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Clear As Crystal

Evening Conversation

Evening at Odaiba could not look or feel marvelous than what it was right now. Shades of gold, orange, and violet swirled the sunset sky, the sun beaming onto the ground. Dark feathery clouds hung in the upper part of the atmosphere, becoming nothing more than light streaks. The water gleamed brightly, reflecting the marvelous colors radiantly.

It was definitely the perfect opportunity to do some fun, especially for some of the DigiDestined. Adjacent to an Odaiba lake was a soccer pitch. Green grass sparkled in the sunset, and a soccer net was placed on each end of the field. On one side, several park benches sat side by side near the water. On the other side, there was a stretch of green grass with a tree-covered hill only a few feet away from the pitch. Finally, a stone stairwell sat in the middle of the hill, perpendicular to the centerline of the pitch.

However, only one end was used; not everyone participated in the party. T.K., Patamon, Izzy, Tentomon, Matt, Gabumon, Joe, and Gomamon were too busy.

On the soccer pitch, sixteen-year-old, five-foot-ten-inch Tai Kamiya (in white shirt, shorts, and shoes) and Agumon were guarding the used net. Thirteen-year-old, four-foot-seven-inch Kari Kamiya (in the same color clothing as Tai's and had a crimson hairpin on the left side of her forehead); Gatomon; and sixteen-year-old, five-foot-nine-inch Sora Takenouchi (in the same uniform as both Kari's and Tai's) were competing against the Child of Courage and his partner.

It was Sora's turn to use the penalty kick on Tai. Sora and Tai had looks of determination, each of their expressions saying that they were to beat them, so to speak.

Once the ball was placed on the penalty spot, the Takenouchi child backed up two steps. Then, with a strong swing with her right foot, she punted the ball towards the upper left-hand corner of the goal.

Tai, with a grunt, dived to block the ball, but it zoomed above his left hand, and it hit the back of the net.

"Aw, nuts!" grumbled Tai and softly punched the grass with his right fist.

"Nice shot, Sora," complimented Biyomon as she flew from a tree nearby to congratulate her partner.

"It was nothing," smiled Sora as she put her left hand behind her head.

"But it was still a good kick nonetheless," said Kari as she and Gatomon walked from the centerline to the Child of Love. "You should try to compete in the top leagues one day."

"Thanks," blushed Sora and chuckled embarrassingly.

"Welcome," said Kari and retrieved the soccer ball moments later. After touching the sphere, she gave Tai a sharp, determined gaze. "Now, it's my turn!"

Tai smiled at Kari's challenge. "Agumon, you better move away and join Mimi and Palmon at the bench," he suggested to his partner on his left. "Things could get a little ugly."

Agumon wondered what Tai was talking about, but he decided to do what he was told and walked left toward the park benches.

"You, too, Gatomon," added Kari to her Digimon partner.

The cat obliged without thinking about it and joined Agumon.

On the other side of the field, five-foot-one-inch Mimi Tachikawa sat on a park bench near the goal that Tai, Kari, and Sora occupied. Her brown hair was still as slick as it was in her younger years, but it now reached past her shoulders. As for her clothing, she wore a red t-shirt with sleeves that reached halfway down the upper arms, a white skirt that reaches to her knees, white knee-high socks, and white strapped sandles.

In her hands was a little hoop, and a layer of white fabric was stretched along the top. Her left hand was holding the hoop, and her right hand was holding a sewing needle.

"Hey, Mimi!" called Agumon as he trotted up to the Tachikawa child.

Mimi laid her needle on the fabric and raised her head. "Seems like Tai decided to give you a little break," she said sweetly.

"You can say that," chipped in Gatomon as she hopped onto the bench. Before she could explain, however, she turned her attention to the sewing hoop that sat on Mimi's lap. "What's that you're using?" she asked, pointing at it with her right claw.

"It's a embroidery hoop," replied Palmon on Mimi's right. She was holding a closed bottle of mineral water in her left hand.

"Embroidery hoop?" puzzled Gatomon.

Mimi nodded with a hum and explained. "When I sew fabric, it can sometimes be a hassle to do a large piece of fabric at once, so I utilize this embroidery hoop to concentrate on one specific area while sewing."

"I see," said Gatomon while letting her eyes examine the embroidery hoop.

"What are you planning to make?" asked Agumon as he perched himself onto the park bench.

