Love and Death

By:FMA4EVER (can't spell)

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"Sir? Why aren't you working on your paper work?" Hawkeye asked concerned.
"He's gone...I can't belive he's gone..." Roy muttered as he stared into space.
The death of Hughes really took a toll out on the General. After all, he was his best friend.
"Come on. Lte me take you home,"Riza offered.
"Ok" was all he could mutter.
As Roy and Riza made it to the front door, Roy said,"Thanks Hawkeye, but I can take it from here"
"Yes sir"
Riza turned to leave and as she did Roy watched her. He shook his head and then went inside his warm home.

"Sir! Sir!" Hawkeye screamed as she ran through the smoke of fired shots.
"No..." was she could muster as she saw Mustang lying on the cobble stone with a pool of blood surounding him.
Riza ran over to him and suddenly all her emotions explodeed and she couldn't contol them.
She started weeping and yelling over and over again, through the tears,"Roy Mustang! I love you! I always have! Don't die on me now you idiot"
But nothing came in response, which in turn made more tears fall down her face and onto his bloody military uniform.

He was in bed while she was peeling his apples.
"Why don't you talk to me?" Roy smirked."Come on! I can't be that boring"
"You almost died sir...I'm sorry if i'm not in a talking mood,"Riza responed cooly.
There was a few moments of silence until Roy broke it.
"All those things you said...about loving me...are they true"
Riza dropped the apple she was peeling and her eyes widened.
"Yes...i did...and I am sorry...i know now that it was uncalled for it will never happen again," Riza responds as she hands the apple she dropped to her dog (can't spell the blasted name) and gets a new one.
"Hawkeye,"Roy says in a serious tone.
"Sir?"Hawkeye answers back.
"I love you too"
"I am glad"

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