Summery: First of all, this only follows the manga/anime, not the OAV episodes, just so everyone is clear on that. And any discretions are made with my knowledge. (Thank you, Yu Watase, for that line!) Three years after everything happens, a girl is somehow sucked into ancient China - but not through a book! She isn't too keen on what's happening around her, and to make it worse, Tasuki drives her insane. And vice-versa. She must discover why she's been brought to China and fix it quickly, or all could be lost.

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A young woman appeared to be sleeping soundly on her bed, laying flat on her back with a book open on her flat abdomen and her sheets rumpled as if she had tied them into knots while she slept. Suddenly, her pale-blue eyes blinked open, surprisingly clear for so early in the morning, and she sighed heavily as she swung her legs over the side of her double bed.

"Damn batteries…" Kae muttered, rolling off her bed when her CD player suddenly died. "They always run out when I least want them to." Rummaging through her dresser drawer she found the batteries she was looking for and quickly popped them into the machine, grinning when the info began to flash on the small screen. Twenty years-old, the young woman had moved out of her parent's house as soon as she entered college and was boarding with an old woman and her niece, renting a room in the basement. Having come from a rich family, she had caused quite a stink when she decided to move out but had calmly remained set in her ways. By herself as a child, due to no siblings and plenty of tutors, she hardly talked to people, being uncomfortable in social situations and preferring the company of her music and work.

"Oops, I guess I forgot to sleep again," she realized blankly, noticing the time on the clock. A quick glance out of her door and down the narrow hall revealed the first traces of light peering through the basement door and she sighed again. "That figures. Oh well, might as well get ready for class." The young woman shrugged and flipped her long hair over her shoulder. It reached her waist, but no one would have believed it was her secret vanity in the state it was in, mangled in a knotted braid. It was a dark red, almost reaching brown but always brightening obviously in the sunlight. Barefoot, she stood on the carpet and unbraided her hair with a deftness grown from years of practice with it. She began to hum to herself as her fingers worked through her thick hair easily, brushing it out until it was once more smooth and shiny, wavy from both being braided when wet earlier the previous night and from the layers in it, and made sure it was going to stay straight and feathery before deciding to leave it loose.

Still wearing her pale pink-plaid short shorts and white tank-top with the built-in bra she slept in – when she slept – Kae stretched with a yawn but cut herself off abruptly.

"What was that?" she turned her head and switched her music off when she heard a noise from down the hall. "They're never up this early," she thought, and peeked outside her door. Not seeing anyone she shrugged, but jumped when she heard another thump. "It's coming from outside the door," she realized, and grabbed a hockey sick she kept downstairs with her just in case. Her earphones still snug inside her ears and player hooked onto her waistband, Kae crept down the hall with a death grip on the stick as she headed towards the door.

"Nothing," she realized, checking around it. Opening it up slowly, she half-expected someone to jump out at her, but nothing happened. Noticing the sky was still a dark gray, she shivered as the early-morning mist chilled her skin, and she found it easy to believe autumn was upon them, no matter what the weather reported. Rubbing her arms briskly, she stepped out onto the small concrete area and headed up the stairs hesitantly, peering around when her head was level with the ground. Still not seeing anything, she continued climbing until she was beside the fence, the grass wet with dew underneath her feet.

"I'm acting like an idiot. I have class," she grumbled, and turned around to go back down the stairs when she paused.


"Now I'm hearing things. I knew I shouldn't have drunk so much last night," she moaned, rubbing her head plaintively as she began to head back to her room.


"If anyone's out there, you're pissing me off!" she yelled, whirling around. Her eyes widened in shock when the backyard was empty, but the mist began to swirl at her feet as she strode further out in the ankle-deep grass. It went unnoticed as she glared at the emptiness around her, beginning to get creeped out.

"I should stop drinking on class days," she sighed, lowering her hands in defeat. "I'm gong to be late at this rate – something I can't afford. I'm through playing games." Annoyed at herself for acting like an idiot teenager, she started to turn around when the mist suddenly tightened around her ankles, binding her to the ground. "What the hell?" she yelped, trying to free herself. "This is insane!"

As if in response the mist began to climb up her lightly-tanned legs, snaking around her limbs as if it was alive.

