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sweat drop Let's get on with it before Zoro kills me…

Rose and the others walked down past Town Hall, and arrived at another four-way intersection. "How many crossroads are we gonna hit, Rose-chan?" Usopp asked, rubbing the back of his neck.

Rose looked back at Usopp. "It's actually the last one till we get to El Pond. Then it's ICE SKATING! And the best part about it is…"

-Episode 30: Moonlit Beauty-

The crew awaited Rose to say what was best about it. "There's music!" she cheered. "Music? You mean like at you shows?" Nami gasped. "Well sort of, but they're a bit slower. Like Mary J. Blige, Jojo, Ne-yo, Coldplay, Fergie, Fort Minor, and there's one more…Oh yeah! Nelly!"

Tanisha jumped up and down with joy. "Nelly!!! His songs rule!" she cheered, glomping Zoro. "Nelly?" he laughed. He's heard some of Nelly's songs before, one of them was In My Life, and My Place. (Don't ask please XD)

"Wow that's a lot of singers…" Nami sweat dropped. Robin seemed rather intrigued by all this music. "Woohoo PARTY!!!" Luffy shouted with glee, letting his white scarf whip around in the wind.

Sanji glanced at Rose and smiled. Heh, glad to see she's feeling better. he thought. Chopper was silent for a minute, his ear twitched. "Hey Rose, you hear that?" he asked. "Eh?" Rose mewed, twitching her cat ears for the sound. Godell, Tanisha and Angie used their heightened sound sense to locate it as well.

"Oh! That's music! They're playing Fort Minor!" Tanisha squealed. "FORT MINOR!!!" Angie and Rose screamed. "LET'S GO!! YEEEAAAAHHH!" the two shouted, running across the street. "H-hey! Wait up girls!" Usopp sweat dropped, catching up to them.

"Don't run across the street!" Zoro shouted coming after them. "Hey wait up Luffy!" Nami shouted going after them. Robin grabbed Chopper and Godell then ran across with the rest of the group. Luffy was trailing closely behind Rose, getting distracted by her fluffy brown tail.

Rose jumped and slid down the icy hill leading to El Pond. "Whoo!" she huffed, jumping down the ice. She hit the bottom and ran towards the ice rink. She stopped at the edge of the frozen lake, Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go" blaring in the speakers. She scanned the ice rink with a joyful expression.

The others caught up with her, they stood in awe before the gi-huge-ic rink. "Heeee!" Rose squealed. "Come on! Let's go! Woohoo!" Rose cheered, hopping onto the rink and sliding around the ice to the beat of the music.

Nami, Usopp, Luffy, Robin, Godell, Angie and Tanisha squealed and ran out onto the ice. Chopper had a bit of trouble and almost slipped, but Godell caught him and picked him up, holding him over her shoulders and started skating around. "Whoa! I can see everything!" Chopper squealed.

Usopp and Luffy were trying to skate. Luffy was dancing like a maniac, and Usopp was struggling. "Usopp, need help?" Luffy asked. Usopp struck a proud pose. "I don't need help! I'm the champion Ice-Skater in all the island!" He declared, then fell on his face.

Zoro was pretty adapted to skating, he and Tanisha seemed to be having a good time. "Who-ho-ho! Hm…AH!" Tanisha shrieked, slipping and almost falling on the ice. Zoro quickly caught her in a Tango-like position. They blushed and smiled at each other.

Robin was skating easily on the ice. She skated around Usopp, who was lying on the ice. She bent over him. "Need help, Usopp-kun?" she asked, lending out a hand. (P.S: I support RobUso!!)

Usopp sweat dropped, but smiled and got up with Robin's help. "Woohoohoohoo!" Rose laughed, skating around the rink. Sanji was still standing on the edge. "Um…"

Rose skated up to him. "Why aren't ya skating? It's fun!" She said, twitching her cat ear and flipping her tail around. Sanji blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. "Well…You see…" He stuttered.

