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Chapter One

"Track down this murderer!"

"He must be found!"

I can hear the cries of the angry mob following me as I wade through the knee-deep water. They're looking for the Phantom. I am too, but I'm more worried about Christine. I love her to death, but she doesn't have much common sense and might do something stupid if I don't find her soon. The mob doesn't seem to know where we're going, but I do. I've been this way countless time before.

I make my way through the murky water down to the Phantom's lair. Mama has warned me away from here countless times, but once I found out what was down here, I could not keep myself from coming back. I have gone down here about once a week for a few months now, to spy on the Phantom. I suppose my fascination with him must be unhealthy, but I can't help myself. Thoughts of him, and his enchanting voice, are always on my mind. I can't get them out, no matter how hard I try. I know he is deformed, and has murdered at least one person, if not more (Mama didn't know that I overheard a conversation about the Phantom that she had with Papa before he died) but I still keep wandering down here. I'm pretty sure that no one knows, as I try to go after all of the other girls are asleep. He is always awake though, playing music or drawing. But this night is different. As I walk down, I can hear not only the Phantom's familiar tenor, but a soprano voice as well. The soprano seems familiar too. I turn around the corner to see…of course. Of course it's her. Of course, she gets the Phantom as her voice coach, getting her the lead. That's how things always have been. She's the better singer, dancer, everything. It makes sense that the Phantom would want to teach her. I think of Christine as my sister, but I can help but envy her. She is everything that I wish I was, and everything that I will never be. I turn back the way I came, a bitter smile on my face.

With a shake of my head, I come back to the present. There's no use in dwelling on the past now. Christine has gone and angered the Phantom. Stupid girl. Does she have any idea what she's done? The opera house is burning above me, and with it, all my dreams for the future. I hear voices approaching and I press myself up against the wall, hoping that whoever it is won't see me. It's Christine and Raoul in a boat, heading out of his lair. So, Christine won't have to worry about the opera burning. She's going to be a rich Vicomtess , and will never have to do another days work in her life. Lucky Christine, perfect Christine, sweet Christine. I can hear the echoes of a thousand "why can't you be more like Christine?"s ringing in my ears as I continue on through the water.

I hear the noise of breaking glass and rush on. I arrive at the lair with the mob, but see no signs of the Phantom. Except… his white mask, lying on a chair. It seems to glow in the candle light

After a while the mob gets bored and gradually disperses, until I am the only one left in the lair. I look around, amazed at the beauty of the place. Statues, paintings, rugs, curtains… if it weren't for the rock walls and the lake, I could have sworn that I was in the parlor of a grand household. Not that I would know what that would look like. I see some broken glass on the floor. That must have been what I heard breaking earlier. I go over to see what was broken. There seem to be several broken mirrors and… I lift up a curtain covering what looks like a mirror to reveal… a tunnel? That must have been where the Phantom went. As I peer inside, a burning beam falls near my feet, setting part of the room on fire. The fire above must have spread, and now there is no way for me to get out except… through the tunnel. I take a deep breath and step in, the curtain falling shut behind me.