouldn't get to go on a date," she told him, pouring more wine into both of their glasses. The situation was making both of them nervous, and hence they were drinking a little quicker than usual.

"So Angela decided to make sure we would go," he said. "Maybe I should but her a drink the next time we're in Wong Foo's."

"You don't want to know what else she asked me?"

"Only if the answers you gave were good," he replied, the hand that wasn't holding his glass slipping across the table and taking hold of hers. It still surprised him when she didn't move away. This time she didn't even drop her gaze from his.

Tempe laughed. "If I told you, Seeley, you would become even more conceited than you are now."

"That means you said good things," he smirked. She rolled her eyes, but her fingers stayed wrapped in his.

It felt good, being with her in the dimly lit restaurant with the complicated wall paper. It certainly wasn't the most modern of places, but it carried a traditional feel and rustic charm of its own and so far the food – the starters anyway – had been superb. Angela had been right; it was a perfect setting for a first date.

This didn't feel like a first date though, there wasn't the uncomfortable silences or the searching around for things in common. It was more like their first anniversary than their first date. He regarded her with observant eyes, taking in the slight flush on her cheeks from the wine and the loose tendril of hair that had fluttered down. He had met her at Wong Foo's, inevitably. Thankfully, the bar had been quiet with only him and a group of business men there, so no strange looks had been given when she had entered, enough minutes late for him to wonder if she had changed her mind.

He had automatically stood when she entered, almost knocking over his drink in the process. He had stood partly out of manners but mainly because of the shock he had received when he had seen her. She wore a simple black dress, low cut at the neckline, with three quarter length sleeves. The dress clung to her like he'd never seen before and he imagined that it had been Angela who had persuaded her to buy it, and probably have the guts to wear it. Her hair had been tied loosely on the top of her head, a few locks having been allowed to fall down. He knew that she'd made an effort and he found himself grinning inanely when she finally came over to him.

"What's wrong?" She said, her hand going to her hair as soon as she had sat down on her usual stool.

"Nothing," he'd managed to speak.

"Why are you staring at me?" She'd looked worried.

"Cause you look so goddamn beautiful," he'd whispered, bringing colour to her cheeks.

"You could have just said I looked nice instead of staring," she'd berated him. He pursed his lips in a smile.

"I was speechless," he'd replied as Sid passed her a drink.

Her death look had relaxed. "You look good yourself," she had said, paying more attention to her drink than him. His hand had gone up to touch the side of her face and then froze wondering if she wouldn't be happy with that, but she hadn't moved away or said anything to stop him, so he'd carried on, turning her chin so she'd be facing him and then leaning over to touch his lips with hers.

And so the night had progressed. She sat facing him in the restaurant, animatedly talking about some bones that had been recovered that she might get to examine while there was no big case going on. He hardly took in what she said, he was too mesmerised by her, and still slightly unbelieving that she was there with him.


Brennan watched Booth closely, attempting to read him but struggling. They had finished dessert and were awaiting coffees, or in her case hot chocolate, and Booth was talking in detail about something she did not understand, and knew, if she asked him about it, he would laugh at her.

"Booth," she interrupted mid sentence. "I don't know what means."

He had smiled, amused at her and proceeded to explain who the two film stars were who had been investigated by the FBI. She was only a little the wiser, but chose not to say anything more and just watch him, taking in his strong features and brown eyes and broad shoulders.

"Seeley," she interrupted again.

"Temperance," he said, eyeing her for the break in his spiel.

"Let's hurry up and finish the coffee."

"You want me to take you home…" he sounded concerned. Maybe he was thinking that she wanted the date to end.

She nodded her head. "Yes, if you'll stay with me." The look on his face changed to one of relief, and his eyes lighted with the fire that made her own desire burn.

She had never seen anyone drink a cup of coffee so fast.


They had taken a cab back to her place and her hand shook slightly when she unlocked the door, hoping Booth didn't notice. His arm was around he waist and she was feeling a little flustered from the taxi journey back, having spent it with her hands tucked up his shirt and lips locked with his, behaving like two teenagers. She hadn't done that before and had surprised him when she'd told him so.

"I thought everyone had done this at some time," he said, a kiss punctuating each word.

"Not me," she answered.

"Why? There must have been enough guys wanting to."

"I don't know, I never really noticed," she felt the fires burning again and wondered if Booth could stop them from being charged with any acts of indecency. Luckily, the journey had ended and they privacy of her home awaited them.

The key eventually turned and they entered. As soon as the door had closed behind them Booth's mouth was on hers, his hands exploring more freely now they were free from prying eyes. His touch was both tender and needy. It had only been a few nights ago since they had first kissed back in his kitchen, but it had almost been too long. Months of working together closely with the chemistry and banter between them made this feel like it should have happened yesterday. She undid the buttons of his shirt, running hands over his bare torso, unable to think of anything but needing to be closer to the man stood with his back against the wall. For thirty seconds he let her be in control, undoing, untying, undressing. Then it was his turn, and gentle force moved her the three steps backwards to the other side of the entrance hall. She fought for dominance, her lips pressing harder against his, almost biting, and fingers digging into his skin. She felt her hair come loose and his hand press between her and the wall, hunting for the zip that would loosen the dress. The dress Angela had almost bought for her. They had gone shopping, taking a rare hour off from identifying the skeletons and hunting for the perfect outfit for her date with Booth. Angela had found the dress in a boutique that sold one-offs and picked it up straight away, persuading Brennan to try it on. At first she had declined, the low cut neckline came right down between her breasts, and the embarrassing events that could occur came to mind.