Rose blinked.

"I can't skate." He sweat dropped. Rose smiled. "Then-" she grabbed his arms "I'll-" pulled him onto the ice "TEACH YA!"

"Whoa!" Sanji almost lost his balance and fell over, but Rose caught him, then he realized that he had landed right in the middle of her chest…

He blushed madly and tried to stand up, repeatedly getting off balance and slipping. "Hm! Whoa…ACK!" Sanji gasped, falling onto the ice on his back. "Ow." he huffed, checking the back of his head for injuries. "You're doing fine, Oji-kun." Rose smiled and helped him up.

"Let's go this way!" she said, pulling him towards the middle of the pond. Sanji was able to keep his balance and follow her, with the help of her pulling him by the hand.

"Ha-un-YA!" Rose mewed, doing champion ice-skater moves with each syllable. She let Sanji go to skate on his own. He caught his balance and started skating. "Hey!" he gasped victoriously.

Rose quad-spun over to him. "See! You can skate!" she cheered. "Woh!" she jumped and spun again, and landed gracefully, skating backwards in a swan pose. (I skate a lot)

The moonlight coming from the full moon was coming through the wine-coloured clouds, reflecting a lavender-wine colour on the smooth ice.

The speakers switched songs from Fort Minor, to Too Little Too Late by Jojo.

Rose skated back over to Sanji and caught him for balance. "Ah! I love this song…" she purred.

Come to me, stay tonight…

"Let's dance then." Sanji said smoothly. Rose blushed and smiled. They took a Waltzing pose and started to slow dance.

You say the words but boy it don't feel right…

The song went on, the crew coupled as well. Tanisha was with Zoro, Luffy was with Angie, Godell was playing with Chopper, Usopp was dancing with Robin, and Nami was dancing with another man who was on the ice and they had taken a shine to each other.

It's just too little too late, a little too old, and I can't wait…

Sanji and Rose were getting into it, dancing that romantic way that couples do in slow dances. (this is getting SO fluffy…)

You say you dream of my face, but you don't like me, you just like the chase…

Rose rested her head on Sanji's chest, hearing his racing heart. Sanji lightly stroked her fluffy brown cat ears. Rose's tail whipped around happily.

I can love with all of my heart baby, I have so much to give (I have so much to give)…

Rose felt the light stroke, and her heart jumped out of her chest for a second. She sighed silently. Maybe I can say it now… She thought. Rose bit her lip, as the song continued her thoughts went deeper.

Sanji was thinking the same thing…

Tanisha glanced over at Rose and Sanji, she winked in a anime-ish way. "Looks like they're having fun." she smiled. Zoro caught a glance and smiled to, the moment causing him plant a light kiss on Tanisha's forehead. She blushed and smiled.

It's just a little too late, a little too old, and I can't wait…

As the song continued to ensue the hearts of many people on the rink, Rose and Sanji thought in their minds, and made their decision. Rose looked up at Sanji at the same time he looked down to her.

Their gazes met and they both blushed lightly. "I have something I've been meaning to-" they realized that they said it at the same time, and stopped. "Ladies first…" Sanji said. Rose shook her head. "No, I cut you off, you go first Oji-kun." she mewed.

There was an awkward pause. "Ok, on three we'll say it at the same time." Rose sighed. Sanji nodded. "One, two, three-"


There was a sudden silence between the two. Rose turned bright scarlet, as did Sanji. "Y-You where going to say-" "-The same thing I was…?" the two questioned each other. Sanji took a deep breath. Their gazes were locked, Rose's sunset-yellow eyes drew Sanji into them.

Rose smiled slightly, "Well then…Is this how you really feel, Sanji-kun…?" she asked. Sanji blushed, something inside of him was telling him to close the deal and prove his love. He placed a hand under her chin, lifted her face to his and kissed her.

The song started the last two choruses.

Rose blushed deeply, then was able to relax and return the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.

