-1Summary: Danny gets shot when chasing a man stealing chips.

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Ed Deline's Protégé Danny McCoy steps out of his corvette and walks to the Montecito and nods as four young women walk out of the front entrance and start giggling as they walk past him. God I love my job. he thinks as he so graciously smiles back to the young women.

"Hey Danny Wait up man!" Danny turns to see Mike running to catch up to him.

"Hey Mike how was that date man." Danny quirks his eyebrow and smirks.

"Oh man. You don't want to know she was…..heaven." blowing out a sharp whistle and curling his back and putting his hands in his pockets.

"oh man I bet. Come on lets get to the 'office' before ed has our heads." Danny smirk a little.

"hey man that's funny ' ed head' you're a hoot." Mike says sarcastically walking beside Danny as they make there way through the casino.

Danny's phone starts to ring and he picks it up after the second ring.


"hey kid we have a guy in black jack 13 stealing from chips." Ed says not even saying hi.

"okay but um…"


"which ones stealing and which is the victim Ed?"

"the guy in the black muscle tee is steeling from the guy in the blue Hawaiian shirt."

"Kay got it." Danny hangs up "change of plans Mikey we are heading to table 13 real quick."


"We got someone snatching chips at the table."

"Damn. Okay."

Making there way through the crowd Danny and Mike stop a little short when they get close.

"okay which stole which is just stupid."

"Mike he isn't stupid he's…by the looks of it drunk. Very drunk. Oh and the one in the Black shirt is the one we want." Danny says as they watch the man take another chip then he looks up and sees Danny and Mike looking up at him.

"Oh shit I think he saw us." Mike says starting to go for him.

"uh yeah I totally agree man. Come on lets get him." Danny says as he takes off towards the guy

Just as he finishes the guy pushes the man he was stealing from and runs for the exit. Jumping over a luggage rack as he goes. Danny hot on his heals and Mike right behind Danny. The man then shoves a young women to his left as he passes. Danny going for him Mike helping the women up. Just as the man gets to the entrance he turns and takes a gun out of his pocket pointing it at Danny.

Everyone screams as they see the gun and run for cover.

"Just let me go man I need the money or they are going to kill me man. You got that kill me." the man says shaking his head and staring daggers at Danny.

"woe woe man lets just go to my bosses office we might be able to help you man. Just put the gun down.'

"I can't man and I'm really sorry." Danny's eyes widen and he steps closer pleading with the man as two loud bangs right after the other rock the casino floor. Everyone screaming again. Danny's eyes widen even further and he drops to the ground holding his side and blacking out.


ED sits in the security office waiting for Mike and Danny when he sees them on the floor. What better way but make them get that guy stealing so I don't have to go get him myself. Ed thinks getting his phone and calling Danny.

"hey kid we have a guy in black jack 13 stealing chips." Ed says not even saying hi."

"okay but um…"


"which ones stealing and which is the victim Ed?"

"the guy in the black muscle tee stole from the guy in the blue Hawaiian shirt."

"Kay got it." Ed smiles and hangs up the phone and watch on the monitors as Mike and Danny weave their way through people. And just as they get close the guy takes off.

"Hey Mitch follow that guy that Danny and Mike are chasing would ya."


When the guy gets to the entrance Ed sees him take out a gun and everyone stagger.

"Oh shit." Ed says getting up from where he is seated. Right when he thinks that everything is going to be okay the guys shoots twice both shots hitting Danny square on once in the side once in the chest.

"oh my god." Mitch says getting his cell and calling the guys down stairs to get the guy.

"Mitch I'm…"

"I know go. Go I'll call a paramedic."

Ed takes off and runs to the entrance just as people start to get up and look around.


Mike ducks for cover as he hears too shots. But hears someone yell right after the shots. He waits maybe 10 seconds and looks up to see Danny laying there on the ground with his hand pressing on his side out cold.

"oh no." Mike says running to Danny and kneeling at his side.

"come on man wake up. Wake up." Mike says shaking his shoulder a little.

"Mike how is he." Ed yells coming to a stop right next to Mike.

"Hey Mr. D. he ain't doing to good." mike says looking up but quickly looks back down when he hears a groan coming from Danny.

"Danny man how ya doing." Mike says putting pressure on his side as Danny looks up and around at everyone. When he spots Ed he smiles.

"hey kid how do ya feel."

"g-good I think. H-hurs……"

"hey I know here grab my hand and squeeze as tight as you can no letting go." Ed says kneeling and taking Danny's hand in his and taking his coat on and pressing down on his chest.

Danny groans again and starts wheezing.

"I know kid and I'm sorry but it's either this or bleed to death before the paramedics get here." Ed says and to lighten the mood. "When you get out kid you owe me a new jacket."

Danny laughs and then starts to cough and soon blood come with air and it leaves his battered body.

"no. d-don't m-make me l-laugh." Danny gets out breathlessly almost falling asleep his wheezing getting worse.

"hey kid come on stay with me."

"Did you get the guy Ed?" Mike asks looking at Ed expecting an answer.

Ed looks up and sees two guys shoving the guy in from of them.

"Yeah Mikey looks like we did." Ed says nodding to the security guys taking him up to holding.

"Ed I'm… I'm s-sorry for not c-catching t-the guy." Danny wheezes out through his teeth.

"It isn't your fault Danny I'm proud of you kid and you know I don't say that lightly."

"yeah y-you d-don't. Ed I'm c-cold. Hurts."

"hey I know um You give me your jacket." ed says pointing to a guy staring at the little group around Danny. The guy looks around and points to himself mouthing me.

"Yes you now hurry up.

"This jackets worth a fortune." The guy says but just the same taking his jacket off.

"I'll buy you a new one." Ed says taking the jacked and putting it over Danny. "How's that kid?"

"b-better t-thank y-you." All of a sudden everyone turns as they hear a women calling out. Pushing her way through the crowd.

"M-Mary." Danny gets out just as the women stops and looks down at him and starts to cry.

"Danny? Ed what happened.? Where's a ambulance? Ed?" She look at him still crying but stroking Danny's face with her finger tips.

"Mary. Mary listen to me he got shot. And the ambulance is coming." Just as Ed finished two guys come through the crowd pushing there way through.

"Paramedics get out of the way people."

"See what I tell you Mary." Ed says smiling but when Danny shutters and his hand falls out of heads he frowns and looks down. "Danny? Danny? Come on kid we need you here."

"Sir you're going to have to lets us do our jobs. Sir please move." The paramedics say pushing ed to the side as they start working on Danny. "Sir how long as he not been breathing?"

"just now that's why I was saying his name." Ed says holding a now balling Mary.

"Woe I know this guy." One of the paramedics say looking up to see Mary. "Mary what I thought Danny left for the Marines."

"He did he came back. Please Joe take care of him. He's all I got left." Mary says crying again.

"I will I promise."

"we have him back come on lets get him to the hospital." The other paramedic says both hoisting Danny on a gurney and taking off down to the ambulance.


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