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Chapter 1 Happy Birthday

Ring!Ring! Gabriella Montez woke up with a start. She looked over at her alarm clock. It read 7:30. She sighed happily. It was April 9,her 16th birthday. She got out of bed and got ready for school. She grabbed her schoolbag and headed downstairs.

"Happy birthday Gabi"Ms.Montez said as Gabriella entered the kitchen.

"Thanks"Gabriella said sitting down.

"I have some news to tell you"Ms.Montez said sitting down next to her.

"Uh oh...good or bad"?Gabriella said.

"It depends on how you look at it...your dad called"Ms.Montez said.

"Dad"!Gabriella said happily. She hasn't seen her dad since she was 8. He called once in awhile but never came and visit.

"Yes..he wants you to spend the weekend over at his house..we want you to meet someone"Ms.Montez said.

"Who"?Gabriella asked confused.

"Your twin sister"Ms.Montez said.

"Huh!But you told me that I was an only child"Gabriella said.

"I know...but it's a tradition that we keep twins apart until they're's been done by all the way back from our ancesters"Ms.Montez said.

"Why"?Gabriella asked.

"Because our ancesters thought that twins were very disruptive so they kept them in seperate families until they're mature enough "Ms.Montez said.Gabriella couldn't believe what she was hearing. A twin sister!I'm mean sure Gabriella always wanted a sister but never actually thoughtshe really had one.

"So what's her name"?Gabriella asked.

"Julia"Ms.Montez said. Gabriella just stared at the floor not knowing what to say. Half of her was happy and excited and the other half was confused. Ms.Montez saw her reaction and said"Hey you always wanted a sister and now you have one".

"I am and it's just sudden"Gabriella said quietly. Ms.Montez smiled and got up. "I have to get to work..I'll be home late so just order pizza for dinner"Ms.Montez said. Gabriella nodded and finished her breakfast.

"Hey Julia also gets to move in here"Ms.Montez said.

"Really"?Gabriella asked.

"Yeah I figured that you have Troy and all I knew I couldn't seperate you from them"Ms.Montez said. Gabriella smiled. Her mom was right. Gaabriella had a perfect life here ever since she met her boyfriend Troy. Troy was team captain of the Wildcats basketball team and loved singing like Gabriella. She had great friends who were very supportive. Sharpay and her brother Ryan Evans have forgiven them for 'stealing' their parts for the school musical and are now friends with them. Her mom said"good bye"and walked out the door. Gabriella finished her breakfast rather quickly and went to meet up with Troy and the others.

Troy,Chad,Taylor and Kelsi were waiting for Gabriella to show up.

"So Troy what are you gonna give Gabriella for her birthday"?Taylor asked.

"I'm not telling'll probably tell Gabi"Troy said.

"No I won't"!Taylor protested.

"Since when have you kept a secret"?Chad asked playfully. Taylor gave him a whack on the head and saw Gabriella walk up to them. "Hey Gabi"!Taylor shouted. Gabriella smiled and waved happily. When Gabriella caught up with them Troy pulled her in for a kiss. "Happy birthday sweetie"Troy whispered in Gabriella ear so no one could hear. "Thanks"Gabriella whispered back kissing him gently on the lips.

"Happy birthday"everyone shouted at once.

"Thanks!Oh and I have great news"!Gabriella said.

"What is it"?Kelsi asked.

"I found out that a have a twin sister"Gabriella announced.

"That's awesome"!Troy said. Everyone agreed.

"So what's her name"?Taylor asked.

"Julia and she's gonna move from my dad's house to here"Gabriella said.

"So she's gonna go to our school" Chad said. Gabriella nodded and said"I'm gonna spend the weekend at my dad's house".

"That's great"!Troy said hugging her.

Yep,Gabriella had the life she always wanted. Friends,family and her boyfriend but little did she know that was all going to change.

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