"Okay then, double people dare." Beast Boy said proudly. 'Say me and Raven have to kiss.'

"Double people dare ah. Let's see. Raven will be your partner in this and now for the dare. Oh Robin I need some help." Cyborg yelled to wonder boy.

"I got an idea." Robin smirked as he whispered into Cyborg's ear.

"Oh that's good, but I'll just make some improvements." Cyborg had an evil grin on his face. "Okay guys. You two got a bad one. You have live in an apartment and work as a regular person..."

"Oh I'm so scared." Raven said scarastetlt.

"I'm not done. You have to dinkies yourselves and share an apartment with each other." Cyborg began to laugh.

"So what. How long? A few days, a week, what?" Beast Boy said curiously.

"A year." Cyborg burst out into laughter.

"No way am I doing that!" Raven shouted.

"I'm not living with Goth girl for a year. She'll kill me." Beast Boy flipped.

"What are you? Chicken?" Robin began to imitate a chicken.


"I'm not afraid." Raven said in a stern voice.

"Then prove it." Cyborg got into her face.

"Fine." Raven admitted defeat.

"Okay. At least we'll still have our own rooms." Beast Boy said proudly.

"One more thing guys." Cyborg smirked. "You have to sleep in the same bed and no powers allowed."

"What!" The two argued about their dare before they finally said they would do it and admit defeat.

"I can't believe I'm stuck with chimp boy for a year!" Raven packed her suitcase. "I'll probably be doing all the work from clean the apartment to working my ass off to pay the bills! He'll just lays around the entire time! And if he dares to jump in bed with just boxers on he's dead!" Mumbled in anger as Beast Boy listen to her from the outside of her door.

"I won't be like that Raven I promise." Beast Boy slowly walked backed to his room. "A year! A year of not changing into an animal! I'm going to die." Beast Boy looked over at his computer. "Mind as well look for an apartment that we can afford. For now. And a job that I can do." Beast Boy began to search the web. "This will be the last night I get to sleep in my boxes. Not just because she told me so but I don't want her getting pregnant some how." Beast Boy remembered that the two of them had to share a bed. After he searched the web he started to pack his back pack.

In the morning the two got out of bed annoyed as anything. Gathered their belongings and headed out the door before anyone was awake. Some where in the city.

"Shit!" Raven yelled.

"What's wrong Rae?" Beast Boy looked at her in a surprised voice.

"I forgot to find apartment last night." Raven panicked. 'Great! I bet genius here didn't do that.'

"Relax Rae. I found a cheap place we can afford at the moment." Beast Boy encourage her to trust him.

"You did?" Raven said completely shock.

"Yah. It's this way. "Beast Boy grabbed her arm and dragged her down the street.

'Great. It's probably so expansive that we won't be able stay on payment time.' Raven thought as they passed a very expansive neighborhood. Soon they were in a middle class neighborhood that was nice looking but wasn't flashy.

"There it is!" Beast Boy shouted as he pointed towards an apartment complex.

'Please say it's cheap enough. Please say it's cheap enough.' Raven wished as they made their way into the office.

"Hi, may I help you?" The woman at the front office said with a tone in her voice.

"Hi, we're here for the apartment you have available." Beast Boy said in a nice voice.

"Alright." The woman said with a non to please voice.

"Just how much is this?" Raven whispered to Beast Boy when the woman went into the back room.

"Just $450 a month. It's a two bedroom apartment, free water, heating, cooling, a pool, a weight room and a free laundry room in each building. We just pay for board, electriaty and cable mainly." Beast Boy said with a grin. Raven just stood there with a shook face that he had found a sweet deal.

"Okay, who are you and where's my Beast Boy?" Raven said with a hint of joking in her voice.

"I'm not as bad as you think, hah?" Beast boy cocked his eyebrows.

"Now you're pushing it." Raven said sarcastically. Just then they turn their head back to the counter when the woman walked out with a key.

"You're apartment 209 in building 13." The woman almost chuck the key at Beast Boy.

"Thanks." Beast Boy and Raven quickly got out of there and soon found their apartment.

