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"Where's your dad"?Officer Martin asked.

"He's right behind you"Julia said.

Officer Martin turned around and...

Chapter 10 Over

Officer Martin turned around and a deafening explosion rang out followed by a thud from a body. Roxanne gasped in horror as the body was Cole's. Now all the officers took out their guns and pointed them at Julia's dad. He was about to fight back when he dropped his gun and fell to his knees.

"Mark Montez you're under arrest"Officer martin said as she put handcuffs on Mark. In a few minutes the paramedics came, loaded Cole onto the stretcher and took off.

"You okay"?Office Martin asked Julia.

"Yeah I'm fine I'm just glad it's all over now"Julia said.

"Yeah me too..hey if you ever have any problems just give me a call"Officer Martin said.

"Okay I will"Julia said. Officer Martin smiled, got into her car and drove off. Julia went to the hospital thinking of all the events that happened over the past month.


Mark Montez was charged with child abuse and attempting 1 degree murder and was sentenced up to20 years in prison. Cole was shot in the stomache but did not die and recovered quickly. Gabriella was released from the hospital a few days after their dad was arrested. Ms. Montez found out that Mark was abusing Julia and Gabriella. Gabriella and Julia went on with the school year like nothing had happened and they willforget what had happened on their 16th birthday.

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