When Axel isn't playing the villain, he's not scary.

He knows this. He knows Axel much, much more than Axel would like anyone to know him. He's learned every exposed rib with his tongue and his hands, and he knows the razor-sharp edges of Axel's hips with his palms. He's learned Axel's lips with his tongue and his teeth, and he rather likes it when Axel actually kisses him back.

Axel used to be strong. He used to be the wildfire of hate that burned up through the walls and followed him in the floors of the castle, like the white, white tiles and the white, white walls of the castle had been covered in gasoline. He used to be the one in charge, the one to force him against the wall, and fuck him, savagely, rape his little body and snarl and smile when he cried.

He used to cry a lot, when it happened. He used to plead for Axel to stop, and sometimes, Axel would slow down and just stare at him. He'd just stare. He was missing something, someone, and he reminded Axel of someone.


the other side of your heart

He'd begun to realize what was going on. After moving floors and floors through the castle (with Axel using him every time he could) he's beginning to see what's happening. Vexen died so quickly, that he barely even got it.

the other side of your heart

He was the other side of something, a something that Axel was trying to reach. There were times after Axel would fuck him, that Axel would just close his eyes and just pretend for a while. He'd just pretend, because that was all that he could do.


the other side

of your



"Get. Off."

Axel glares up at him and Sora just smiles and keeps him pinned to the floor and he's got teeth as white as the walls. Their chests are touching and Axel can feel a beating heart and he wishes he had one so he could love and he could feel and he just hates feeling so empty, he hates not feeling, and he hates he hates it. Axel feels small, and he feels helpless because

roxas roxas roxas roxas roxas

Sora could finish him off right now. A quick stroke of the Keyblade, and he'd be gone. Dead. He's nothing and he knows it and his head falls to Sora's shoulder and he whimpers because he feels so fucking heartless around someone so… pure.

But, maybe Axel's just…


Sora pins Axel's wrists above the flames and he's still grinning, he's still smiling and Axel for once is scared of Sora, so scared that his breathing is hurried and his eyes are wide. His eyes are so much greener than Riku's, though.

If Sora was Axel's replacement Roxas…

…then Axel will be Sora's replacement Riku.

Axel isn't the villain anymore.

Sora is the villain and lust is his weapon and he's fucking Axel and it's not consensual and there's blood and Axel's just biting his lip, bearing it. He can take it. Anybody could be watching, Marluxia and Larxene could be laughing and Axel isn't weak.

Axel isn't


He's not.

He's not


He's just



r. o. x. a. s.


r. o. a. s.


"I never wanted you."