Okay okay months and months of waiting and finally I have the much needed epilogue. I got from a reliable source (cough my father) that I needed an ending or something so here goes my avid readers.

2 months later

"Then I lean over and he says 'Kiss me'." Ed laughs out loud telling the story for the tenth time in a few months.

"Okay I didn't know how else to lighten the mood, you were looking like death warmed over and Mare was crying." Danny sighed grabbing his still battered chest.

"You okay." Mary's worried look just makes Danny smile and point at her.

"See she's still worried about me, and it's been a few months."

"Yeah, well it's my job to look after you, who else will Danny." Mary says looking at him with downcast eyes.

"Hey by the way, what happened to that guy Danny?" Mike says from across the table trying to change the subject from Danny to the scumbag that shot him.

"He didn't press charges." Mary grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard waiting for the outbreak to start. And ten seconds later.

"What!?" came four voices at once.

Danny sighed and started his story telling everyone around the table at Mystique, on why he didn't press charges on the poor kid who shot him.

"Well I as you know went to go see the kid in prison…


"Hey I have to do this alone Mare just stay out here I'll be alright." Danny looked serious, and calmly unclasped his hand from Mary's own.


"No Buts there are a ton of cops in there and I'll be on the other side of the glass, he can't hurt me again Mary. Don't worry."

"Fine I guess I'll wait out here though and no more then ten minutes or I swear, I will come and look for you McCoy."

"Yes ma'am" he said giving a mock salute and walking slowly into the prison.

A bored, middle aged woman, with a large bun and chewing bubble gum sat behind the glass inside the prison door. Danny looked at her and tried to get her attention finally, he just banged on the glass door and smiled when she flew out of the stool and landed back on it with a small thump.

"Jesus boy, are you trying to scare me to death?" She looked at him in the eyes a deep scowl across her features.

"Sorry I was wondering if I could see… Dave Winters." Danny rubbed his chest as a slight shiver went through his body. He looked to be in control on the outside, mostly for Mary, but inside he wanted to run crying, He knew he had to do this he told the kid he could help him and he would.

"You family, or just a friend." She said typing in the name into the computer to locate which cell block he was in.

"A… uh friend."

"Okay well, I want you to put all your belongings in this tub and this fine officer will take you to the visiting center so you can see your friend." She gave a small nod and a smile to Danny and then went back to reading her People magazine.

"Thanks" The officer took Danny down the long hall to the visiting center where Danny waited about 5 minutes for the kid to come out. A young man walked out in cuffs a few days growth on his chin and eyes sunken like he was more dead then alive.

He sat down opposite Danny and looked at him frowning when he figured out who Danny was.

"You here to brag or something man, cuz I'm really not in the mood." He said sinking down into the chair looking even more depleted then he was, if that was possible.

"No, um actually I was thinking of what you said, about how they would kill you. I told you I could help and I mean it I never promise something that I can't do."

Winters looked at him trying to figure out if Danny was telling the truth or lying through his teeth just to get his hopes up finally he sighed.

"You're for real. I shot you man and you want to help me out. Man you're like an angel or somethin'."

Danny chuckled at this and slowly looked down and rubbed his chest again for the second time in less then ten minutes.

"No I'm no angel I just want to help."

"Okay I get it you just want me to feel rotten that I shot you. You don't have to I already feel bad man." Winters said his head whipping up and looking at Danny square in the eye.

"No I said it I just want to help you out."

"Okay well just like I said I need the money they'll kill me and my little sister if I don't get it to them be tomorrow at noon."


"I don't know that's the thing I just found an email of my sister on my laptop and it said if I wanted her to live then I better get 10,000 dollars to them or we will both pay."

"Where is the drop?"

Dave shivered and looked at Danny eyeing him again never trusting anyone in his life but Sara, his sister, then he made up his mind.

"In an old warehouse off the strip number 15. But I wasn't suppose to get the cops involved."

"Well I'm not a cop so your still okay. I'll get your sister back for you okay?"

"Thanks but how, without the cops it won't work."

"I have some friends don't worry okay."

Danny walked out of the prison and got his cell phone out calling Luis and walking to Mary.

"Hey Luis its Danny I need some help with something."

"With what Danny"

"Dave Winters."

"The guy who shot you. Danny what are you thinking."

"Not that, he needed money he has to do a drop tomorrow or his sister dies I need you to get him out of prison so he can make the drop then arrest the fools."

"Danny I can't just get him out of prison."

"You can if I don't press charges against him Luis now just get them okay."

"Okay fine Danny you were always to good for your own good you know that right?"

"Yeah sure thanks Luis I owe you."

"No you don't I'll call you okay."

Mary stared at him her mouth slightly open then shook her head.

"What?" Danny shrugged and bit his lower lip

"Only you would do something like this McCoy. The guy shot you and you're helping him out."

"What can I say he needs some help I would do the same for you."

"Do what rob someone or shoot someone."

"Both." Danny smiled putting his hand around Mary and walking down the street to his car and getting in.

End flashback

"So I couldn't just leave him in there I don't condone what he did but I get it." Danny says looking up for the first time since he started his story to see smiles on each person.

"What?" he says eyeing each person shyly.

"Our boys all grown up." Delinda says pinching Danny's cheeks. Then the whole table erupts with laughter in relief. Relief in seeing Danny and, Relief in knowing he hadn't changed still the same old Marine with a heart of Gold.

Finally I got the end I know you hate me for taking so long. I'm banging my head against the stones too guys I really forgot about this story to much school you know the felling always something in you way. I hope you enjoyed me story thanks for reading its people like you that help me to write.

-Delta Pheonix