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Jane, yes that was a name you could dissapear under. Even today I don't know why I suddenly decided to quit, why then and not earlier? I wish I knew, but it's weird isn't it, when you don't quite understand your own actions. I feel horrible about leaving so many people behind in New York City, my real home, but I did what I felt was right, even if others don't see it that way.

My colleagues my friends, they'll live, Elliot will get a new partner, a new friend and as for myself a new life. Munch would continue being a complete nut, though I admit a loveable nut, and Fin well, the same old street-smart cop he's always been as for Casey, she was my best friend, she wont understand any more than Elliot. The captain would in time forget about me, as would Huang and Melinda. Life goes on with or with me in it. That's the thing, as people we cant imagine that life will go on without us after we die, how could it just move on after loosing us? But it does anyways, it always has.

I'll disappear; I'll become a memory at the back of their heads, slowly fading away out of existence. I'm sorry I left them without saying goodbye but that would mean awkward explanations and me facing their faces, seeing their reactions.

I awoke this morning, I scarcely knew where I was, and then I remembered, I'd rented this house of an old couple a week ago. I'd stayed in a small inn for a few days well the legal transactions were being made and now here I was. My new home was small but cute, it was really more of a cottage than a house, it was simple, with roes of flowers in front and a huge back yard with a swinging couch and an old bird bath. The town I lived in consisted of a meager 200 people. Good god, I thought, I live in the middle of nowhere.

I was happy though and for the first time in years I'd got a good night's sleep, I no longer saw the faces of victims, no longer heard their strangled cries and their eyes never woke me up at night. I was…free.