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Chapter 2: The first night.

Shinobu wasn't too sure to make of what just happened. She thought she tried to help Keitaro up, but then a weird light appeared, and a girl was standing where he was, wearing his clothing. It didn't exactly fit her, though, as the shirt, which fit Keitaro just fine, was just underneath this girl's breasts, making the shirt more of a midriff. What Shinobu couldn't get over, though, was the size of this girl's bust. She could just see the bottom part of them, and was blushing profusely in embarrassment as the girl stomped her foot in anger, her breasts bouncing in turn. Shinobu was about to speak, before the girl sprinted towards Hinata House, screaming, "You assholes! Just wait until I get my hands on you!"

Inside, Haruka had managed to gather Naru and the others, and was waiting for Keitaro to revive and come in before nightfall, impatiently adding, "I just hope he wasn't knocked unconscious, or there'll be trouble." "What kind of trouble?", Naru asked. Haruka looked a little hesitantly at Naru, before saying, "The kind that causes migraines and large consumption of pain-killers." Su piped in, asking, "What's a migraine? Does it go good with curry?" Motoko was about to correct her, but the front doors get kicked in with an almighty smash, and everyone whips their heads to see the source. A raven-haired girl, close to Motoko's height, with her hair down to about the middle of her back, maintained the kick she just landed for a couple of seconds, then set her foot back down. Haruka muttered, "Oh great…", before the girl pointed her finger at Motoko and declared, "You! You sent a poor guy flying out of the roof and crashing into the pavement outside! Do you have any idea that you could've killed him!" Motoko, taken aback for a moment, regained her composure and was about to explain her position when she noticed that the girl was wearing clothes remarkably like Keitaro's. "What are you doing wearing that pervert's clothes! It even has the same slash in it where I struck him!" Now it was this girl's turn to be taken by surprise for the moment, as she blanched a bit. Motoko continued, "You…you're worse than him! Men I cannot stand, but a female pervert!" Naru, meantime, was cracking her knuckles and wearing a bit of an impish smile, saying, "So. He got some action. Good for him. However, I won't forgive you taking advantage of someone unconscious. Tell me where he is, now!" At this, the girl just crossed her arms under her breasts, said, "I don't tell violent girls anything", and gave Naru and Motoko the bird. Needless to say, this pissed the both of them off immensely, with Naru running at her first. "You bitch! IRON PUNCH!" However, something odd happened. This girl caught her strike. Naru blinked, sweatdropped, and said, "Huh?", before the raven-haired girl slipped behind her, put her arms around Naru's waist, and began massaging Naru's breasts. With a smile, the girl purred, "Mmmm…gotta say, those feel pretty nice. Tell me how you feel when I do this?", and started kneading around Naru's nipples. Everybody turned beet red, shocked by this. They were further shocked when Naru began to moan a bit. "Aaa…s…stop that…please..aaaHh.." At this sight, Motoko had enough, and hurtled towards the offender, her katana ready to strike her down. Once again, though, this girl surprises everyone in the room by letting go of Naru's breasts, rotating quickly on the ball of her foot, and managing to parry the blade with an open palm, using the other hand to quickly disarm Motoko, move to Motoko's right side, still holding her arm, and move behind her, putting Motoko into an arm hold. No one was more surprised than Motoko of course. "How…how did you do that!", she exclaimed. The girl got the same impish smile, kicked Motoko's right foot out from under, which at that point maintained her center of gravity, sending Motoko face-first into the floor with a thud. The girl then straddled Motoko's back and began feigning that she was rubbing up on Motoko's back trying to turn herself on. Motoko couldn't have gotten any redder, but just then Haruka pulled out an old pistol she kept in case of burglaries, and fired a shot into the air. All in the room turned to look at her, and shirked back to the wall because of the look on Haruka's face. She managed to speak, despite her rage, whispering through her teeth, "Okay….that. Is. Enough. No more horseplay. Everybody. SIT DOWN."

An hour later (about 9: 27 pm)…

Haruka had managed to explain to them about what happened to Keitaro, and why this girl was here. Kitsune pontificated, "So…whenever Keitaro falls asleep, or gets knocked unconscious, she takes over for him." Haruka nodded, adding, "Yes. It's been like this since he was about one year old. He would fall asleep, his parents would turn away for a second, and then, hearing a bit of noise, they look and find that Keitaro turned into a girl. They were quite worried for the longest time, until Keitaro was a little older than five, when they saw that Keitaro and his 'feminine' half acted completely different, spoke differently, and even made different friends. From the time his female half spoke, she called herself 'Yui'. It turns out that they are completely different people, but both inhabit Keitaro's body." Naru was a little weirded out from this, but asked, "So, is this some kind of split personality syndrome that causes…a sex change?" Haruka took another smoke of her cigarette, and continued. "No, not really. They're two different people. Why Yui is part of Keitaro, nobody knows." Yui then took this moment to tell something that even Haruka had no idea about. "It's…kind of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing. Although I don't go on murderous rampages." "Instead you go on lecherous rampages", scoffed Motoko. "Shut up. As I was saying", Yui continued, "I think the reason behind this is a curse." "A…curse? Of what kind?", Shinobu stammered.

"Dunno", Yui shrugged. "But for some reason, way in the back of my head, I think…I got put in Keitaro's body by a curse. I can't remember much else, but I barely recall being my own person at one time. Of course, I was really little. Maybe an infant." Motoko added in, "That may explain why Keitaro started switching to you about that age. What I want to know is, why are you so perverted?" Yui grinned at this question, "I guess I took over the role of Keitaro's impulses when I…merged with him." Su, Shinobu, Motoko, and Naru all blushed at this comment, then Su added in, "But why does Keitaro survive all that bashing?" Haruka replied, "He was always like that. Even when I was around your ages and he was about four, I would belt him upside the head with a brick for calling me 'Aunt Haruka', and five minutes later, if he wasn't unconscious, he would be walking around like nothing happened." At this, everyone except Yui edged a little ways away from Haruka. Seeing this, she responded, "Hey, I've mellowed out. Don't give me that." Yui then got up, stretched, showing off her assets, and said, "Well, I'm taking a nap." Naru slammed her hand on the table, a furious look in her eyes, saying, "Not here. Even if you're a woman, you inhabit a man's body. When you pop up you may be all 'X'-chromosome, but we don't need a guy staying in a girl's dorm." "About that," Haruka interrupted. "Before this whole thing with Yui started, I brought you all in here to discuss that very thing. You'll have to suck it up, since Granny Hina sent a fax saying that Keitaro is officially the landlord of this place." A moment passed, before the others screamed in unison, "WHAAAAAAAAATT!"

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