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Michael, looking up at his mate…yes, his mark made sure of that and then back down at the vampire he had just fed off of. He felt extremely regenerated and rejuvenated as he got up and changed back to his human form, blood of his enemies looking odd on his skin. He watched Selene as she watched him, then walked right up to her and gave her a blood-soaked kiss on the lips. Selene stumbled back and wiped her face, only to look up at him and slowly lick the blood off the back of her hand, her eyes turning the icy-blue of immortals. A mischievous look appeared in her eyes and she ran the opposite way of him.


Michael watched her run and felt a rising 'feeling' in the back of his mind as well as his gut, an instinctive feeling. Catch. It said. Mark. Then finally Mate. He felt this pull and wanted to follow it and her, the wolf inside urged it. He crouched down and followed her scent, intrigued that it was a spicier one, fueled with arousal. His female wanted to play; well he could play too.


Selene ran using her immortal speed to gain distance between her and the blood lusted hybrid behind her. She could tell he was moving now and getting closer. Grabbing onto an iron ladder on the side of a building she climbed up to the top and ran all across the roof, wanting to confuse his sense of smell, then crouched down to wait. She took off her trenchcoat to make her more limber for what she was planning, she wouldn't need it.


Michael cocked his head as the trail stopped at a ladder of wrought iron. He smelled her all over it and was sure she went up, but after that she didn't move. This was going to be easier than he originally thought. Grabbing onto the ladder he pulled himself up while making as little noise as possible, knowing that the slightest noise could give him away and as much as this chase was invigorating he wanted to commence something else. As he got to the top he leapt over and landed in a crouching position will a dull tap of his feet. He followed her scent, which was all over. His clever little minx, he had to give her credit; after all, she had been hunting and outwitting lycans for over 5 centuries. Michael took a deep breath and felt a pull to his right. Naturally, he followed it to run right into a pair of piercing-blue eyes, which leapt at him. With a grunt he landed on his back and a trenchcoat-less Selene straddling his stomach, her eyes promised revenge. Extremely heated revenge; it took all he had not to pin her on her back and punish her for her insolence at not knowing who the alpha male was. Michael pushed down all instinct and let her have her way for what he did to her, twice.


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