"Hey – cut it out!" she ordered in panic. To her shock it stopped where it was, and she hesitantly lifted her foot.

Yeah, she was still stuck.

"Didn't think that'd work," she mumbled, and looked around. "Who's there? Cut it out now!"

The mist once more began to creep up her legs, and reached her waist before it stopped on its own.

"What now?" she dared to wonder, and instantly regretted saying that out loud when a light suddenly flashed from underneath her feet. "Oh…damn!" she shrieked, as she was sucked into a swirling vortex of white and gray. Within seconds she had disappeared from her world, and not a trace remained that anything had even happened in the early-morning grass.

"What the hell?" she demanded, getting to her feet and looking around suspiciously. She found herself in a space-like place, where red light seemed to merge with white and black. "What's going on?" she yelled uselessly, and let her arms drop back to her sides after raising them in supplication. Sighing to herself she started to sit down again when a voice startled her into attention.

"Kae Moriyama."

"Yeah, what?" she snapped, recognizing the voice that had called her the first time.

"You are being summoned to ancient China. You must discover why on your own, or everything is doomed to die."

"Ya gonna tell me who ya are, or ya just gonna gimmie some cryptic bullshit and leave?" she demanded, aggravation creeping into her voice and causing her to slur her pronunciation as she usually did when pissed off.

"Who I am is not for you to know right now, young one. Be assured, I shall watch over and guide you when the time is right."

"And that's it? That's all yer gonna say?" she shrilled, and glared at the red stars around her when she realized that she wasn't going to receive and answer. She remained still for several long moments, and became aware of a floating sensation after some time had passed. "What the…"

She blinked when she realized she was no longer in the strange space, but hovering over actual land – and buildings. Buildings that looked very painful to drop into.

And seeing how things were going for her, she was going to really hurt in a few seconds.

"Oh, shit," she managed weakly, as she suddenly dropped from her frozen state and went hurtling toward the ground.

"Tai Yi-Jun? You called, no da?" Chichiri asked, entering the room where his teacher sat calmly on her usual cushion.

"Yes – it took you long enough to get here," she snapped, and he blinked in surprise underneath his mask.

"No da?"

"I have just sensed a strange presence entering this world," she informed the twenty-seven year-old peevishly.

"Like Miaka's?" he asked, instantly alert.

"Similar, but definitely not," the old woman shook her head firmly and peered at the Warrior. "She is most likely from her world, however."

"She?" he repeated, completely confused now. "Is she another priestess?"

"I don't think so," Tai Yi-Jun said. "However, this girl's presence is in the royal palace. I believe she will create quite a stir, obviously. It is best if you and that loud bandit-man go and see what she is. Perhaps Suzaku has something more in mind for the two of you."

"Great," Chichiri grumbled, sighing heavily. "I'll go get Tasuki, no da."

"Have fun!" she called wickedly, and folded her hands in her lap when her pupil teleported away. "Something is wrong – not just in Hong-Nan, but all of China. The gods are at rest and the people at peace, but something moves in the shadows, trying to destroy what was created."

"Ow…" Kae groaned, and took a moment to be surprised she was actually alive, after having fallen right through a roof and what seemed like several floors, finally landing on her behind with rubble surrounding her. Her legs were bent in uncomfortable angles and she rubbed her head as she tried to figure out what had happened, and why she wasn't in excruciating pain like most people would be.

"Who dares enter the palace?" a man demanded, and she found herself surrounded by what seemed to be Chinese guards.

"Huh? Palace? What the – hey, I can understand Chinese?" she realized in surprise, before snapping back to reality. "Oh, yeah. Uh…I come in peace?"

"No, I didn't think that'd work," she sighed, sitting on the cold stone of the dungeons. Propping her chin on her knees she heaved another sigh, unable to think of anything remotely able to help her. I mean, she didn't really learn how to break out of prison, much less an ancient dungeon.
"Not that old hag again!" Tasuki groaned, and Chichiri eyed him. Although three years had passed, Tasuki – now twenty – hadn't changed much, even if he was still the bandit leader of Ligé-San Mountain. "I'm not goin'! I finally get settled back in and now ya want me ta take off again?"

"It took you three years to settle back in?" Chichiri asked calmly, his mask sitting on his lap.

