Chapter 3: Shoyro's Dream

(Note, The Voiceless voice is what Sora and Roxas heard in the Station of Awakening.

Sora and Riku were surprised that Shoyro, a person who doesn't remember his past, knows about the Elemental Keyblades.

"What are you going to do with those Shoyro?" Riku asked

"Use them to find the others." Shoyro said, he twirled Tempest and Wendigo once more before they vanished.

"where should we do now?" Sora asked.

"well, I need to collect the others, or else the worlds are destroyed." Shoyro replied.

"but I got a question, how do you know what to do, you got amnesia." Goofy asked.

Shoyro nodded and said"well, basically, I had a dream when I was out cold. Here's how it went…"


Shoyro is falling in a black void in slow motion.

Girl's Voice: Shoyro, where are you?

Shoyro: I am over here! No, I am over here!

Voiceless voice: You are lost, but you want to be found, right?

Shoyro: Yes, can you help me?

Voice: I won't help you, but follow your heart.

Shoyro: Why should I do that?

Voice: Your heart is the key.

Shoyro lands onto a circular stained glass platform on his feet. The platform showed Roxas wielding Oblivion and Sora wielding Oathkeeper, and both were sitting back to back, one knee close to the torso and the other stretched out. Behind them were Kairi and Namine, who were standing back to back as well, and they had their heads and hands in a prayer like position, their eyes closed.

Voice: Don't be afraid, step forward, and never turn back.

Shoyro nodded and opened the door. He took a deep breath before stepping in it.

Shoyro: Where am I now?

A sword, a shield and a staff appeared and they floated together forming a white silhouette of the Kingdom Key. Shoyro saw a vision of a group of cloaked beings wielding all the Elemental Keyblades and Sora, Riku, and King Mickey's keyblades were on the ground in a pile, all three in pieces. Then he saw worlds turning black and then he saw himself wielding the Wendigo and Tempest Keyblades, standing alone against the cloaked beings protecting a fallen Riku, Kairi, Sora, Roxas, and Namine. An orb of light appeared

Voice: Follow your heart, step into the light and stay true to yourself.

Shoyro nodded and stepped forward slowly into the orb.

end of dream

"…And that is what happened" Shoyro said.

"Garwsh, that is some dream you had there, Shoyro." Goofy said.

"You said that you saw me and Kairi and two others who looked like us?" Sora asked.

Shoyro nodded.

"that must be Roxas and Namine." Kairi said.

"who are they?" Shoyro asked.

"They are Nobodies, beings without hearts," Donald said.

"They can however act out compassion and love, but they cannot do it for real," Riku said.

Shoyro raised an eyebrow, taking in what he was told about.

"Can I see Roxas and Namine?" he asked a moment later.

" I don't think you can, since they are back to their hearts." Kairi said.

"okay, anyway, should there be anything else I should be worried about?" Shoyro asked.

"Just the Heartless, they are creatures who are out to collect hearts to increase their power." Riku said.

"Got it," Shoyro said.

A seventeen year old man who was wearing a gold cloak was watching over a ledge of a building that was above Sora and the others.

"Grr, seems like the true wielder has arrived." He snarled, before he vanished into a black portal.

Frozorna was busy trying to harness the Tundrastriker Keyblade he had, but the keyblade was trying to resist him. The gold colored man appeared behind Frozorna and kneeled.

"Sir, I have news to tell to you." he said, removing his cloak and revealing a face that was like Riku's but the head was silver-black and he was pale.

"Tell me Malken." Frozorna said.

" I have located the Tempest and Wendigo Keyblades," Malken said.

"Excellent!" Frozorna said, stopping his training.

"But, however, we have a major problem, the true weilder has finally arrived and he has already acquired the Wendigo and Tempest keyblades." Malken said, lowering his head.

"Well, well, looks like my friend Shoyro has arrived at last." Frozorna said, smirking.

Shoyro was talking to Donald and Sora about how his magic works.

"Basically you can only use magic for so long before you have to recharge," Sora said.

"And don't use it recklessly!" Donald added.

Shoyro nodded and got up.

"So, what are you going to do now?" Sora asked.

"Find the other keyblades of course, so where should we go to first?" Shoyro responded.

"What about Radiant Garden?" Goofy asked.

"Yes, maybe Leon and the others can help us!" Donald said.

"Okay, you better fill me in about this Leon person," Shoyro said.

"Let's get going there already." Riku said.

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