Title: A Snowy Date In Belleville

Author Name: Michaela aka Michi

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Rating: IM15 T& AO MA(password protected version and only available at my website)

Classification: Harm & Mac / Romance

Spoilers: My story 'A Snowy Weekend' and everything up to Season 10 Episode 9 'The Man On The Bridge'. The rest of Season 10 never happened in this series of mine…

Disclaimer: JAG and its characters are the property of Bellisario Productions, CBS, and Paramount.

Summary: Harm, Mac and their first date…

Authors Notes:

- I may have used an AP (author's privilege) when it comes to Harm flying a Cessna in difficult weather conditions. However, in my story the airfield in Blacksburg has all the proper technical equipment and the same goes for the one near Belleville…

- Also, I have no clue how old Harm's grandmother would have been in season 10 but in my story she is still a very agile lady… the age doesn't really matter, but I would go with mid-eighties…

- Last but not least, a huge thank you goes out to my beta and advising team. Special thanks for helping me form the idea for this story. You girls are amazing! And Kathy, thank you so much for joining my team and for teaching me the fine art of American English language. I hope I'm a teachable student :-) Any mistakes left are mine…


A Snowy Date In Belleville – Part 1


December 23, 2004

Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station, DC

5:09 AM

Harm, clad in only his boxer shorts, stood at the doorway of his bedroom, leaning against the wall to watch in awe the woman of his dreams lying in his bed.

It was still pitch-dark outside, and the soft glow from a street lamp filtering through the curtains was the only illumination in the room. Mac was still asleep, lying on her belly with his pillow safely tucked under her left arm, the sheet barely covering her bare backside. A little smile was gracing her face, her hair was all tousled and to Harm she looked totally relaxed, contented and simply gorgeous. They had barely gotten any sleep last night attempting to make up for the past eleven days that they had spent apart.

However, the magic was quickly lost that Monday morning after the weekend they had spent together with their godchildren Jimmy and Little AJ. Mac got orders to go to Naples while Harm had to stay in Washington. During the time they were separated, they'd communicated by e-mail and a few phone calls in between. They missed the closeness they'd shared during their magical 'Christmasish'-weekend.

For a while, they didn't even know if they would be able to go through with the plans they had made for their first date at the Rabb pond in Belleville; therefore, both had worked very hard on their cases, trying their best to be done in time, even though it meant not getting much sleep in between. While Harm had been able to finish his cases by Monday afternoon; Mac had only been able to finish her assignments yesterday.

Without bothering to go to her apartment first, Mac arrived at Harm's apartment last night around eleven o'clock. They both simultaneously had the same fear that after being separated for over a week, and after just one weekend together as more than friends, their reunion would be somehow awkward and filled with apprehension. However, the moment Harm had opened the door and their eyes finally met, every bad thought vanished in a heartbeat and Mac threw herself into Harm's waiting arms.

Overcome by their desire for one another, they left a trail of shed clothing between the living room and Harm's bedroom where their reunion, at first, was passionate and demanding, but later gave way to a night of cuddling, kissing and slow and tender lovemaking until they were totally sated and let their fatigue totally overcome them and fell asleep in each others arms.

Harm now slowly moved back into the room and made his way over to the bed. Careful, so as not to startle Mac; he knelt right next to her on the bed. Tenderly he kissed her bare butt cheeks, before letting his lips and tongue slowly wander up her spine. The first reaction Harm got from her was the twitching of her back muscles under his lips before a quiet and soft moan completed her response.

"What?" Harm softly asked, not understanding what she had just murmured into his pillow. He immediately continued to cover her back with more little kisses and left a little wet trail behind wherever his tongue touched her soft skin before letting his lips touch her neck, only to get another moan from her in response. Moving his mouth to her ear, he kissed her earlobe before sucking on it. "Good morning, beautiful," Harm whispered. "It's time to get up, honey."

"Tired," Mac quietly mumbled into his pillow with a sleepy voice but still loud enough for Harm to understand her. She slowly moved her head a little so that she was able to look into his bright, glimmering eyes and see an even brighter smile on his lips as he greeted her. "How come you're already up?" She wanted to know with a whispered murmur, just to let a huge yawn follow her question. "And why for heaven sake are you so cheerful this early in the morning?"

