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Out of the Blue—Chapter 1


"Just face it, Case. I'm irresistible." Derek states towards me cockily.

I narrow my eyes at him, "You're not irresistible, you're egotistical."

"Is it wrong to actually like yourself?" Derek asks with mock concern.

I roll my eyes, "Whatever. Just because some blonde, ditzy, cheerleader found interest in you, it does not mean that you're irresistible."

"Casey, Casey, Casey…I could get any girl with the snap of a finger and you know it."

I scoff, "Oh, please."

"Wanna bet?"

I eye him confusingly, "Huh?"

Derek gives me one of his ever-so-popular-yet-oh-so-annoying smirks, "Bet. I bet you that by the end of this week, I can have at least ten girls crawling all over me."

I cross my arms over my chest as I get up from the kitchen table where we were both sitting, "You really think so?"

Derek nods, "In fact, let's make it fifteen."


"What's in it for whoever wins?" I ask, placing my left hand on my hip.

Derek sighs, "If I don't get fifteen chicks-which I will, of course-by the end of the week, then I will personally pay out of my own pocket for you and Sam's next date including reservations at a restaurant."

I smile at the thought of that, "And if I lose?" I grimace at the thought of what he might come up with.

Derek rubs his chin, as if he is taking it into consideration before smirking towards me, "Next time that I bring a girl to the house for a date, you have to be our personal chef."

My jaw drops, "What?"

"That means, cooking us dinner and dessert and doing the dishes."

I narrow my eyes at him, "That's my punishment? Cooking you dinner?"

Derek nods, "Oh yeah, and I get to pick out who you go on your next date."


"And trust me; it won't be with a hockey player."

"That's not fair. That means I get something else too for when I win."

Derek groans, "Fine, what?"

I bite my lip in thought before looking back up at him, "I get to pick your next date."

Derek's eyes widen, "I am not going out with Emily."

I roll my eyes and smile, "Are we on?" I ask, holding out my hand.

Just before he puts his hand into mine, he stops, "Wait, I'm raising the stakes."

Not again!

"What now?" I ask annoyingly.

"Let's double the bet." Derek says.

My eyes widen, "Then you're just now losing, there is no way that you can get thirty girls in seven days."

Derek chuckles, "I mean, you're in on it too."


"You have to try and get fifteen guys and I'll try and get fifteen girls."

I roll my eyes, "You are not serious."

Derek nods, "I am, actually." he then smirks slyly, "That is, if you're actually up for the challenge."

There is no way that I'm going to let him win this.

I smile and hold out my hand, "Fine, you're on."

We shake hands and agree to meet up the following Friday night to exchange results.

Just as he turns to leave, he pauses and spins back around to face me, "Oh, and one more thing."

What now?

"What?" I ask.

"We have to make sure that each of our dates meets each other, so my dates have to meet you and your dates have to meet me. So we'll know that we're not lying."

I roll my eyes, "Fine." I say, it was a better idea, actually. But also a bad idea, now I can't lie, I'll actually have to get fifteen dates; Derek retreats upstairs.

I overlap my arms on the counter and slam my head down on top of them.

What did I just get myself into?


"Chillax, Case…finding fifteen guys won't be that hard." Emily tells me as we share a plate of fries at the mall.

I roll my eyes and take a sip out of my Pepsi, "I don't think I even know fifteen guys here."

Emily laughs and then her eyes widen, as if suddenly coming up with an idea, "I've got it!" she exclaims (as you can see, my theory was right…she has an idea), "I'll set you up on blind dates!"

I spit out my Pepsi.

"No, no, no, no, no." I shake my head back and forth.

Emily gives me the "sympathy stare" and intertwines her fingers in front of her, "Please, Case?"

"Not a chance."

"C'mon, do you really have that little trust in me?"

I open my mouth to reply but she cuts me off, "Don't answer that."

I smirk, "I don't need you to set me up on blind dates."

"Why not? How much could it hurt? Besides, it's Saturday. I'm sure it won't be insanely hard to get fifteen guys to go on dates with you by Friday afternoon."

"The guys have to be interested in me, Em. Not thrown into being on a date with me."

Emily rolls her eyes, "Why are you so determined to beat Derek for this anyway? He has had like fifty girlfriends since he turned thirteen, probably even more than that!"

I eye her in shock, "You don't think I can do this, do you?"

Emily sighs, "It's not that you can't do it, it's just-"

I grab a French fry and pop it into my mouth, "Trust me, Em, I will win this bet with Derek." I then grin evilly, "And when I do, he is going to be put on the worst date of his life."

"Hottie at three o'clock." Emily says, grinning flirtatiously.

I look over to see where she is looking, a tall guy with sandy blonde hair and tan skin is standing by the pizza joint in the food court, I have to admit…he is pretty good looking.

"If you go over there right now and flirt with him, you may only have fourteen guys left to score with." Emily suggests.

I toss my hair back over my shoulder and stand up, smoothing down my shirt and running my tongue over my lips.

Dear God, what is happening to me?

"Go for it." Emily whispers, nudging my hip with her elbow.

I gulp and make my way towards him, as soon as I approach him, he smiles at me.

Let the games begin.


"I've already won this bet hands down." I proclaim, kicking my feet up on our coffee table.

"What makes you so sure?" Edwin asks me, as he plops down beside me.

