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Radames woke up, covered in a cold sweat, and for a second he was surprised to find himself in a cage next to a girl. Then it all came flooding back-Aida, the docks, his father, getting sentenced to death. Aida woke up next to him, shivering slightly.

"What's the matter? Other then the fact that we're dying at sunrise?" she asked Radames, looking at him carefully.

He turned his head away from her. "I just...Mereb's dead. He's gone, Aida!"

Aida rubbed his back, murmuring, "You know, tomorrow you get to see Mereb again. And you won't have to be master and slave. You can be friends."

Radames shook his head. "Aida, Mereb was always my friend-my best friend. He always knew exactly what to say-especially to my father." Radames chuckled slightly at the thought of his father and Mereb going at it once again.

Aida snuggled next to Radames, "He told me that you saved him from the guards. Why?"

Radames frowned. It had been so long ago that he hardly remembered. "We were the same age, and he couldn't speak Egyptian. He couldn't fight back against the guards with words or with force. I just felt like I needed to help him."

Aida stroked Radames's hair back. "So the captain does have a heart. And morals. And a soul, maybe."

Radames gently punched her. "You of all people should know that I have a heart." He looked out of the cage into blackness. He felt Aida touch his arm.

"You know, you can be sad." She whispered. Radames shook his head.

"It's like you said. We'll be joining him tomorrow."

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