Harm just showed her one of his best flyboy-grins and together with a wink gave her the answer. Mac could only groan and threw her head back into the pillow. Then she started to snicker and while shaking her head, Mac slowly turned around to stretch her still exhausted body. "I should have known that the chance to go flying would get you out of bed without any complaints," she commented with a big smile before slowly winding her arms around his neck to pull him a bit closer to her. "Good morning, handsome," she whispered against his lips, letting a short but sweet kiss follow.

"Hmmm, it is now," Harm softly said, letting his hand slowly run over the upper part of her body, just to let his lips follow down the same trail, causing goose bumps to form on her soft skin.

"Harm," Mac huskily moaned with her eyes closed laying her left hand on his head, starting to let her fingers run through his thick hair while trying to decide whether she wanted to push his head away from her sensitive skin or even closer to the where she desired his touches the most.

Harm slowly started to kiss his way back up her body and towards her lips, settling himself between her legs. "The coffee is not quite ready yet, so why don't you take a quick shower first?" He suggested against her lips, his barely touching hers with each word he spoke.

Mac slowly wound her legs around his hips, bringing their bodies into even more intimate contact. They both moaned and Mac could feel Harm's desire for her, just as he was able to feel hers through the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

"Will you join me?" Mac breathed seductively against his lips before they came crushing down on hers, giving her a hot, passionate, and demanding kiss that was full of love and tenderness.

"Oh, you don't have to ask me twice," Harm spoke huskily against her mouth before letting his tongue trace the seam of her soft lips.

As soon as Mac felt his tongue on her lips, she moaned and immediately opened her mouth to welcome him. His tongue slipped into her warm mouth just to duel with hers; both seeking and probing for more as their kiss grew and grew.

Harm softly let his hands run down her body once more just to cup her buttocks, trying to get her even closer to him while Mac's hands did not remain idle as she copied his every movement. She tenderly let her hands run over Harm's back, feeling his muscles dance under her fingertips moving down slowly until they found their intended destination on his buttocks and affectionately squeezed him under his boxer shorts.

Harm quickly moved onto his knees, never letting go of Mac, who also had not bothered to loosen the hold her legs had around his hips one bit. Slowly he moved off of the bed and just as slowly made his way to the bathroom, never breaking their kiss or his hold on her. He stopped at the bathroom door allowing Mac to find the switch for the ceiling light before continuing his way into the room.

When the need for air made them break their kiss, Harm stepped into the shower stall and blindly fumbled for the knob to turn on the shower while his tongue followed the line of the pulse on Mac's neck. He tried to keep her away from the cold jet of water while she was busy kissing and sucking along his jaw and then down his throat as far as she could reach.

After a few seconds, Mac let her hands slowly run down his chest just to follow the narrow trail of hair down south to his bellybutton before moving them to his backside and to the waistband of his boxer shorts.

Mac started to pull at them, signaling Harm that she wanted him to take them off since she wasn't able to do it without his help. He didn't need to be asked twice and pulled them over his hips as fast as he could, letting them slide down his legs before stepping out of them.

As soon as nothing stood between them anymore, Mac grinded her hips against him and both shivered and moaned at the contact before Harm quickly stepped under the now hot jet of water.

What followed was neither a passionate nor a demanding lovemaking session. It was much rather like a slow, loving and emotional dance between Harm and Mac. Both took their time to caress, pleasure, and touch each other with all the tenderness, desire, and love they felt. It seemed like they took hours to let their mouths, hands and eyes tell each other their feelings before they finally came together and became one.

Only when the water started to cool and they had finished soaping, rinsing and washing each other's hair, did they part to get ready for the day.


Harm's kitchen

6:29 AM

Harm, who by now was wearing faded jeans, wool socks and a natural cotton mock turtleneck sweater, looked out the window while Mac was still in his bedroom getting dressed. He was deep in thought as he gulped his hot coffee, waiting for their toast to be ready.

They had gotten more snow during the last week and everything looked like a beautiful winter wonderland, but the streets were clear and easy to handle. For now, it seemed like he and Mac would be able to go sledding with Mattie and the Roberts' boys on Christmas Day, and the way he was looking forward to it made him feel like a little boy again.