"I've just started making it," said Mimi and showed them what she had designed thus far. There was a small diagonal line on the right side of the fabric. "Besides," she added, "it'll be a surprise."

"I see," said Gatomon and looked down at the bench. For some reason, she wanted to do something other than chase a ball of yarn in Kari's room. "You think I can sew, too?"

"Of course," smiled Mimi. "If you ever want me to tutor you, I'll be more than happy."

Their conversation, however, quickly ended…


…Because Kari kicked the ball with brute force.

Due to her kicking it hard, the soccer ball literally zoomed right at Tai's head. As for the Child of Courage himself, because it was aiming for his head, he did the unthinkable when it came to being a soccer goalkeeper. He ducked out of the way by crashing his body into the ground, and the soccer ball plopped softly into the back of the net.

Kari cheered wildly and flashed a "V" symbol with her right hand. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" she cheered.

Tai pulled himself up to his feet and grabbed the soccer ball that sat on the ground. "You can say that again," he sheepishly said to himself.

Gatomon saw what happened and raced over to congratulate the Child of Light. "You have one strong kick, Kari," said the feline Digimon.

"I practice," said Kari modestly and picked up her partner.

Sora and Biyomon, who were watching the penalty kick from the centerline, walked back towards Kari.

"Nonetheless, you made a very good kick," said Biyomon.

Kari turned around and blushed lightly from the compliment. "Maybe," she said with her right hand behind her back. Then, when she turned around, she added with a giggle, "And it seems that I was the first to make my brother duck away from the ball, too."

Tai heard that and walked over to her, with Agumon joining him. "I know, I know. You got me this time," the Child of Courage admitted with a serious look on his face, "but next time," he added with a determined smile, "I will block that kick."

"We'll see about that, big brother," swore Kari with a determined, but sweet, gaze; and the two proceeded to walk to the stairwell.

As for Mimi, she put her sewing equipment into a white shopping bag that sat under the bench, and she and Palmon walked over to Sora.

"For siblings, both Kari and Tai can be very competitive against each other," observed Mimi.

"No kidding," agreed Sora while looking down. "And, coincidentally, it was Tai that coaxed Kari to return to playing soccer in the first place."

"Understood," replied Mimi and stared at Kari, who was following Tai up the stairwell. Then, as she stared at Kari's retreating figure, her cheeks started glowing pink.

"Mimi?" called Sora while tapping on Mimi's left shoulder.

"Hmm?" Mimi jolted her head towards Sora on her left. Her blush had yet to dissolve. "Sorry, I was just thinking about something."

"Riiight," teased Sora. "C'mon, let's go." With that, she started walking towards the stairwell.

Mimi obliged and followed her, although her blush never really went away until halfway during their walk towards Sora's house.

The living room of the Takenouchi apartment was quite large, but average as most buildings. The middle of the room consisted a polished, one-legged circular table. The tabletop was made out of fine wood, and it was about 14 inches in diameter. Four chairs encircled the table, one that included a booster seat (for Biyomon).

The back of the room had a wall-to-wall couch. The cushions were white, covered with various flower designs. Windows were placed above them, allowing the family to look at the outside world.

Opposite the windows, and to the left side of the living room, a hallway stretched past the kitchen (that sat on the right side of the hall), and there were two bedroom doors opposite it. The door to the washroom was perpendicular to the door near the end of the hallway. Finally, the main door was at the very end of the hall, but it was blanketed by darkness.

Mr. And Mrs. Takenouchi were not at the house when the four arrived at the Takenouchi apartment, and they were not going to be back until the following evening. As a result, Sora was in charge of the flower shop, and she was more than grateful of "taking care of her other babies," as what Mrs. Takenouchi once said.

In other words, Sora, Mimi, and their Digimon companions had the apartment for themselves.

"We're here," said Sora after she unlocked the main door and pushed it open.

The light went on, and Sora went inside, Mimi and the Digimon following her.

"Finally," sighed Mimi as they all walked into the living room. "It's pretty exhausting walking for about one-and-a-half miles from the soccer pitch."

"Considering you like to get lost in a mall at times, Mimi, it's a bit surprising," teased Sora as she put her bag down on the couch.

Mimi rolled her eyes and proceeded to put her bags down on the couch, too. Sora then went to the kitchen to make some tea for Mimi, before fetching some soup for Biyomon and spring water for Palmon. The Child of Love herself also prepared herself a small bowl of leftover rice that that she and her family made the day before.