The crew glanced over at them. Robin and Usopp smiled. "Well look at that." he laughed. Chopper and Godell smiled, Nami chuckled, Zoro and Tanisha smiled as well.

When the kiss broke, Sanji wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. "It is, Rose-chan…" he purred. (OMG FLUFFY!!!!! Wah! And no Mary-Sue-ness! That's a rarity…)

They slipped away from each other, holding hands and gazing into eyes. As soon as they knew it, the ice rink had closed and it was about 11:00.

The crew regrouped back to Rose and Sanji. "Well I see you two have gotten acquainted." Robin said, smiling at them. Rose noticed that she and Usopp were hand-in-hand and smiled. "I'm not the only one." she laughed.

Sanji smiled and put his arm around Rose's shoulder. "So where were we going for he surprise" after Turners, Rose-san?" he asked. Rose nodded. "Ok! Turners for late dinner, then the surprise!" she squealed.

"Alright!" the crew cheered, getting off the ice rink as it closed down.

After re-tracing back to Town Hall's intersection near a now closed Shaw's, they crossed the street into a seafood restaurant with a green white and wine-red tarp over the door and windows. The glass door was marked with the fish-market style logo of "Turners".

After about 2 hours in the buffet and bar, the crew stepped out and Turners closed. "Wow! You were right Rose-chan! They DO have the best fish in Melrose!" Luffy said, patting his bulging tummy.

Rose smiled at the crew. "Glad you liked it!" she said. "Ok, NOW for the surprise!" she said, leading the crew back past St. Mary's Park and around a street corner.

They arrived in front of a 3-story building with tan trailer siding on it, a restaurant, laundry mat, hairdresser and rug shop below it. Godell raised an eyebrow. "Rose? Where are we?" she asked, along with the rest of the crew except Angie and Tanisha who already knew because they've been here countless times.

Rose reached into her pocket and pulled out a square key with jagged teeth. She turned and responded…

"My apartment."

Everyone gasped. "So this is where you lived…" Godell gasped. "It's huge!" Nami gasped as well. "On the outside, but on the inside it's small. But…It's still home since seventeen years…" Rose sighed.

"Let's go in." she guided the crew to the blue door, slid the key into the hole, twisted it one way, then the other, and opened it.

Rose let everyone inside the blue and yellow Stuco walled hallway. "Up the stairs! Go, go, go!" Rose shooed everyone up the 3 stair flights.

They came to apartment 3R. "Ok, here goes…" Rose took a deep breath and slid her house key into the keyhole. The tension coming from the crew was building like seeing Saw II. The door clicked and opened, revealing one more flight of stairs. They went inside and Rose shut the door.

They went up and saw a living room with a kitchen attached to the back, black flooring, 3 rooms-a bathroom, large and small bedroom. "Here we are! Home Sweet Home…" Rose sighed, skipping into the living room.

Godell and the others were wide-eyes, all but Tanisha and Angie. "Whoa…" Usopp gasped. "It's so small yet so cozy…" Nami sighed. "Hehe! And guess what!" Rose said cheerfully, turning around to face them.

"You guys are gonna live with me in Melrose from now on!" she declared, striking a victory pose. The crew burst into happiness. "WHOA! ARE YOU SERIOUS!" A series of gasps came from the crew. They all ran up and tackled Rose into a hug.

Sanji hugged Rose the tightest. "Rose-chan, thank you…This'll be a best." he purred. Rose hugged him back. "Uh-huh! Now it's 1am so we gotta sleep now or we'll feel it in the morning!" she said.

They all nodded and changed into their night clothing, surprisingly all their stuff had magically appeared on the king-sized bed in the Master Room…

After everyone was changed and such we claimed places to sleep and curled up in blankets. Sanji and Rose decided to cuddle up and sleep for the night. "Suki Desu, Rose-san." "Suki Desu, Sanji-Oji-kun." they bade each other good night with a kiss, and fell asleep.

What is to happen in the morning, is to soon be revealed…


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