Harm had to smile when he remembered the day he brought his godchildren back home after their snowy weekend together at Mac's apartment. As soon as Bud had opened the door for them, Little AJ had started to tell his parents everything they had done over the weekend even before Harm had been able to say 'hey Bud'.

Of course, Little AJ had mentioned that they were unable to go sledding and how sad he was about it, but that his uncle Harm had the coolest idea to make a gingerbread house and to build a snowman family that included a dog.

As soon as AJ had finished his story and was up in his room Harm had asked Harriet and Bud if it would be okay for Mac and him to take AJ and Jimmy along should they go sledding on Christmas Day with Mattie. Both Harriet and Bud had agreed at once and were happy that their boys and friends had such a great time together. Of course, they were even happier about the news that their friends had finally told each other their feelings and 'about damn time' had been the first words coming out of Harriet and Bud's mouths in perfect unison.

They had talked some more before it was time for Harm to go because there were still files to be worked on waiting for him at Mac's apartment. Back then he'd decided not to bother driving back home and stayed the night at her apartment, just like she'd told him to before leaving in a rush for Naples. Harm had to admit that sleeping in her bed and smelling her sweet, unique scent on her sheets had made him miss her a bit less, if that was even possible.

Mac tenderly watched Harm from the doorway of his bedroom and saw the little smile on his face, feeling that he obviously was thinking about something special. She quietly stepped behind him and gently wrapped her arms around his waist, putting her hands on his chest before starting to kiss a certain spot on his neck.

Her actions brought him out of his thoughts, and he slowly turned around to place his arms around her waist, giving her a quick peck while drawing her even closer into his embrace. "Want some coffee?" He gently asked and held his mug to her since he didn't feel like letting go of her so she could get her own mug.

"Thank you." Mac gladly took his mug in her hands and took a big sip. "Mmmmm, this coffee is great," she told him, a bit surprised not to taste the usual 'squid-coffee' she normally liked to call his coffee and quickly took another, even bigger, gulp.

Harm gave her a boyish grin and then quickly took the mug out of her hands to take a long sip of his own. "Yeah, I thought we should try to find a happy medium when it comes to our coffee. I gather that from now on we will be spending much more time together and drinking a lot of coffee so maybe it's time to find the perfect coffee for the both of us so we don't have to always make two pots of coffee," he sheepishly told her.

"I like the way you think, sailor," Mac told him with a husky voice before giving him a soft and sweet kiss. "And if you didn't already have my heart, with that coffee you would have captured it, Mr. Rabb."

"I'm glad you approve, Ms. MacKenzie," Harm replied before copying her earlier movement and gave her soft lips a sweet kiss. "And now let's eat, so we can hit the road."

"Sounds good to me," Mac agreed with a big grin on her face before she once more took the coffee mug out of Harm's hand to take another big gulp of the steaming coffee. Then they took their toast, orange juice, soft and medium boiled eggs and jam to the dining table. "I still need to pack my bag and change into something more fitting for the trip," she explained while looking down at her uniform, which looked a bit crumpled after their moment of passion last night.


During their breakfast they talked about how they would spend the holidays together with Mattie and decided that it would be best to stay at Mac's apartment. One reason was the already decorated Christmas tree she had in her apartment, while Harm had had no time to get and decorate a tree. In addition, the fact that Mac had a guest room where Mattie could sleep for a few days was another big reason why they should stay at Mac's apartment. Not to forget that her apartment provided for much more privacy.

They also agreed that they would not hide their feelings for each other in front of Mattie, and that they would talk with her about the direction their relationship had taken. Up to now, the only people who knew about their new liaison were Harriet and Bud, and they knew that sooner or later they would have to let the other people around them know about it also.

Harm had not even told his grandmother about it when he had phoned her a few days ago, simply because he wanted to do it the right way. He wanted to tell her in person and introduce Mac at the same time. However, a part of him knew already that his smart grandmother didn't need to hear the words from him since she had always had the gift to read between the lines, and probably suspected it already.

After they had settled the issue of 'Mattie' and their plans for the Holidays, they put the dishes into the dishwasher and gathered Harm's bag and the picnic basket he had prepared earlier with the stuff he had made the day before.

Now they could drive to Mac's apartment so she could pack her bag before they could get on the road to Blacksburg and to the Cessna Harm had chartered for the next two days.