"Here you go," said Sora as she handed Mimi her a brown tea cup with a matching tea plate.

"Thanks, Sora," said Mimi and received her offering.

The Child of Love then gave the soup and water to Biyomon and Palmon, respectively, before putting down her bowl of rice and started eating.

Everything then went quiet during their meeting at the table. The atmosphere was strange, since the four usually loved to gossip, and would talk about many things. Such examples were any school relations (like tests, classes, and painstaking homework), family, and any fun activities that they either did or planned to do.

However, a conversation would soon spark after Sora noticed Mimi staring at her tea. "What's wrong, Mimi?" she wondered.

"Hmm?" Mimi hummed and looked up. "Just a couple of things."

"What do you mean?" asked Sora and took a small bite of rice.

Mimi drank some of her tea before explaining. "Well, I've been thinking about the design for my sewing project."

Biyomon heard her and finished swallowing the miso soup that was still in her beak. "Oh, so you're sewing now. I didn't know that."

"She's been doing that for a while now," explained Palmon after putting down her water bottle.

"She has?" queried Biyomon.

"That's right," replied Mimi with a hum, her hair falling in front of her while nodding her head. "Just like cooking, Mama is a professional in sewing, and about four months ago, she decided to ask me if I could try sewing. At first, I was reluctant, but decided to follow through and join a private class."

"Was it difficult for you when you started?" asked Sora with interest.

"Don't ask," snorted Mimi and drank a little more of her tea. "The first time I tried sewing, I was pricked on the hand by the needle more times than being run over by overzealous people at the mall."

Sora and the Digimon chuckled at the joke; they had to wonder when Mimi's favorite "M" word would pop up in the conversation. And when it came to the Child of Sincerity, it was bound to be said sooner rather than later.

"After the first couple of times, I thought about giving up, but my teacher encouraged me and said that it takes time to sew well. In addition, I do not like to consider myself a quitter, so I decided to continue practicing. Although I still consider myself a rookie when it comes to sewing, my tutor did say that she was impressed and that she believes that I can do well in the future."

"Oh, congratulations," said Sora with a smile.

"It's nothing, really," said Mimi dismissively and drank a little more of her tea.

After eating a small bite of her rice, Sora looked at the Tachikawa child again. This time, her expression showed minute confusion. "But I wonder why you haven't told us about it earlier to begin with."

Mimi put her cup down softly on the tea plate. "Well, I want to make something for my friends, but I wanted to keep the project a surprise, so I kept it hidden."

"I see," replied Sora and ate some more of her rice, but not without having some thought about it. "Mimi's keeping a secret," she thought coyly. "There is a first time for everything after all."

Afterwards, she ate more of her rice as she ended her thoughts about Mimi's sewing. However, as she was eating, she had more thoughts, and they made her curious. She had an assumption as to why she acted this way, but it was faint, and she was doubtful. Maybe, it was best to ask. No, maybe not. It might be a bit too private for her own good… But how could that be? Keeping things secretive was not in her nature, and she knew it! She would always tell it like it is. Well… from her perspective, that is. But, should she actually go through with her query? Maybe, she will. Maybe, she won't…

Well, after some doubt as to whether or not Sora would query or not, she decided to go through with her curiosity and ask Mimi some questions.

"Mimi, I like to ask you something," said Sora after putting down her bowl of rice, which she just finished.

The Child of Sincerity had finished her tea and put her teacup down on the plate. "Of course you can. Ask away."

Sora's interrogation commenced. "Back at the soccer field, when I noticed that you looked up, you blushed," she inquired. "Is there something up?"

"Hmm?" Mimi wondered with a hum before shaking her head dismissively. "Nah, nothing's happening," she replied.

"Are you sure?" enquired Sora, this time, a little teasingly.

"Yes, I'm sure," replied Mimi and looked down. When she did that, a red tint on her cheeks reappeared.

Sora recognized that blush right away. "I hope so," she said coyly, "because I'm more than certain that you have another secret to tell."

"No, I don't," said Mimi stubbornly and shook her head, but she did not raise her head.

Sora shook her own head, too, her smile still etched on her face. "I'm not buying it. I know you have something to tell me: Your posture shows it."

Mimi kept her head down and said nothing, and that was enough evidence for Sora to recognize her friend's out-of-character nature.

"I knew it. I knew you had one," said Sora persistently. "C'mon, tell me."

Mimi kept her head down, but she mumbled something under her breath.

