A/N: Alright... I just want all Dasey fans to know I really do love Dasey! I just... see other possibilities as well. This is just one of my many theories. Don't hate on me too much...

What It's All About

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really!"

"Because I was under the impression that it was mine first!"

"Oh, yeah, because that argument will really hold up... for a six year old!"

"You're such a brat!"

"You're so immature!"

Edwin rolled his eyes as he and Lizzie watched their older siblings fight another hard battle for dominance over the household. The fight was over a simple clock radio that Derek didn't want or need anymore, but would die before willingly handing it over to Casey.

Edwin scoffed as Casey came close to pushing Derek down the stairs over the trinket. "I don't get it. Derek hates that radio, he almost had a fit when dad bought it for him instead of the stereo he wanted, which he now has. What's the big deal about a radio?"

"It's not about the radio," Lizzie said simply.


"It's not about the radio. It's all about Derek not liking Casey trying to take over his house, and it's about Casey not liking that she's not in charge."

"Oh," Edwin said, viewing the fight with more curiosity. "How did you figure that out before me?"

"Because," Lizzie shrugged, "It's not really about that, either."

"Okay, what?"

"It's actually about both of their insecurities about themselves and each other and their places in life, figuring out their boundaries and stuff. And it's not really about that, either. It's about the room, remember? Derek's room?"

"...Yeah, I remember."

"Well, it's about that."

Edwin looked at his stepsister wearily. "…Oh."

Then Lizzie sighed and cocked her head to the side. "But it's not really about that either."

"Alright then, would you just get down to it and tell me what it is about, then?"




He was almost afraid to ask, but curiosity got the better of him. "…How so?"

"Oh, Edwin, isn't it obvious?" Lizzie said with patience, as though she were explaining it to a four year old. "Derek doesn't want Casey to have Sam, because Sam was his first. And that's not even the whole story! Do you want to know the whole story?"

"Um, yeah! Get on with it!"

At this point, Casey and Derek were playing tug-a-war with the radio.

"Casey loves Derek."

"What? Okay, now you're just talking crazy."

"Nope, it's true. Casey loves Derek." She said knowingly.

"So… Casey and Derek actually like each other? Like, like each other?"

"I didn't say that. Casey loves Derek, but Derek loves Sam."


"Yup, it's true."

"Lizzie, that's just not cool to say things like that."

"You wanted to know the whole story."

"Okay, so first you try and tell me that Casey and Derek like each other and now you're saying Derek and Sam are gay?"

"Get it straight! Casey loves Derek- look at her, all 'let me into your life'- but Derek loves Sam – with his 'No way, get your hands off my stuff'. Sam's the only normal one in this equation- he loves Casey."

Marti appeared in her door, rubbing her sleepy eyes. "How come Smerek and Casey are yelling?"

"Because…" he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at Lizzie before continuing. "Because Casey… loves Derek… who loves Sam… who loves Casey?"

Lizzie nodded her affirmation.

"Oh, is that all?" Marti asked, before turning around and going back into her room.

"And that," Lizzie said simply and Casey and Derek slipped and the radio, predictably, went flying through the air to smash into the ground, "is what it's all about."