Elysium was the dwelling area of happy souls after death as concieved by the ancient Greeks and Romans. This paradise was imagined as either a concrete region or a state of existance.

Book One:


en-chant'-ment, v., – bewitch; beguile; charm

Chapter 3:

News of an Egg

The dwarves halls filled with their dim red light produced by their strangely crafted lanterns that hung on the walls. It was just as Eragon remembered it. They passed through the gates with the large golden gryphons and came to the city of Tronjheim. In front of them, the dwarves were busy fitting a piece of the Isidar Mithrim, the Star Sapphire, into the mold. Once it was in, the halls filled with cheering and applause at their accomplishment.

Finally, all eyes turned to the group. The dwarves bowed, as did the remaining members of the Varden, in front of Saphira and Thorn. Eragon glanced at Murtagh, who shrugged.

"Eragon! Murtagh!" came a cry from the back of the crowd of Varden warriors. The people cleared the way, and Nasuada, the daughter of Ajihad and the leader of the Varden, strode toward them. She grinned ear-to-ear and hugged them both. "It is so good to see you both, Argetlam," she said.

Eragon bowed. "And it good to see you as well, my Lady," he said, "Tell me, how goes the Varden?"

"We are steadily rising back to our former state. As you can see, we, the Varden and the dwarves, have taken back Farthen Dur. Well, half of the Varden stay here. The other half has decided to stay in Surda," she informed him. Taking a step back, she looked at Murtagh. "Murtagh, I see you've returned to us."

Murtagh bowed, his now longer hair falling in front of his eyes. "My sincerest apologies, Lady Nasuada. I'd gotten psytracked during my stay in Uru'baen, and it was not a pleasant one. I did not wish to fight against you, but there was nothing I could do."

"I understand. Galbatorix had known both yours and Thorn's real names, so he had you under his control. As much as I'd like to know how you came to resist Galbatorix's spell, I'm afraid there is work to be done. As you can see behind me," Nasuada gestured to the broken fragments of Isidar Mithrim fit into the mold, "the pride of Farthen Dur still has yet to be completed."

It would be our honor to restore the Star Sapphire to it's rightful place, my Lady, Saphira commented, giving a little bow.

Nasuada turned to the saphire dragon. She curtsied gracefully, "Ah, Saphira Bjartskular. What a kind twist of fate that we should meet again after so long."

"My Lady, if you do not mind me asking," Roran said, "but how do you plan to get the Star Sapphire to the top of Farthen Dur?"

"Yes... Well, we're still trying to find a way..." Nasuada said, scratching the back of her head, nervously.

Thorn nudged Murtagh's side. "What is it?"

If it would help, I could fly the Sapphire up there.

Murtagh repeated Thorn's idea. Nasuada scratched her chin. "I would think it would be too heavy for you, Thorn Bjartskular. The Isidar Mithrim weighs good over 10,000 kilos. (Question: Is that heavy? Or should I switch it to tons?) I doubt that even the combined strength of you and Saphira would lift it. And to the top of Farthen Dur? It is madness!"

"What if we helped with our magic?" Eragon asked. Nasuada shook her head.

"It would do no good. It takes the required strength to attempt the feat physically, so either way you would be drained, or you would die. It's too risky for any of you to attempt something such as this."

"Not even the combined strength of Eragon, me, and the dragons?" Murtagh questioned.

"Not even with Glaedr, Oromis, if either were still alive, and Arya combined with you," Nasuada said. Eragon and Saphira hung their heads in respect for their fallen masters and muttered words of the Ancient Language. "Not even with the combined strength of the Varden's mages and Du Vrangr Gata. I'm afraid that Isidar Mithrim may stay here for the time being."

A thought suddenly struck Eragon. "What about the last dragon egg?"

Arya shook her head, "Eragon, Galbatorix cracked it, remember? He killed the last dragon that was inside the green egg." Eragon shook with rage. That gave him one more thing for him to wish Galbatorix was still alive so that he could kill him again. He glanced at the dragons, and they, too, showed clear signs of their anger.

Smoke billowed out of their nostrils and they growled in frustration. Galbatorix was a murderer. May he suffer a thousand deaths in Hell.

"As was our father," Murtagh murmured. He glared to no one in particular at the mere mention of his father.

After a few moments of silence, Nasuada cleared her throat. She turned to Arya, Orik, Katrina and Roran. "I apologize for ignoring you until now. Welcome back to Farthen Dur and Tronjheim." She stepped aside, gesturing for them to follow. "Come, a royal feast will be made. Let us not speak of any more misfortunes. It is a time to celebrate! Galbatorix is dead and you all have come safely to where you all belong. Come, friends!"