I eye him stupidly, "Ed, you don't even know what the bet is."

Edwin rolls his eyes, "Well you could tell me."

I explain the bet with Casey to him and he winds up laughing.

"What is so funny? That Casey is stupid for even agreeing to do it?"

Edwin shakes his head, "That you're underestimating Casey so much."

What is he on about?

"What do you mean I'm underestimating her?" I ask seriously.

Edwin rolls his eyes, "Just because she's freakishly smart and a total klutz doesn't mean that she can't get a guy, she's pretty."

"Yeah," I scoff, "pretty lame."

Edwin shakes his head, "No, that comeback was pretty lame."

I roll my eyes, "Casey is completely insane for trying to beat me on getting dates, I mean come on. I'm the master at scoring with chicks; she hasn't even had a boyfriend."

Edwin smirks, "Well I know one guy who will agree to go out with her."

My ears perk up and my head shoots towards him, "Who?"

He grins, "Sam."

I scoff, "Sammy? My Sam?"

"Yes, your Sam." Edwin mocks me, "He's totally into Casey."

I guffaw, "Since when?"

"Since they played Babe Raider…maybe even before that."

"That's not true." I shoot back.

Just then, Lizzie comes into the room and plops down on the arm of the couch, beside Edwin, "What's not true?" she asks confusingly.

"None of your business." I reply bitterly.

She rolls her eyes at me and turns to my brother, "Edwin?"

"Derek doesn't think that Sam likes Casey."

Lizzie laughs, "Yes he does. He's even kissed her before."


"When the hell did that happen?" I ask.

Edwin shrugs, "I don't remember. It was in the hall by the stairs like a year or two ago. Lizzie, Marti, and I saw it."

I can't believe Sam kissed Casey! How could he do that! Wait, why do I even care?

I regain my cool and scoff at them, "Just because he kissed her, it doesn't mean that he likes her."

Lizzie eyes me confusingly, "Why is it so important anyway?" she asks.

Edwin turns to her, "Derek placed a bet with Casey that he had a better chance of getting fifteen girls to go on dates with him before Friday then she did."

Lizzie eyes me as if I'm the most moronic person on the planet, "You guys placed bets on dates?"

I shrug, "Yeah, so?"

"Well I want in on it." She proclaims.

I laugh, "Sorry Lizzie, I doubt that you'll get fifteen dates by Friday."

She reaches across the couch and slugs me, "No stupid, I want to bet on who will win."

Ed turns to her, "Fine, I'll bet you all of my allowance for next month that Casey will win."

"Ed!" I exclaim, "Why aren't you backing me up here?" I try to burn holes in the back of his head by staring at him, he doesn't even budge.

"Sorry, D." he tosses over his shoulder.

I roll my eyes and slump back against the couch as they continue with their bet.

"Fine." Lizzie declared, "Then I'll bet my allowance from next month that Derek will win."

Well, at least somebody believes in me.

"Thanks, Liz." I say.

Lizzie rolls her eyes, "I love Casey and all, but she's never even had a steady boyfriend before, so this could be a challenge for her. Derek can get ten girl's phone numbers in a day. There's no competition."

"You're just so sure that he's going to win this that you're going to bet against your own sister?" Ed asks in shock.

Lizzie shrugs, "Guess so. So do we have a bet?"

Ed shakes her hand, "Deal. We'll meet in the game closet Friday night to exchange winnings."

"Deal." Lizzie says with a smile and then jogs upstairs.

"I can't believe you didn't go for me." I mumble.

Edwin rolls his eyes, "If Casey can defeat the 'master at scoring with chicks"-he uses air quotes to emphasize on his mocking me-"then she is seriously the champion."

I smirk towards him, "Trust me, Ed. There is no way that Casey can get fifteen dates in less than a week. I have a shoebox full of chick's numbers, all I have to do is call fifteen of them up, arrange dates, and boom, I win."

"Half the girls probably hate you by now from hearing from the other half about how lousy of a date you were."

My jaw drops, "Did you just insult me, Edwin Venturi?"

He grins, "Why yes, yes I did."

"Trust me, I won't even have to lift a finger towards the dates until Monday, I have this bet in the bag."

Just then the door swings open and Casey appears with two shopping bags in her hand and a smile on her face.

"Back so soon?" I ask with a mock grin.

She simply smirks right back at me, "One down, fourteen to go."

Wait a minute, that doesn't mean that…

She grins, "I have a date tonight."

Edwin smirks towards me and then gives a thumbs up towards Casey, "Good going, Case."

She eyes him confusingly, "Uh…thanks Edwin." She says awkwardly before smiling towards me, "Better start emptying those pockets Derek, you'll need the money."

I smirk at her, "Well, I highly doubt that, Case." I say and think of the first thing that pops into my head, "I have two dates already tonight."

Why the hell did I just say that?

Her face falters before she narrows her eyes at me, "Whatever." She says and jogs upstairs.

Edwin eyes me as if I just grew a second head, "You don't have two dates tonight…you don't even have one date tonight!"

I smirk, "She doesn't know that."

Edwin scoffs, "But she will."

I eye him confusingly, "How do you figure that?"

Edwin rolls his eyes, "Your dates have to meet Casey."

Shit. I hadn't thought of that.

I turn to Edwin and smirk, "I've got a shoebox full of numbers, Ed…full of chicks who are just waiting for a date with me."


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