The apartment was small but a good size for a young couple (What a coincidence.) It had two bedrooms, a small kitchen, a decent size living room and a small bathroom. All the walls were white and there was a small bouncy since they were on the second floor.

"It's nice I guess." Raven looked at the white carpet that was now turning yellow from never being cleaned

"Yah and empty. We need some furniture."

"You got that right and a job."

"Okay, we should try to figure out how to work this." Beast Boy put his bags in the corner and grabbed his bank book out.

"What are you doing?" Raven eyeballed him.

"We should figure out how much money we should spend for a few necessary supplies." Raven nodded and grabbed her bank book and wallet.

Raven and Beast boy stood by the counter trying to figure out how much to spend and what was the important things they needed.

"Let's see here. We need a bed, table, two chair at least, a couch, and should we share a dresser or have our own?" Raven looked up at Beast Boy.

"If they're cheap enough we'll get two, if not we'll get one and want until we have jobs." Beast Boy tried to act macho.

"Sounds like a good idea." Raven thought to herself.

"We're also going to need lights, towels, a clock, food and maybe a small TV."

"You always need some technology don't yau." Raven looked at him trying to joke.

"If that was a joke, you need to get lessons." Beast Boy replied, looking at his watch. "It's noon now, so mine as well get this over with before night fall." Beast Boy went to leave.

"Yo. Brainy ask wait. We need to have a budget and a moving truck to move all this in to."

"Okay. Do you thing that 3 or 4 hundred will be enough for this?" Beast Boy went up to her.

"I don't know. But it's a long shot."

"Okay, let's got to Wal-Mart, target, BJ's and Kmart." Beast Boy shouted.

"Why there?" Raven looked over at him.

"We'll get some of the stuff there for a cheap price."

"For once you're being smart." Raven smirked at Beast Boy.

Soon they had all they could afford and got ready for the night.

"Beast Boy!" Raven shouted banging on the bathroom door. "You've been in there for an hour...That's it!" Raven slammed the door open to see Beast Boy splashing around in the tub like a little boy. Beast Boy froze when he saw her.

"Never mind. I'll take mine in the morning." Raven slammed the door shut seeing cloths all over the floor. Raven quickly walked to the kitchen to get some food.

"Man that was close." Beast Boy whipped the sweat from his face as he slowly got out.

'Man Beast Boy, you have one sexy body and...WAIT! What am I thinking; I can't fall in love with anyone or a crush or anything in the matter. I'd just hurt that person.' Raven sigh as she grabbed the balcony. 'Man, I hate this curse.

Soon the two teen got into bed, uneasy with the feeling of someone being right next to them and can you guess what happens next.

"Beast Boy stop touching me!"

"I'm not!"

"Yes you are."

"Get your foot off me!"

"I'm not touching you!"

"Yes you are...Whoa! Get your hand away from my crotch!"

"I'm nowhere near there Beast Boy!"

"Is this your hand I'm touching?"


"Then get your fist away from my crotch!"

"Yo! Don't pinch my but!"

"I'm not! Ow! You just slammed your face into my stomach!"

"No I didn't! Stop hogging the covers!"

"I'm not! Bitch."


A few hours later...

Beast Boy had been awaken by someone shaking him.

"Huh?" Beast Boy looked to find Raven's arm rapped around his chest. "Dude? She cuddles in her sleep. I could get used to this."

Thirty minutes later.

"Can't get used to this." Beast Boy struggled to breath. Raven had fully got herself on top of Beast Boy. Her face rested upon his as her arms rapped around his neck and into his shirt and her legs rapped around his waist. Beast Boy desperately tried to pry her off. "Raven wake up!" But the girl didn't wake or budge. "Great!"

Raven slowly woke up at seven to find her lips on Beast Boy's sleeping lips.

"Oh shoot." Raven jump off of him when she notice the scene. "I didn't do that. Man I thought I was bad with the pillows." Raven quickly left the room then soon returned noticing her pants were missing. "Great." Raven grabbed them then quickly ran for the bathroom.