Forgotten Dimensions: Scattered Hearts

Chapter 1: Arrival

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts, the characters, or any other stuff but Shoyro

(Note: Riku Sora and Kairi are their Kingdom Hearts 2 versions)

"AHHHHHH," Shoyro screamed. He was falling through a violet gate but was near the end of it. Shoyro crashed into a tropical ocean head first and was knocked out cold by the impact. A few hours later he was washed onto a shore of Destiny Islands. A trio of silhouettes was looking down on him.

Shoyro woke a few hours later in a cold sweat. He looked around and couldn't recognize the surroundings. He was in a cot covered up in bandages; He was wearing a different outfit than the one he came with although. Shoyro groaned and placed a hand on his forehead, due to a headache. "About time you woke," a grayish-white haired said to him. Shoyro was startled when he saw him.

"Where am I?" Shoyro asked. Riku raised an eyebrow.

"You're on Destiny Islands, and who are you?" Riku said.

"Shoyro, and that's all I remember," Shoyro responded.

"You don't remember how you came here?"


"What about your past?"

"Same thing,"

"Darn, you got amnesia most likely."

Shoyro was shocked when he heard that one word. Riku remained silent after words.

Shoyro heard a footstep and turned and saw Sora and Kairi with some fresh bandages. "Hey, you okay?" Sora asked. Shoyro nodded slightly. Shoyro noticed that Sora had a large key, "What's that?" he asked.

"This? It's called a keyblade," Sora said, "It chooses its wielder,"

Shoyro was looking at the keyblade in a little awe. Kairi went to Shoyro and removed his bandages on his chest to place on the fresh ones. "You had quite a fall, wonder how that happened," Kairi said to Shoyro.

"Same with me," Shoyro responded. Once Kairi was finished, she told Shoyro to stay as still as possible, since he had a few major sprains with his neck, arms, and the left ankle.

A few weeks later Shoyro was healthy enough to walk. He didn't remember anything since he awoke yet. He was wearing an outfit which was loaned to him by Riku since his old clothes were in shreds. Shoyro was watching the sunset from a rocky perch he came to like easily. 'Who am I?' he thought to himself, 'Matter of fact, How did I get here?" Shoyro closed his eyes and laid back. He sighed slightly and then opened his eyes, seeing Sora and Kairi looking at him.

"What brings you here?" Shoyro asked

"I was going to ask you the same thing," Sora responded. Shoyro smiled and sat upright. "So, got a theory of how I came here?" Shoyro asked Sora and Kairi. "You came from another world, most likely," Sora explained, "You see, Destiny Islands is only one of many worlds, so you most likely came here from another world, but I am about to go to Traverse Town, a different world so I can meet up with some old friends of mine, care to come?"

Shoyro nodded and smiled, hoping that Sora's friends could help him out.

Traverse Town,

"Gawsh, hope Sora didn't forget," Goofy said,

"He will never forget about us!" Donald responded in his barely understandable voice.

"Hope you're right,"

Sora's friends were in front of Traverse Town's keyhole, waiting for Sora.

The keyhole glowed and Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Shoyro appeared. "Sora!" Donald and Goofy said in unison. Shoyro waved at Donald and Goofy, "Hello there," Goofy said shaking Shoyro's hand. Shoyro smiled a bit. "This is Shoyro guys," Sora said introducing Shoyro to Donald and Goofy. "Pleased to meet you," Donald said. Shoyro was amazed that he was in a whole different world.

'Maybe this place holds the key to getting to my real home,' Shoyro thought to himself.