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It was a normal Monday afternoon, 68 degrees on a sunny spring day, sitting in my last block class, reading some FanFics I recently printed out and went nuts over, waiting to go home. After about 45 minutes of reading some Fics the teacher dismissed us. I stood up and shoved all my things into my backpack like I normally do. "Yet another week of boredom in this loathsome child prison." I said to Godellwhile zipping up my now overstuffed backpack. "At least we get to go home now. That's good."

She sighed picking up her backpack. I started halfway out the door withGodell following behind me. "C'mon! We don't wanna be late for the bus again!" I shouted. "Coming!" Godellshouted back dragging her backpack along with her. Rushing down the stairs, we finally made it to the big glass double-doors out front. The bus was starting to take off,Godell and I rushed to get to it.

"We're not gonna make it!"Godell huffed. "Crap! Not again!" I yelled watching the bus take off, leaving us in the dust. "Looks like we're walking home again." Katie stated in a disappointed tone. I sighed and followed her back down the trail we usually rake to get home if we miss the bus. Whenever we missed it, our mom's would get furious at us because it takes 20 minutes longer than it does to ride the bus, AND that it's also surrounded by deep forestry. About 15 minutes passed by and we were halfway home.Godell sighed exhaustedly. "How much longer?" She said impatiently.

I looked at my watch, knowing what time we usually get home at. "About 14 more minutes, whoo I'm tired.." I sighed slowing down a little. "Let's take a break.. My legs hurt." I said sitting down under a tree.Godell came over, dropping her book bag on the ground beside mine and sat next to me. "Today was boring, too much school work, to many lectures, too much reality. I wanna get away from it all…" I said resting my head under my arms, which were now resting on the tree trunk.Godell and I sighed in usion, daydreaming about random things to cheer us up. Just then, there was rustling in the woods behind us.

"W-what was that?" I stammered jumping to my feet.Godell jumped as well, picking up her book bag. "I-I dunno.. It sounded like footsteps.." She said as her eyes darted about looking for the source of the sound. There was a loud thud,Godell and I jumped and gasped in usion. "Owww, that hurt.." A voice said from the ground.Godell and I stepped over slightly where we heard the voice and saw a boy in a red T-shirt, jean shorts, and a straw hat sitting on the ground rubbing his head. "Hey, who are you guys?" He asked in a confused kinda way. Our eyes widened. We couldn't believe what we were seeing! Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates!

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