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Chapter 9: Coming Out Party

Gohan ducked under a right hook charged with the oppressive aura of a Super Saiyan. Vegeta had attacked as soon as Gohan opened the door to the Gravity Room, and judging from the 'warm' reception he was receiving, Gohan guessed he was in a bad mood. He transformed into a Super Saiyan as well, and began trading blows with the irate Saiyan prince.

Gohan hit Vegeta with a roundhouse kick, and then spun around to deliver a left cross, but Vegeta caught his arm and pulled the now vulnerable Gohan into his raised left knee. Gohan gasped for air before simply smirking, and then he casually began to tell Vegeta about his…interesting first foray into the public school system, all the while blocking and countering everything the older Saiyan threw at him.

"…and then the girl, you know, Hercule's daughter, tails me after I leave the campus, and I had to transform and tell her to buzz off, and even then, I had to use my speed to ditch her and come here." Gohan finished, while adeptly dodging the volley of ki bombs Vegeta was lobbing.

"Why do you insist on telling me about your pathetic escapades in your everyday life?" Vegeta asked him incredulously, engaging in a test of strength with the Demi-Saiyan. "Do you honestly think I care?"

Gohan shrugged before responding, "Just trying to make conversation. It's called social skills, Vegeta. Not all of us can get through in life with haymakers for hellos, you know." He shrugged again and flashed the Son Grin.

Vegeta merely scowled at him before releasing the hold, marching past Gohan, grabbing him by the back of his shirt as he passed, and unceremoniously depositing the teenager outside the GR. Gohan looked up at Vegeta from his newfound seat on the floor with an eyebrow cocked questioningly.

"Go home." Vegeta said from his position in the doorway. "Don't come back until you can focus on our fight and only on the fight." He turned his back on the boy. "Send Trunks in on your way out." He closed the door behind him.

Gohan scratched the back of his head as he processed his time with Vegeta.

'I didn't do anything to set him off, did I?' He thought. 'May as well ge­­­t home and start on my homework.' He stood, dusted himself off, and set off to find Trunks. He didn't have to search far, or even move, however, as a purple blur glomped him moments later.

"Gohan!" The boy exclaimed. "What's up? Are you here to play with me? Where's Goten? Can he stay the night?"

"Whoa!" Gohan replied, holding up his hands in a defensive position. "Slow down Trunks. Goten's not with me, I came here straight from school, and I was on my way out." He felt bad as the purple-haired Demi-Saiyan's cerulean eyes darkened. "I'll come back this weekend, and I'll bring Goten with me, how does that sound?"

"Really?" Trunks asked. Upon seeing Gohan's nod of affirmation, the boy's mood brightened once more. "Awesome! I can't wait!"

Gohan ruffled Trunks' hair and chuckled at the boy's antics. 'He seems to have inherited Bulma's mood swings.' "Later buddy. Oh and by the way, your dad wants you in the GR."

Trunks visibly deflated at the news, and trudged toward his father's requested meeting, muttering darkly the entire way. Gohan shrugged and stepped outside. He floated up and pointed himself in the direction of home but just before he shot off, he had a sudden thought.

'Y'know what? I think Satan City should get a taste of its newest resident superhero…' He chuckled to himself. 'Man this is gonna be so cool!' He repositioned himself and took off full speed for the city.

- AHC -

Seconds later he was weaving through the Satan City skyline looking for a crime to stop. He wasn't disappointed. A black convertible hovercar was barreling down the road at a dangerous speed. The driver and passenger were both screaming at those unfortunate souls in front of them and laughing as they passed.

The car screamed down the road toward a little brunette girl in a green dress who couldn't have been any older than Goten. Their laughter made Gohan's blood boil and he growled angrily. Raising his arm in front of him, he pressed the red button on his watch and transformed into a Super Saiyan simultaneously, then he shot down to the street forty feet in front of the offending vehicle.

"Hahaha-HOLY!" The driver screamed when he saw Gohan appear from seemingly nowhere and jammed down on the brakes, however, he was driving far too fast to stop with the limited space given and careened toward the Gold Fighter completely out of control. Gohan sighed and simply raised his left foot. The wayward vehicle slammed into his foot and pushed Gohan back twenty feet, but Gohan used the momentum to slow the car enough for the brakes to act on their own and stop about ten feet from the child. He took a couple of steps back to inspect the duo in the car.

"The hell do you think you're doing, kid!" The passenger (Who was eerily reminiscent of Recoome of the Ginyu Force) raged, nursing a bump on his forehead courtesy of the dashboard and Gohan's braking method.

Gohan fixed his luminescent teal eyes on the duo and, lowering his voice an octave, replied in a booming voice, "Stopping the morons who are disturbing the peace."

"Morons, eh?" The driver (who looked somewhat like a rat, with his pointy face and beady eyes), said. "We're not the ones coming from nowhere and almost killing law-abiding citizens."

"Last I checked, reckless speeding is anything but lawful." Gohan said, glaring. "Now we can do this one of two ways. You can let me escort you to the police, or you can MAKE me escort you to the police. It's your choice."

