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Sharpay- Darla

Troy- Phil

Gabriella- Chantal

Ryan- Jake

Chad- Mike

Taylor- Nicole

Zeke- Brad

Kelsi- Jen

Jason- Larry

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Warning- This chapter contains scary scenes, and some language. This may be a little scary. You have been warned.

Alone With the Stranger

Chapter 5: Screaming at East High

She parked her convertible in the school parking lot. Her brother was busy text-messaging on his cell phone. "Who are you text-messaging?" she asked.

"Gabriella." he told her.

"Excuse me." Sharpay asked, stunned.

"She's not so bad." Ryan commented.

"Whatever." Sharpay said as she rolled her eyes. She opened her purse, and pulled out a compact mirror. "Perfect." she mumbled. She turned to Ryan. "Come on, Ryan. Let's go."

"Give me a minute." Ryan said.

"Ryan!" Sharpay whined.

"Okay." Ryan muttered, putting his phone in his pocket. Ryan then got out of the automobile and walked toward his sister. "Happy." he asked.

"Not yet." she replied. She approached her brother and straightened out Ryan's collar.

"There. Now I am." Sharpay smiled while Ryan just chuckled. The two advanced toward the school, not knowing what would happen by the end of the day.

As Troy was driving, he noticed that Gabriella was text-messaging on her phone. "Who are you texting?" Troy asked.

"It's none of you business." Gabriella retorted.

"Is that so?" Troy asked.

"Uh huh." Gabriella mumbled.

"Okay, then I guess I can just drop you off here and let you walk the rest of the way." Troy commented.

"What! You can't do that! The school is 20 blocks from Kelsi's house!" Gabriella shouted.

"So then tell me who you are texting?" Troy asked.

"If you must know, it's Ryan." Gabriella replied.

"Ryan? That's pretty weird." Troy told her.

"Well he is not so bad." Gabriella retorted. "He's better than Sharpay."

"Whatever." Troy mumbled. Troy stopped in front of a red bricked-home, while Gabriella continued to text.

"Darn it! Sharpay's making him stop!" Gabriella whined. Troy just let out a chuckle. A minute later, the oak door opened, revealing a worried Kelsi. She clutched on her book bag as she walked toward them. She placed her book bag on the bag seat and sat next to Gabriella.

"Are you okay, Kelsi?" Gabriella asked.

"Yeah. You usually get a ride from Jason." Troy added. "Where is he?"

"I don't know. I called his house today, and his mom said that he never came home last night." Kelsi said on the verge of tears. "What if something happened to him?" Gabriella hugged Kelsi, trying to comfort her.

"Don't worry Kelsi. Jason is fine." Gabriella assured her.

"Yeah. He probably went down by the creek again." Troy said. That was usually the place where Jason went to clear his mind.

"You're probably right." Kelsi mumbled. "I remember when he stayed there for a whole week. He had me worried sick."

"You see?" Troy said. "I'm sure he's sitting on a rock, trying to clear his head, with everything going on."

"I know, I'll call him at lunch, just to see if he's okay." Kelsi replied.

"Well, I say we better get going." Troy announced. Troy drove off, the three unaware that by the end of the day, they will truly find out what had happened to Jason.

By the time Sharpay and Ryan, dressed in a matching assemble, made it to the school, Mandy was already sitting on the school steps, dressed in a light blue sundress with matching shoes. She was having a conversation with Zeke.

"So anyway, I can't wait for today!" she giggled. "I get to finally do my scene."

"Yeah. Whatever." Zeke said, uninterested.

"You aren't paying attention to me." she whined.

"We barely started speaking to each other yesterday. I hardly know you." Zeke told her.

"Well what do you know about me." she asked as she pulled a strand of her bleach blonde hair to the side of her ear.

"All I know is that you're head captain of the cheerleading squad, and that you are in this play." Zeke replied.

"That's all you know about me!" Mandy exclaimed. She smacked him with her designer handbag. She got up and stormed off, before yelling, "And to think I had an interest in you." Zeke just rolled his eyes.

"What the hell was that about?" Sharpay asked, Ryan still by her side.

"Just Mandy being Mandy, I guess." Zeke said, giving her a large smile.

"Whatever." Sharpay just moved along, leaving a disappointed Zeke. Sharpay walked toward the school. The auditorium door opened, as Taylor walked out of there.

"Why the hell was Taylor in the auditorium?" Sharpay asked, slightly confused.

"She is in the play. I assume she had questions about it. Maybe she wanted to ask Ms. Darbus something." Ryan suggested.

"I highly doubt it." Sharpay muttered.

