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Radames ran down the corridor. He was searching for Amneris. He had to show her the sword his father had given him.

"Stop that crying and take it like a man!"

Radames pulled to a stop and looked around quizzically. He heard a whip cut through the air and a muffled scream. This was the norm for a palace like the Egyptian one he lived in, but something drew him towards the disturbance.

He ran down a service corridor and skidded to a halt five feet in front of two armed guards. In front of them, bending double from pain was a young bit, probably no older then ten. "Most likely, he's a Nubian prisoner." Radames thought. A wave of sympathy rolled thought the young boy's body and he screamed, "Stop!" both guards looked at him.

"I order you to stop!" Radames said with as much conviction as he could muster. The guards reluctantly left Radames alone with the brown boy; they didn't want to get in trouble with the Zozar.

Radames could see that the boy was struggling to stand up. He could see how much pain that gave him.

"Stop. No need for that. I'm Radames, by the way." He dipped his head quickly.

"M-Mereb." The boy stuttered. He wavered. Radames managed to catch him before he fell.

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