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Old Memories Surface

Rustling sounds were heard all over the forest as the Ninja of the Hidden Leaves fought the Demon Fox. They had sent their best ninja to the field, in hopes of slaying the creature…but to no avail. "Hang on everyone!" a voice cried out. "Hang on until the Hokage gets here!"

A young girl was in the forest as well, and she heard that desperate cry to everyone that was fighting. She ignored it however, for she was not a ninja…just merely looking for a friend of hers…

The ground shook, and the sudden movement distracted her from her thoughts as she peered into the blood-red eyes of the monster that the people she had lived with for fifteen years were attempting to kill.

The furry, large head of the nine-tailed fox lowered and picked her up with his abnormally large fangs. The pain racked all throughout her body, and she willed herself to release the horrifying hurt through any means possible. And release it she did.

Tipping her head to the sky, she screamed with all the strength she currently possessed, for the one person she trusted the most.


Hatake Kakashi sat upright in his wrinkled out bed, panting and sweating, attempting to gasp for air. Swearing slightly, he cleared his mind from most thoughts as he tried to grasp why his dreams had turned so intense all of a sudden.

The memory of seven years ago wasn't a very blurry one…he could recall everything quite clearly. He could still picture the look of terror on her face as the Nine-tailed fox had picked up his friend and he couldn't do anything to stop it.

'Kagome…' The fox's teeth had glowed, and suddenly, she had disappeared.

Glancing around his room, he looked for something to distract him from remembering his past. Catching the face of his alarm clock, he noted that it was approximately six in the morning. Running his hand through his silver hair, he sighed almost non-audibly in relief. He was only an hour late for their daily five in the morning class.

Slipping the mask onto his face, he pondered his dream and chuckled slightly as he remembered how frustrated she was when he wouldn't take off his mask at her requests.

'I wish I did. You were the only person that I seriously considered taking my mask off for.' Shaking his head slightly, he dismissed the thought temporarily, knowing that he would easily be able to recall it later.

With his beloved 'Make-out Paradise' book in his hand, he headed for his routinely spot before he met up with Team Seven. The memorial.

Passing by the usual sights in Konoha, he was filled with the occasional feeling of anger as he saw all the former adults in his past walk by as if they didn't have a care in the world. They were now all currently old enough to be grandparents. They were the same people who had helped his father's demise come into play. The same villagers that had twisted his beliefs into thinking that his comrades were not as important as the mission was.

And the same monsters that had shunned his best friend.

'Control your emotions, Kakashi. Getting angry will not repent for the past.' Breathing deeply and forcing his body to keep walking to its destination, he calmly walked past the sight that made his blood boil.

The farther he walked, the more the scene changed from a hustling market to a quiet wood.

Reaching the silent place he was vying for, he walked up to the memorial. Clasping his hands together to his heart, he made a silent prayer to his friends in the afterlife; Rin and Obito.

As he ended the forlorn prayer, he focused on what was always the hardest task of his day. Announcing a prayer to the dead for Kagome. He had never wanted to admit she was dead, but eventually, his heart grasped that harsh reality. Her name wasn't present on the memorial, but she was his best friend. And his first love. But she never knew that. Nearing the end of his prayers, he glanced at the rising sun in an attempt to check the time.

A small smile crossed his face in amusement. His prayers for her were always the longest of the three.

With a sigh, he remembered the day of her birthday. It wasn't a big deal to her, but to him, finding her the best present he could think of was the only thing on his mind for the next week. Eventually, he had settled for his mother's old necklace. A black strap of ribbon, with a blue teardrop gem hanging in the middle. She was delighted, and admitted that she had never gotten a single present in her life before. Ending his task, he spared the memorial one final glance before disappearing with a nearly silent poof.

"Yo." His trademark greeting for his team. His ears were assaulted by the two perfectly synchronized voices. "YOU'RE LATE!"

"Forgive me, for I was once again lost on the road of life. I should really look into attaining a map…" Looking down at his students, he noticed that as usual they didn't believe him.

First there was Sasuke Uchiha, a young man who was currently the top rookie genin in Konoha. He had raven black hair that was almost as crazy as Kakashi's hairstyle. His onyx eyes seemed to pierce everything, and when they couldn't he relied on his Sharingan eyes to do it for him. The Copy jonin was sure that he was one of the people that Kagome would have classified as an ice cube.

'Ice cube…' Kakashi nearly burst out laughing at the thought of a lady calling his student that very name.