"Let's forget about it." Ryan said. "I have to go return a book to the library. I'll meet you in your locker." Ryan headed to the end of the hallway, leaving Sharpay all alone. Sharpay just rolled her eyes, and made her way to her pink locker. She opened her locker combination.

"Okay. First class is…" but she stopped. She heard footsteps coming toward her. She immediately turned around. No one was there. She took a deep breath.

"Calm down Sharpay. It's just your imagination." she told herself.

"Sharpay." a voice whispered. She turned around; again, no one was there.

"Ryan! It's not funny!" Sharpay shouted. "Stop trying to scare me!" She heard someone banging a locker on the other side of the hallway. She turned around; she noticed a raven-haired boy standing on the other end. The figure wore torn-up clothing. She recognized the boy.

"Jason." she called out. The boy just stood there, banging his head on the locker. Sharpay started to feel uneasy about the situation.

"Jason. Are you okay?" she asked. The figure stopped banging his head. He began to sluggishly walk away to the janitor's closet.

"Jason! Wait up!" Sharpay shouted. She scurried to the other side of the hallway, until a hand grabbed her.

"Ah!" she exclaimed.

"Sharpay! Are you okay?" the voice asked. She turned to see who it was. It was her brother, Ryan.

"Ryan? Did you see Jason?" Sharpay said, out of breath.

"Jason? Ryan asked. "What are you talking about?"

"Jason was right here. I saw him go in the closet." Sharpay explained.

"That's impossible. I saw no one here, Shar."

"But… and…"

"Are you okay, Shar?" Ryan asked.

"I'm not going crazy. I saw him." Sharpay said. "I saw him."

"Whatever." Ryan mumbled.

"Check the closet." Sharpay told him.

"What?" Ryan said.

"He's in there." Sharpay replied. "I saw him go in there."

"Are you sure, Shar."

"Just open the goddamn door!" Sharpay demanded. Ryan let out a dramatic sigh.

"Fine. I'll do it." Ryan walked up in front of the door, Sharpay close behind him. He reached for the brass knob, and turned it slowly. He cautiously opened the closet.

"I don't see any… Ah!" Ryan moved in the closet.

"Ryan!" Sharpay exclaimed. Ryan came out of the closet laughing away. Sharpay just scoffed.

"You should have seen your face!" Ryan shouted, mimicking Sharpay's expression. Sharpay smacked Ryan on his head.

"You jerk!" Sharpay stomped back to her locker, grabbed her books, and trotted to the auditorium, Ryan following her, trying to apologize. Yet, while all that was happening, Sharpay kept telling herself. "I saw him. I know I did. I saw him."

Troy parked his vehicle in the parking lot. The three cam out of the automobile, and made their way to the school. The three were greeted by Taylor.

"Hey guys." she said.

"Taylor? What are you doing here?" Gabriella asked.

"Yeah, I thought Chad takes you to school." Kelsi added.

"He does, but yesterday, Ms. Darbus told me she wanted me to do some scenes by myself." Taylor explained.

"Oh." Kelsi mumbled.

"So, where's Jason?" Taylor asked, clinging on her book bag.

"I don't know." Kelsi muttered.

"What do you mean?"

"He didn't call me yesterday, I don't know where he is." Kelsi responded.

"I told her he's probably by the creek." Troy added.

"Yeah, Troy's right. I'm sure he's down there." Taylor assured her. Just then, Chad came running behind Taylor, giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Hey baby." he whispered in her ear.

"Chad. Not in front of them." she told him through a fit of giggles.

"Ew. No PDA. Please." Gabriella said.

"Fine. Then no speaking in IM." Chad gave her a fake glare. Gabriella just rolled her eyes. Chad turned his attention to Kelsi. "Hey Kels. Where's Jason?" he asked, his arm wrapped around Taylor's back.

"I think he went by the creek." Kelsi replied, looking down at her shoes.

"Kelsi? You okay?" Chad asked.

"I'm fine. I forgot that I have to Mrs. England about our English paper." (1). Kelsi lied. "See ya guys." She waved good-bye, and headed up the school stairs, and inside the school.

"What's her problem?" Chad asked.

"She's worried about Jason." Gabriella replied.

"Yeah. No one has seen him since last night." Troy added.

"So. It's just one night. We all know how Jason is. Why is everyone getting so worked up?" Chad stated. Taylor slapped his arm.

"God, Chad! You are such an insensitive jerk!" Taylor asked.

"I don't see what is the…" but he did not finish his statement. They all heard the screams of two girls. They knew that they were coming from inside the school. They all recognized the screams. Those screams belonged to none other than Kelsi Nielsen and Sharpay Evans


(1) My English teacher's name is Mrs. England, so I decided to use her name.

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