"There is a special kind of tape available that can stop you falling out, so don't worry, sweetie," Angela had pacified. Tempe had looked puzzled at the thought of a tape that you might stick to your body, and Angela had just shook her head as one might do at a small child who just couldn't understand.

"You just go and try it on and I'll see if the sales girl had got any here," she pushed Tempe into a small changing room and left her to it, returning five minutes later and passing a strip of clear tape and issuing instructions on how to use it. Tempe followed them and quickly realised its positive points. She weighed herself up in the mirror and frowned.

"I can't believe I'm making so much effort just for Seeley Booth," she uttered, just loud enough for Angela to hear.

"Sweetie, it isn't 'just' Seeley Booth, it's the man you're probably in love with," Angela replied as Tempe came out of the changing room. "You look amazing," she said in a calm voice. "You're going to knock Booth's socks off."

"How could a dress knock someone's socks off?" Tempe looked puzzled.

Angela pulled a face that Tempe recognised as being the one that said she hadn't understood something very simple. "I mean that he is going to be stunned by how you look."

Tempe's face brightened involuntarily and Angela noticed, there wasn't much she missed when it came to relationships. "I doubt the dress will stay on for very long once you get yourselves back to either his place or yours though," Angela said, expecting a denial from the scientist. None came, just a wicked grin.

And now the dress was on the floor, along with the tape. Shoes had been discarded, and any other items of clothing were well on their way to the same fate.

"Here?" She heard him mutter, his voice deep and edgy with desire. She nodded her answer, incapable of speech and felt his arms lift her, holding her up against the wall, the coolness of the plaster emphasizing the heat that raged inside her. His every touch set her ablaze once more, making her feel more alive than she'd ever done. His kisses were almost rough, trailing from her lips, down her neck and across her chest. He seemed hungry, ravenous even.

"Wanted this for so long," he muttered as she wrapped her legs around him, her weight completely supported by his strength.

"So have I," she whispered back as his eyes looked into hers. Something there told her that this wasn't just for tonight, but for as long as she wanted it. That knowledge relaxed herself further and she finally let herself go.


Booth pulled Tempe closer to him as they lay on her sofa, a blanket over them and two glasses of wine on the table. He nuzzled her neck, making her laugh softly and thought what a wonderful sound it was. They were still naked underneath the blanket. The sofa had been the first place they'd headed for once their antics in the hallway had finished, neither having the energy to make their way upstairs to Tempe's bed just yet. He felt her legs twist round his, and the feel of her breasts against his chest. It was enough to stir his loins and he saw a smile begin on her lips as she realised the effect she was having on him.

"You have a good recovery rate," she said, whispering it into his ear. He gave her his lopsided grin.

"You going to complain, Bones?" He teased.

She said nothing, just lent in closer to him and gave a slow kiss on his lips, leaving him with the taste of their wine. His hands started to move again, recovering ground that hadn't, in his opinion, been given enough attention when they had been in the hall. He smiled knowing that every time he entered Tempe's place now he would automatically be reminded of the first time they'd made love. The memory of it already imprinted on to his mind.

He hadn't actually pictured it being that way, he'd wanted slow love making, wanting to make her ache with frustration, before being the one to release it. It hadn't happened like that. By the time they had gotten back to her place he had had such a need for her it was impossible to even consider slowing it down, especially as she had reciprocated his every move, keeping up with him like he imagined she would. Ultimately she was his equal, a fact that turned him on as much as the feel of her skin under his fingertips and the curves of her waist and breasts. He heard a small noise emit from her mouth as his touches became teasing. "How many rooms in one night do you think we'll manage?" He muttered into her ear before trailing his lips down the side of her neck.

"Whatever we don't manage tonight, we can save for tomorrow," she returned, her hands doing her own exploring. Her answer filled his chest with something heavy and wonderful as he thought of how many tomorrows they would have.


She woke before him, aware that there was a body in her bed before she realised that it was him. He lay on his side, facing her; his lips slightly parted and his hair mussed with sleep. Stubble that was usually non existent was visible and she couldn't resist but touch it with a gentle finger. It was nice, waking up with him. More than nice. It felt right, not at all scary or strange as it had done when she had woken up with other men, including her ex husband.

One arm flayed over her, the other rested under her neck from how they had fallen asleep. By two in the morning they had managed to drag themselves up to bed, leaving fallen clothes where they had landed. The move seemed to rejuvenate Seeley and they had made love one last time, slowly and softly when every square centimetre had felt like it was purposely made to be touched by him. Then she had fallen asleep in his arms, his lips still pressed against her neck and his warm breath exhaling through her air. She'd felt safe, loved and incredibly satisfied.

She watched him sleeping for a minute or so, and then tucked her head under his chin and closed her eyes, wanting a final few moments of this previously unobtainable bliss before the call of the office drew her and him away, but not for long. Seeley Booth was one thing that wouldn't be being walled off.

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