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Italics are people talking.

Bold italics is the voice

Trailer: Alone With the Stranger

They all thought that this was going to be another normal musical.

Troy: I wonder what the next musical is going to be.

Chad: Another romance.

They were wrong.

Sharpay: Ms. Darbus, this is not a musical, it's a play.

Ms. Darbus: I know.

Ryan: This doesn't seem right. You picked out all the characters and this is a horror.

Ms. Darbus: I know.

Ryan: Who are you.

Jason: I'm Larry.

Kelsi: I'm Jen.

Taylor: I'm Nicole.

Zeke: I'm Brad.

Chad: I'm Mike.

Ryan: I'm Jake.

Gabriella: I'm Chantal.

Troy: I'm Phil.

Sharpay: I'm Darla.

Jason: Cool! I die first.

Ms. Darbus: Okay people, let's start with the first death.

(Shows Jake in a dark room, flickering a light.)

Mr. Darbus: And action!

Jason: Ah!

Ms. Darbus: Perfect.

Jason: Hey guys. I'll see ya later. I have to talk to Ms. Darbus.

Gabriella: Isn't it weird that we're doing this play. It freaks me out.

Troy: Don't be worried. It's not like this is real.

But what if it was?

Jason: Ms. Darbus? (He enter a dark room.) Ms. Darbus. (He grabs a lighter and turns it on. He begins to look around.) Ms. Darbu… Ah!

(Scene shows a funeral.)

Sharpay: Isn't it weird that he died the same way that his character died.

Troy: It's just a coincidence.

Sharpay: Is it?

(Scene shows Taylor in and empty parking lot)

Taylor: Hello?

Ring. Ring.

Taylor: Who is this?

Voice: I am watching you. (Taylor turns around) Ah!

(Scene shows Kelsi running through an alley.)

Kelsi: Help me!

Gabriella: No one is safe.

(Scene shows Ryan in his room, looking at the closet, as there is a banging noise) Who's there?

Chad: Leave me alone!

Sharpay: Troy. There is something I have to tell you. My feeling for you.

Troy: You what?

Gabriella: If everyone is dying the exact order that they die in the play, then that means that the next person is…

(Sharpay is in the theater, as each set of light is being turned off) Hello? Who's there?

Troy: Sharpay!

Sharpay: Help me!

Gabriella: Troy! Look out!

(Sharpay is hiding behind a box, as a figure is walking around.)

Gabriella: Help…me. (A figure in the dark choking Gabriella.)

Sharpay: Please help me! (She says as she is running through a school hallway.)

Troy: Oh my God.

Kelsi: We're all going to die.

Ryan: Listen Troy. The play. It's cursed by something

Sharpay: Oh my! It was you! Why!

Troy: What is happening to me!

(Gabriella grabs a gun) Die you son of a...

(Sharpay reaches her hand in an open dark room.)

Troy: We have to save her!

Gabriella: What if it's too late?

(A hand touches Sharpay's hand) Ah!

Alone With the Stranger


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