Judicial System Darkness

By: Bill the Cat


A/N: I was watching 48 Hours Hard Evidence and got a great idea. I hope you like this modern day twist to our Naruto characters. : D


It was a quiet Wednesday night, the stars partially blocked by high white clouds, the moon glinting off them strangely. A small house was set by a large oak tree, the lights beaming tiny slivers of light onto the ground. An argument was ensuing. The fight wasn't loud enough to be comprehensible, but the hiss and anger of the combatants' voices was relevant. Soon, a man exited the house, yanking keys from his pocket and quickly inserting them into the car's door. Forcefully prying it open, he hopped in and slammed the door. Starting the ignition, the man sped off into the night.

When the man returned the next morning, he was much calmer. Getting out of the car carefully he ran a hand through his raven hair and sighed. He knew he was wrong. It was actually a stupid fight, but he couldn't back down.

"Damn my Uchiha pride," He said blatantly, pocketing the keys and stepping up the driveway. Neighbors began poking their heads out their windows, wondering what was going on. As soon as he reached the front door, he noticed the window was broken. He froze on the spot an iciness filling his body. They didn't throw anything. It was just a verbal argument. He shakily reached for the knob and turned it slowly. The resounding click sounded deafening to his ears. When he opened the door, he almost screamed in horror. There on the floor was his wife. Her pink hair was strewn all around her, legs twisted in an odd angle. Blood was pooling around her head and stomach, her jade eyes wide in mute shock. Her pale lips were partially open as if to say something. She was ever silenced.

At that last detail, he actually did scream. Running into the house, the Uchiha pulled his lover into his arms, the blood seeping through his clothes and skin. Her eyes remained unfamiliar as he cradled her cold body. The screaming attracted his neighbors who immediately ran over, some calling 911. When they rushed in, the man was sobbing hysterically. One older woman in rollers and pleated nightgown rushed over.

"Sasuke, what happened?" She asked urgently. He looked at her through pained eyes.

"I don't know. I just came home. We had a fight last night, so I left to think. It was just verbal though. Oh God, Sakura . . ." He said hopelessly hugging her cold head to his chest. Suddenly he stood up, woman in his arms.

"Where are my children?" He asked his body growing even colder if that was possible. The woman's eyes widened as she too stood up and ran down the hallway. She returned with a baby boy, her eyes still wide. The boy was still asleep.

"I found Shien, but Anshishoku is missing!" She cried urgently. Sasuke cried even harder as the little boy slept in the woman's arms.

"Sa-Sakura, I'm so sorry. It was stupid and now this happened," He muttered into her pink locks. " I don't know where our baby girl is. You are taken from me and so is she. Why? Why Sakura?" Her lips remained frozen.


A/N: And there you have it! I set the stage, but this is merely the prologue. I am very excited to write this, so please review and tell me what you think!