"You can't prove anything, kid." The passenger said, laughing. "We're completely innocent."

"INNOCENT!" Gohan exploded, his golden aura manifesting around his body. "You call nearly killing a dozen people innocent! The little girl you nearly ran down was innocent! Try telling her parents that you're innocent!" He unconsciously stomped his right foot into the street, splitting it open and causing the front end of the vehicle to sink into it. The offending duo screamed in pure unadulterated terror. Gohan caught the car with both hands and effortlessly lifted it out of the hole he accidentally created and placed it back onto the road.

Gohan hadn't noticed a large crowd had formed around the scene and saw him lift the car like it was no big deal. Videl, who was in the center of the crowd, still fuming about losing Gohan and the gold fighter's behavior earlier, froze in her tracks when she saw his Herculean feat of strength. He suddenly noticed the concentration of ki around him and turned around only to lock eyes with the azure-eyed teen, who, like everyone else, was staring slack-jawed at the scene.

"…Uh, hi?" Gohan said. He was blushing at all the attention he was receiving.

"…" The crowd was stunned. No one moved a muscle. They weren't even breathing.

Gohan blinked. Once, twice, three times. Suddenly, he was knocked over by a green and brown blur. He looked up to see the little girl he was ranting about moments ago sitting on his chest.

"Hi! I'm Valese! Thanks for saving me mister. That was really really scary. How come you're glowing? You're super duper strong. Do you wanna be my friend?" She looked at him with her large brown eyes.

'Do all children talk this fast? I know I didn't when I was little, at least, I don't think I did…' He thought. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Valese poking him in the shoulder. It seemed that she wanted an answer to her question.

"Sure," he said with a smile. "I'd love to be your friend Valese. Now run along to your mommy. I need to take care of the bad guys."

"Okay!" She chirped, and ran back into the crowd to her mother who looked like…

'Mrs. Inoue?' He thought silently. 'Weird coincidence.'

Gohan sighed. "C'mon you two," he said, turning his attention back to the men in the car. "To the station we go." He lifted the car once again, and began to float up, but then realized something.

"Can someone tell me what direction the police station is?" He asked.

Everyone, save Valese, who was talking animatedly to her mother, simultaneously pointed to the east, their faces still frozen in shock.

"Uh, thanks." He said, and took off, car still in hand. The head of those poor stunned individuals followed him as he disappeared over the horizon. Then at once, everyone present shook their heads to clear the cobwebs, and all began talking excitedly about seeing a real live superhero. All except Videl, who made her way out of the crowd and began brooding as she made her way silently to her jet copter.

- AHC -

After leaving the criminals at the station, Gohan decided to finally head home. He returned to his civilian clothes, and took off, thinking all the while about how awesome his superhero persona was. He landed in front of the front door, and walked in. The poor boy never saw the frying pan coming.


Gohan, who was caught completely off guard, slumped to the ground in shock after being reunited the hard way with the Frying Pan of Doom.

"SON GOHAN!" Chichi bellowed, Kaioken ablaze. "Where the hell have you been young man! Do you have any idea how worried I've been? Why was your cell phone turned off?"

"I got a call from Bulma at lunch today and she wanted me to stop by Capsule Corp. after school. She had a present for me, then I sparred with Vegeta, and then I went back to the city for a little while. I'm sorry I didn't call you." Gohan, cowering in fear, and still in shock from the damage inflicted from his mother's prized weapon, frantically responded.

"That doesn't answer why your phone was off!" She shot back.

"I don't remember turning my phone off," Gohan murmured, reaching into his pocket. Seeing that the screen was black, he turned it back on. Apparently, the phone didn't like that, so it turned itself off.

"The battery's dead." He said flatly.

"Oh. Well, how was your first day of school sweetie?" Chichi suddenly gushed, suddenly remembering that today was her eldest son's first day.

Gohan sighed. "Long…" He then went into detail about every aspect of his day, from stopping that early morning bank robbery (which he got another whack for), to lunch, to the baseball game, to when he ditched Videl to get to Bulma's place.

"You said Bulma had something for you, son. What was it?"

"That's what I was getting to." Gohan replied eagerly. "This watch." He held it up proudly. "Check out what it does." He pressed the red button, transforming his clothes into his superhero uniform. Chichi shrieked and jumped back when her son's clothes instantly changed. He transformed into a Super Saiyan to complete his look, and said, "Introducing to you, mom, The Gold Fighter!" Gohan struck a pose vaguely reminiscent of Captain Ginyu, and Chichi sweat dropped.

"Well son, I won't lie to you." Chichi started. "Your name needs work, and also, lose the goofy poses."

"Well," he powered down and pressed the red button again, returning to his normal clothes, "I didn't pick the name, it was given to me, and I thought the poses were cool…"

Chichi giggled, shaking her head. "No, just no." Gohan hung his head. "Go get your brother. Tell him dinner's almost ready."

"Yes ma'am" Gohan said with a mock salute, and then walked out the door and taking off in an attempt to find Goten.

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