Unseen Angel: Chapter 1

"Hello everyone!" Stephanie Tanner called to her family as she came home from school on a Friday afternoon.

"Hi Steph," her family replied to her cheerfully.

Stephanie looked at her family and happily smiled. She couldn't help smile. Her family was a strange and unlikely one, but they were happy. Steph watched her father's best friend, Joey, play with her younger cousin Nicky and her uncle and aunt eat bowls of ice cream along with their son Alex. Her father was cleaning the lunch dishes as she peered on her family. Her sister D.J. was on her way home from college that day and they were all excited.

Steph picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and asked, "Has D.J. called?"

"No, sweetheart. Not yet," her father Danny answered.

"She'll be home at 4, though," her uncle Jesse said cheerfully.

"Its 4:01 though! And I need to show her something!" she whined.

"Well, Steph. We can't do anything about it now can we? What do you have to show her?" Joey stated seriously, something he rarely is.

Steph smiled and started digging through her book bag. "Th—" she started.

Honk, honk. The whole family looked up suddenly interested.

"That's D.J.'s car!" Michelle exclaimed as the whole family, except Steph, left the kitchen rushing towards the front door of their San Franciscan home.

"—this," she finished holding up her report card. Silently she laid it on the kitchen counter and turned towards the front door.

"D.J.!" Steph said as she walked towards her big sister.

"Hey Steph! Did you miss me?" D.J. asked as she hugged her younger sister.

"Yeah," Steph said. "Totally!"

"How was college?" Uncle Jesse asked his oldest niece.

"Good. Good," She answered.

"You've just got to tell us all about it now," Aunt Becky said.

They all walked over to the couch leaving Danny to carry the bags.

"Help?" he said buried under the bags.

They all rushed back over and one by one pulled the bags off Danny's arms.

"Sorry Dad!" said D.J. as she got her duffle bag from under Danny's arm.

"That's fine. I'm just so happy you're home!" he said as he gave her a warm hug.

"Okay. Now tell us all about college, Deej," Joey said as he sat down on the couch's armrest.

Steph, still hurt after being ignored in the kitchen, turned her attention towards her sister.

D.J. took a deep breath and started, "Okay. Well first when I got there I got confused with the dorm rooms, but they wouldn't do anything about it so I asked my dorm room…."

"Dad! Where are you?" Steph's yelled from the room she and Michelle shared.

Danny popped his head in and said, "Right here."

"Oh. Good," Steph looked up smiling.

"What do you need sweetheart?"

Steph turned away from what she was doing at her nightstand and held up a piece of paper.

"This," she said as she turned around.

"What is it?" asked Danny as he came into her room.

She gave him the piece of paper and stated, "My report card."

"Okay then," Danny sighed as he sat down on Stephanie's bed. "Let's see how you did."

As he read the report card his expression changed from a straight face, to a hint of a smile, to a full-blown smile.

"Steph!" Danny exclaimed happily. "I am so—"


Steph looked up at her father and saw his expression change once again into an annoyed face.

"DAD!" she heard her younger sister yell again.

"Help!" Michelle yelled again.

His expression changed once again into a worried one. Danny got up and hurriedly left the room.

Steph slowly got up and put her report card away. "So much for a proud father," she said solemnly and went downstairs into the recording studio to see what the commotion was all about.

"…and then it stopped working!" Michelle said as Steph came into the room.

As soon as she came in she saw the scene. Michelle was sitting on the floor by a pile of records. Some of the record's had tape spilled out of and was everywhere. The whole studio was a wreck. She looked at her Uncle Jesse's face. He was very angry. Aunt Becky was trying to calm him down.

Just then her uncle looked at her. "This is all your fault Steph!"