Missing You

Arieru: Inspired by the song 'Missing You' by Jem. This will be my 2nd songfic but my 1st in the Wrestling category. The minute I heard this song I thought of Eddie's wife, Vickie. This will be the first time I ask for this so please respect it 'No Flames!'

It seemed hard for her to wake up everyday now. To continue living was asdifficult as trying to keep the children from crying themselves to sleep each night. Everyone had been truly kind and supportive especially Eddie's family, Oscar, and Chris.


The name she could never say again without it striking pain in her heart. Vickie threw off her peach-colored comforter and stood up.

Then like her daily routine she took the photograph of Eddie off of her nightstand and kissed it.

I wish this could be

a happy song

But my happiness disappeared

the moment you were gone

Don't think I ever believed that

this day would come

Now all I'm feeling

is lost and numb

And ohhh I know I promised

Mmmm that I would try

But I, yes I, miss you

and it's killing inside

Tears grazed her already tear streaked cheeks. The face of her husband... she would never be able to see again except in photographs. The voice, she swore she could hear it every day when she woke up their children He said 'smile, your alive hijas, now it's time to get up!'

I'll always be thankful

for the time we had

We were blessed

I should celebrate

but I feel too sad

All the wonderful memories

just make me fall apart

And it feels like somebody's

stabbed me in my heart

And ohh I know I promised

Mmmm that I wouldn't cry

"Mom..." Sherilyn's familiar voice broke her mother's thoughts. The woman quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and placed the picture back on the night stand.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"I love you!" The 9 year-old then hugged her mother and sobbed. This would happen almost everyday the children would cry and she would comfort.

"I love you too baby!" she answered embracing her.

The two stayed like that which seemed like 3 hours but was really 5 minutes.

"Come on baby it'll be all right." she hushed rocking the girl side to side.

'Yes it will be all right Sheri.' a voice rang.

"Now I've got to make breakfast so I want you to get ready for school." Vickie held hands with her daughter as she brought her to her room.

It was the cutest room with pink walls and stuffed animals arranged in a neat fashion.

The mother gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek before departing for the kitchen. As she walked down the stairs she glanced at the photographs hanging on the wall. One sturck her that of her and Eddie holding hands. Chris had snapped that one when the couple was celebrating their anniversary.

But I, yes I, miss you

and it's killing inside

Ooh well I, yes I, miss you

want you by my side

Walking, holding hands

Talking, making plans

Touching my heart my soul

Vickie went toward her refrigerator and opened it taking out four eggs, bacon, milk, and orange juice. As the bacon sizzled more memories began to flash, the call from Chavo on November 13, 2005.


It was 5 in the morning. Vickie stood up abruptly at the sound of the phone ringing. Today's nightly call from Eddie had yet to come. She smiled happily as she answered.


"Vickie." The voice of Chavo said from the other line. Vickie was struck cold the sound of his voice signalled something horrible had happened.

"Chavo, what's wrong?" she asked.

"Vickie I'm so sorry." Chavo choked up and the audible sound of him trying to calm himself was heard.

"Chavo, what is it?" Vickie sat down feeling her knees grow weak with the tension.

"Vickie, Eddie's gone." he confessed.

"Gone... gone where?" she asked confused.

"He died Vickie, Eddie's not coming back." he sobbed.

I wish this could be

a happy song

But my happiness disappeared

the moment you were gone

Tell me it's not happening

Say it's not as it seems

Tell me that I'm gonna wake up

It's just a bad dream

Please tell me that it's fiction

Tell me it's just a lie

Whatever you choose to tell me

Please say he didn't die

"No." the bare whisper passed her quivering lips. She dropped the phone and a metallic clatter was heard when it hit the ground. Tears ran down her faceas Chavo's words rang through her head like a messed up jig-saw puzzle. 'died... Eddie... not... coming... back.'

End flashback

"Hey mom your burning the bacon!" Shaul shouted breaking her mother's melancholy memory.

"Oh... OH!" Vickie immediately took the bacon off of the stove and flipped it.

"Guess we're not having bacon today." Sherilyn stated.

As Vickie ran cold water on the frying pan Shaul poured her and her sister a glass of orange juice.

Vickie then fried the eggs and made both girl's a sandwich.

"Help yourselves I'm going to get Kaylie Marie ready." Vickie informed placing plates in front of her daughters.

The woman looked over the 3 year old. Kaylie Marie was adorable. Although she wasn't her and Eddie's daughter she treated her much like she did Shaul and Sherilyn. As the woman dressed the child she couldn't help but to notice Kaylie Marie's deep brown eyes... his eyes.

Another tear slid but quickly Vickie wiped it away, picked up her daughter, and set off for the kitchen.

When she got in the kitchen she placed Kaylie Marie in her stool and began preparing their breakfast. Fot the little one it was banana, crackers, and orange juice. Vickie had a bagel and orange juice.

And I, yes I, miss you

and it's killing inside

Ooh well I, yes I, miss you

Want you by my side

Ooh well I, miss you

want you by my side

Back here by my side

Here by my side


As she turned at the call of her name, she was dumb struck. The woman could have sworn that standing by the table, smirking his life giving smirk, stood Eddie. As quickly as she blinked her eye though he was gone.

"I'm always by your side and I'll never leave." the same voice rang.

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