Sora was confused. "Excuse me?"

Mimi mumbled again, this time, a little bit louder.

Feeling something was up, Palmon closed her water bottle, jumped down from her chair, and walked to Biyomon, who had already finished eating. "I think we should leave them alone right now," the plant Digimon mouthed.

Biyomon had a feeling what Palmon was talking about and climbed down her chair. The two then walked to Sora's bedroom, where the two humans would talk alone.

"You can't hide it anymore, Mimi," said Sora persistently. "I know something's up. And from the blush, you have a crush on somebody."

Suddenly, the tint from Mimi's cheeks became redder.

Sora knew she hit the secret right on the spot. "I knew it! You have a crush on someone."

Mimi put her head down even more, allowing her hair to fall in front of her.

"You can't hide it anymore, Mimi," teased Sora. "I know you fancy someone. So, why be secretive? It's not in your character; you usually tell something and not be afraid to do so. So, why is this the same thing?"

Mimi finally had enough of Sora's nagging and showed it. "Alright! Alright! You win!" she exclaimed and raised her head. "Yes, I have a crush on someone."

Sora smiled; she got the truth from Mimi, but now, she had to figure out whom. "Then, who's the person you have a crush?" she asked, this time, not in a teasing matter.

Mimi sighed and toyed with the rim of her tea plate with her left hand. "Kari," she said, but in a very low murmur.

"Excuse me?" asked Sora, not being able to hear what her friend said.

"I have a crush on Kari, Sora," said Mimi, her admission very clear to Sora's perspective.

The Child of Love sighed as she noticed Mimi putting her head down again. "I see," she said, but with a sad look on her face. "From the tone, it sounded like you're not happy. Why is that?"

Mimi looked at her friend while continuing to play with the tea plate absentmindedly. "It's not that I'm unhappy, I'm just… confused. When I wanted to grow up and have a family, I would want to be a wife of a nice man. I would never have guessed that I would have fancied another woman." She sighed exasperatedly. "Not only that, but also another close friend of mine."

"Oh," said Sora melancholily and put her right hand on her chin. "How long have you had that crush?"

Mimi stopped playing with the plate and placed her hands on her thighs. "About a few months ago. While I was sleeping, I had a weird dream about Kari and me at an American-style wedding; and we kissed at the end of the ceremony. When I shot myself up, I thought I acted psychotic, but whenever I came across Kari on the street, I start blushing." The moment she said that, the red tint that vanished during the beginning of her explanation slowly returned as the cheeks became pink. "And I'm pretty worried, too."

Sora had a feeling with the last sentence the Tachikawa child said. There was no explanation, although she wanted to be sure. "So, you're worried that Kari will not like you back or will stay away from you because you like other girls, right?"

Mimi nodded.

Sora stood up and walked towards Mimi, where she put her left hand on Mimi's right shoulder. "That's okay for you to feel this awkwardness. Many people sense it, and it makes them uncomfortable, too. So, you're not out of the norm when it comes to having crushes."

A sigh escaped her. "I see what you mean, Sora," replied Mimi as she looked into her own reflection on the cup's structure, "but is there anything wrong with me being a lesbian?"

Sora shook her head with a sympathetic smile. "There's nothing wrong with being a lesbian," she replied. "If you like girls, perfectly fine. I'm your friend; I'm not gonna end it because of this."

Mimi's solemn face became bright as she sported a small smile. "Thanks, Sora," she said while looking at her, but she then turned back to her empty cup with a solemn look on her face, "but what happens if Kari doesn't return her feelings?"

"I think she will, Mimi," Sora said. "Besides, she's your friend. I don't think she'll end a relationship because of that. We all faced more complicated problems than this, right?"

Mimi sighed and briefly thought about what Sora said. "She's right. We've faced many things in the past. This is nothing like we faced in the Digital World… I think." She blinked once and looked up. "You're right, Sora," she said, feeling a bit more like her cheerful self. "I don't think my friendship with Kari will end because of this."

Sora smiled and went back to her chair.

"But…" Mimi added slowly.

"Excuse me?" Sora asked as she picked up her empty bowl.

"…When do I have to tell her that I have a crush on her?"

Sora shrugged with a smile as she picked up Mimi's plate and cup. "Whenever you're ready. If you're scared, give it time. If there's one thing you should never do, it's rush. Let it take its course." And she picked up the rest of the dishware and walked to the kitchen, leaving Mimi to think about things.

To be continued…

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