Next, was the young child who had proclaimed his current state of tardiness. Haruno Sakura. She was a young girl at the tender age of fourteen with cherry blossom pink hair and green eyes with a fatal attraction for Sasuke. And when he said fatal, he had meant fatal.

Last but not least, Naruto Uzumaki, the willing participant of announcing his lateness as well. The hyperactive boy had an obsession with being Hokage and eating ramen. With blonde hair and blue eyes, the ninja was still a little loudmouth.

Naruto was the one that reminded him of Kagome the most. He was shunned by the villagers because of a past that he could not prevent and had lived an extremely painful life because of it.

Even though the demon fox inside Naruto was the reason that his secret crush had died, he couldn't bring himself to hate Naruto for it. She wouldn't have wanted him to hate anyone. That, and Naruto wasn't the demon fox in general. Just a young boy trying to cope everyone's hate.

Kagome herself had been hated by almost everyone in the village, because of her Kekkai Genkai, the skill passed down in her genes and the mere fact that her parents had never married, considering her to be a bastard.

She wasn't the most beautiful ninja, nor was she the ugliest kuonochi. She was just…plain. With black hair and blue eyes, she wasn't considered to be incredibly beautiful. And all the kids her age had picked on her because of it, their parent's mocking only fueling the actions.

Mentally shaking his head, he cursed himself for the second time of the day for remembering the past.

"So what's up, Sensei?" an annoyingly high voice interrupting his train of thought. "What are we gonna do today, huh? I wanna go on a really exciting mission this time, no babysitting, or digging out weeds, or any boring stuff like that!"

Training his sleepy eyed look onto Naruto's face, he made a stern look. "Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke…"

The three students swallowed in anticipation.

"Today, we will be heading out of the village for a little training."

So, when Kakashi-sensei meant training…

He meant to pick up the trash outside the village gates!

Grumbling under his breath, the frustrated Naruto glared at the sight of his Jonin sensei relaxing under a tree. 'How come he gets to relax? That's so not fair!'

Continuing his work, his body tensed as he heard a rustling sound from the bushes next to him. Apparently, stupid Sasuke and Sakura had heard it as well. However, the relaxing Sensei showed no sign of hearing anything, as he continued reading his book and faintly chuckling.

'Stupid Sensei.' Thought Naruto. He scowled, and continued about his task.

The blonde haired boys thoughts were interrupted as a figure emerged from the green shrubbery next to him. In the brief seconds he had to observe the figure, he noted that whoever it was, was wrapped in a purple cloak that covered their entire body, and a mask hiding his face.

A Hidden Village of the Mist, mask.

Naruto's cry of shock was drowned out as The Copy Jonin's voice rang throughout the clearing. "Lightning Blaze!"

The masked fighter kicked Naruto backwards and gathered chakra in their hands. "Water Style! Tsunami!"

Both of the chakra based attacks completely missed each other and hurtled towards their intended targets: Kakashi and the mysterious fighter. A loud explosion was heard, the noise spreading throughout the area as a cloud of dust kicked in and blinded the jonin and the unknown ninja from the three genin's view.

Sakura screamed and Sasuke covered her mouth with his hand, lest the fighter had brought friends.

As the cloud of dust cleared, they could distinctly see the outlines of their teacher. "Sensei!" Naruto yelled. All three ran towards his dark figure and the kuonochi gasped. Kakashi-sensei was laying on his back, the arm twisted at an odd angle.

Fearing the worst, Sasuke turned to glimpse at his opponent, when he came to the realization that they were knocked out as well. His fears subsiding, he gestured at Sakura to check on them with him.

From what they could see, Kakashi's attacker had a gaping scar embedded in their stomach, all Kakashi's doing. The wound was bleeding profusely, and the ground around the body ran red with the substance.

The rookie grimaced and thought through the situation in his mind. The Copy Ninja was the one to attack first, so technically, the masked combatant was only attempting to defend themselves. Looking over the unconscious body again, he found no Hitake, so that meant that this person was not a ninja. He decided that it would be safe to bring the lifeless warrior inside their village.

"Sakura." He rasped out.

The startled pink-haired girl looked up in surprise. "Yes, Sasuke?"

Heaving up the wounded fighter onto his shoulders, he asked, "Could you get the other arm?" He raised his voice slightly. "Oi, dope. Get Kakashi-sensei." Sasuke was a little surprised to find that the person that he was carrying was considerably light. In fact, maybe he didn't even need Sakura's help…nah.

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