They glanced back at the Star Sapphire, then turned back to Nasuada with a questioning stare.

"The dragons may fix it later. Come, we must celebrate this joyous time!" Nasuada led them through Tronjheim to a grand hallway with a long banquet table. Nasuada seated herself at the head. Eragon and Murtagh sat on opposite ends next to her. Arya and Orik sat next to Murtagh while Roran and Katrina sat beside Eragon. The two dragons sat by their own large tables piled with meat and other delicasies. The Varden and dwarves seated themself down the long table, and they ate, mingling with each other.

Eragon noticed the child Elva seated next to Nasuada. She ate hungrily, then stopped and smiled around her food, and continued eating again. She ate like a ravenous wolf, even when her curse had been lifted and replaced with a blessing, a real blessing. Eragon smiled when her violet eyes met his own brown ones.

They ate their fill and were invited to stay. The dragons would sleep in the Dragon Hold with the others close by, in the lower chambers.


"Roran, what do you think you'll do?" Eragon asked after the feast. He hadn't asked his cousin yet, but considering they were here now and that Carvahall was ruined, he couldn't put it off anymore.

"The rest of the villagers still stay in Surda's capital, but Katrina and I will return to Carvahall. We'll rebuild it and have everyone else return," Roran answered. He walked over to Eragon and put a hand on his shoulder. "It's good to have you back, Eragon."

"It's good to be back," the Dragon Rider answered, smiling. Roran glanced behind him.

"Katrina's calling me. I'll see you later, brother," he said, grinning. He then left the room. The minute he was out, Saphira peeked her head in the window.

You're cousin is a noble man, she said to him.

Indeed, he is, Eragon responded, He was my inspiration when we were younger. I wanted to be like him.

There was a soft knock on the door, and in came Murtagh. He pulled a chair to Eragon, and sat down. At first, he refused to speak, until Eragon asked him, "Why have you come, my brother?"

Murtagh looked up at his younger brother, and sighed, slightly. "I have come with a message from Lady Nasuada," he said. However, he seemed distant. "She wishes to speak to you, Eragon." Eragon nodded, thanked him, and stood, going out the door. Saphira followed him. Together, they went to Nasuada's chambers.

Murtagh waited until they were out of sight before slowly getting up and wandering towards his own respective room. He ignored Thorn's babbling, and laid down on his bed. He stared at the ceiling, until he finally closed his eyes and slept.


"You requested our prescence, my Lady?" Eragon asked, bowing before the leader of the Varden. Nasuada glanced at him and smiled, unusually happy. She got up from her seat and approached Eragon, grabbing his hands.

"We have done it, Argetlam!" she said, "We have found the last egg!"

Eragon was nearly shocked speechless. Words finally fumbled from his mouth. "What? How? I thought the last egg had been destroyed by Galbatorix. How can there still be another egg?"

"We are not sure, Eragon," Nasuada laughed, "But some of our best mages had conducted a search for any spies, and we caught one."

"Spies, from who?"

"A rogue from across the seas! Can you imagine it, Argetlam? From across the great waters that we'd thought for so long were uncrossable! With this man was a strangely shaped rock which we'd confiscated, and it turned out to be a dragon egg."

Eragon was speechless. "If this egg came from across the seas, then perhaps . . ."

Nasuada nodded, smiling, "Perhaps the Dragons are not a dying race. Perhaps there is still hope!" She sobered a bit before saying, "But, we do not know if these dragons are like those in Alagaesia. They may be different. We are not sure, and if this dragon that hatches is unused to our lands, we may face the death of it. Do we dare risk it, Argetlam?"

Eragon thought a moment. A dragon's egg. From across the seas! Could it be a new breed of dragons? Or could it be something even more ancient than Saphira's breed? So many questions arose in his mind, his head grew heavy and achey thinking about it. He brushed his hand through his hair, softly rubbing against his temple, before he bowed.

"Forgive me, Lady Nasuada," he said, "I must think more about this, and my head is heavy with excitement."

Nasuada's face softened, and she put a hand on Eragon's shoulder. "No, forgive me, Eragon, I know it is late, and I have not taken this into much needed consideration. Please, rest. We will investigate this another time." She bowed before him and dismissed him.

Eragon walked back to his quarters, bid Saphira goodnight as she went to her place in the Dragon Hold. Sleep gnawed at him, until his eyes shut and his mind drifted far from Farthen Dur, far from Alagaesia, to that mysterious land across the seas . . .