Disclaimer/Author's note:I don't own any Harry Potter characters, sadly enough. This story is an interlude to All's Fair in Love and War, written by me and SeriouslySnoggingSirius. It is strongly suggested that you read that first. This is placed sometime after chapter 7.


Story by StormDancer

Chapter 1

It is not light that we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake.

Sophia Lauden wandered through Hogsmede. Marie and Lily had gone clothes shopping, something Sophia had little to no interest in, and Remus and the other Marauders were doing errands that she really didn't want to know about. IN fact, as long as she got the questionable ingredients for her potion, she didn't care. Peter had sworn he had contacts in Knockturn Alley that could get her the ingredients for a human to newt potion to use on Snape. AS long as he followed through, he could be in hell for all she cared.

She window shopped, stopping in a few stores, mainly meandering through the village, just enjoying the silence. Most people needed someone to talk to, but her own company was enough for Sophia.

As she walked into the main plaza, a head of blond hair caught her eye. 'Oh, God, he can't be here!' she thought frantically, 'I can't deal with that right now!' She began to calm, thinking, 'It's not him; it's just a blond. I've simply been thinking about him a lot since I confronted James.'

Despite these comforting thoughts, she spun and quickly strode away. Behind her, a blond head noticed and began to follow.

Sophia turned into an alley and sat down, taking deep, calming breaths. 'Calm, Sophia, calm. Keep control, stop the emotions,' she told herself. She composed herself and looked up to see a figure standing in front of her. Looking farther up at the head far above her own to a shock of blond hair, her face, always pale, lost all color.

"Rob," she said with a forced smile, "what are you doing here?"

Rob smiled sweetly, "Aren't I allowed to talk to my ex?"

Sophia smiled in spite of herself. Maybe he had changed in the past two years.

"I meant here in Hogsmede," she corrected cautiously.

"Durmstrangs on break, and I decided to come visit here."

"Oh," Sophia nodded, comprehending, "Well, it was nice seeing you."

She turned to leave, but Rob gripped her arm.

"Come on, lets have a drink in the pub," he urged.

"No," Sophia said quickly, "I really have to-"

"Let's get a drink!" he insisted, squeezing her arm painfully tight and staring fiercely into her eyes. Sophia whimpered softly. She nodded meekly, and he dragged her out of the alley towards the Three Broomsticks. She trotted along beside him as he spoke to her. She occasionally murmured an agreement, but never a dissent.


Remus wandered into the Three Broomsticks with the Marauders and Marie and Lily happily. After the boys had run their more illegal errands, they had met the girls, much to Sirius' and James' delight.

"Hey, isn't that Sophia?" he asked, noticing her sitting in a booth in a secluded corner.

"More to the point," Marie put in, "Who's the hott guy she's sitting with?"

She ignored Sirius' glare. Remus looked, and indeed there was a man sitting across from her. All he could see from here was blond hair. 'That's odd,' he thought, 'Sophia said she doesn't like blond guys.'

"Let's go talk to her," Remus suggested. At the others agreement, they all walked over to where she was sitting, listening to the boy talk.

She looked up as they came over, her usual mask dropping over her face so quickly Remus couldn't tell what the original expression was.

"Hey, guys," she said quietly.

"Hi!" Marie answered brightly, "Who's your friend?" she mouthed behind the guys back.

Sophia flushed, "Sorry," she said, stealing an appraising glance at the guy, "This is Rob. Rob, this is Lily, Marie, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter."

Rob stood up to shake everyone's hand. He was revealed to be an extremely handsome man, with chiseled features, bright blonde hair, and baby blue eyes. Remus grimaced internally. He felt overshadowed, if this was the kind of person Sophia usually ran with.

Rob smiled pleasantly. "Nice to meet you all!" he said heartily.

James suddenly tapped Sophia on the shoulder.

"Sophia, can I talk to you a minute?" he asked, pulling her away from the table.

"Sure," Sophia responded, but Rob grabbed her hand.

"Baby, I think you should stay here," he urged firmly.

"But Rob…" Sophia pleaded in an undertone, "Can't I talk to a friend?"

"If that's all you are," he replied with a scowl.

"That's all. I promise," she assured him, walking off a ways with James.

Remus stared at Rob with suspicion. That was the first time he had ever heard Sophia beg, and he did not like the sound of it.

"What do you want, James?" Sophia asked curtly as soon as they were alone.

"Is this the Rob you were talking about?" James asked, "The one who made you attempt to commit suicide?"

"No," Sophia said hurriedly, "Why?"

James shook his head condescendingly, "Because I'm your friend. And I don't want you killing yourself before you turn Snape into a newt. You're the only one here with the brain power."

Sophia managed a smile, "I know. Thanks."

They walked back to the table, where Marie was chatting animatedly with Rob and Sirius was scowling at them both. Sophia began to sit down next to Marie, across from Rob, but Rob pulled her down next to him. She tried to sit on the edge of the booth, but he roughly grabbed her around the waist and pulled her next to him. Marie saw this and grinned. Remus saw and grimaced.

Peter looked at Rob and Sophia in confusion. "Are you two going out?" he asked.

"No-" Sophia began, but Rob cut her off.

"Yeah, we are," he replied with a proud smile.

Sophia bit her bottom lip silently, but no one noticed except for Rob. The others all grinned at Sophia for congratulations, Remus's the widest and fakest. They got up to leave. Sophia rose with them, but before she could stop her, Marie asked,

"Rob, do you want to come with us?"

Rob beamed at her.

"I'd be delighted to."

Marie grinned, Remus scowled, and Sophia's mask grew harder. They walked out of the pub and down the lane, Rob and Sophia falling behind until they were out of earshot. Rob yanked Sophia into the yard nearby.

"What was that about?" he spat.

"What?" Sophia whimpered.

"Do you not want to be my girlfriend?" he asked angrily.


Rob glared at her. "There is one answer to that question."

"No." Sophia said, quietly and anything but firmly. Quick as a flash, Rob slapped her face hard. She cowered, staring up at him in fear.

"Want to rethink that answer?" he said, holding a threatening hand over her head.

"Yes," she mewled quietly.

"So what's your answer now, bitch?"


"Good. Now, little girlfriend, we have something to set straight. In this relationship, one person sets the rules. And that's me."

Sophia stood up straight, cradling her cheek.

"You call this a relationship?" she spat, "This is you having control issues again."

Rob punched her in the face, than grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back.

"Control issues? I have control issues? No, I think you should just listen to me, whore!" he yelled, punching her a few more times in the face. She crumpled to the ground, whimpering. Rob smiled.

"Now, we'll go find your friends and you'll tell everyone how happy you are with me. And you'll be telling the truth, right?"

"Right," Sophia agreed quietly.

"Good," he said, dragging her back into the street.