"Don't give me none of that!" Tasuki growled, clenching his fist. "I ain't goin' back! Everyone else can rot, 'cause I don't give a crap!"

"Tasuki!" Chichiri interrupted his friend's complaining sharply, getting the bandit's attention. "Tai Yi-Jun said this girl is from Miaka's world, and that Suzaku sent her as well." "Okay, so I'm stretching it a little bit. But it amounts to the same thing if it gets Tasuki going again."


"Excuse me?"

"I ain't goin'," Tasuki crossed his arms stubbornly and shook his head, not noticing the warning calmness of the monk's attitude suddenly.

"Oh, you're not?"

"Nope, and there ain't no way yer gonna make me!" he said firmly. "I don't want nothin' ta do with any more priestesses or Warriors or savin' damn Chi – urp!"

"I'll take care of things while you're gone, Huan-Lang!" Knei-Gong called cheerfully, waving as the irritated monk dragged the kicking and screaming Tasuki through his portal, his familiar bubble-pattered robe following. "From what Chichiri said, they'll be gone a while," he thought, wondering what the Warriors were getting into now. The monk had become a usual sight at the mountain lair of the bandits since the events of three years ago, and Chichiri was a great favorite of the bandits.

"She still refuses to speak," the guard reported to Houki, who pursed her lips in concentration.

"I see."

"Your Highness, the Warriors Chichiri and Tasuki have arrived!" another man informed her, just before Chichiri dragged a grumbling Tasuki into the room.

"I apologize for such an entrance, Your Majesty," Chichiri apologized, both men bowing low before the Empress.

"You're always welcome, Chichiri," she said graciously, and gestured for them to sit down. "And you too, Tasuki, of course. Please, dispense of the formalities. What have you come here for?"

"Tai Yi-Jun sent us," the monk told her. "Apparently, a young woman has appeared from Miaka's world and arrived here, according to her powers."

"Well, a strange girl did come crashing through the roof early this morning," Houki said thoughtfully. "She woke the entire castle up, I might add. She was able to speak Chinese briefly, but then refused to speak when she was put in the dungeons."

"The dungeons?" Chichiri repeated.

"I wasn't sure if she was an enemy or friend," Houki told them, a little embarrassed. "I disliked putting a young woman there, but there seemed no other option available at the time. I assume you have come to see her, then?"

"Yes," he nodded, and glanced at Tasuki, who was glaring at both of them. "I also apologize for Tasuki's behavior."

"Oh, there is no problem," she smiled hastily, as the bandit began to protest loudly.

"So, the wench's in the dungeon?" Tasuki demanded, following a masked Chichiri through the palace.

"If you were paying attention, you would know that," he informed his friend. "I keep forgetting not to have a serious conversation with you at any time."

"Oh, Lord Chichiri and Lord Tasuki!" a guard realized in surprise, and jumped to attention despite their protests at the title. Houki had given them the titles when she became Empress, but they disliked using them and were forced to use them whenever they were in the palace. "The woman is this way," he told them, and led them through a gate. "She refused to speak to Her Majesty," he added, and Chichiri nodded.

"That will be all, thank you," he said, easily dismissing the man. Behind the iron bars of a door was a young woman who was facing the wall, sitting in silence.

"Yo, ya wanna turn around?" Tasuki said, obviously surprising the girl judging by how far she jumped. She whirled around in surprise and both young men blushed when they realized what she was wearing. She glared at them but didn't say anything, her clothes and face dirty from being dragged down into the dungeon.

"My name is Chichiri, and this is Tasuki, no da," Chichiri supplied. "We're Warriors of Suzaku, no da. What's your name?"

"Kae Moriyama," she told them finally.

"How old are you, no da?" Chichiri prodded, trying to find out as much as he could about the stranger before them. He kicked Tasuki's shin when he saw the bandit eyeing her, eliciting a yelp from him.


"Twenty," she said, after another long pause.

"You're in China – you came from Japan, didn't you?" Chichiri asked, and noticed her surprised blink. "Our priestess, Miaka Yuki, came from your world as well, no da. She was younger than you, though. She came through a book, no da."

"A book?" Kae repeated, before she could stop herself. Her CD player was still with her, her earphones drooped around her neck now. "I don't know anything about a book."

"Well, how the hell'd ya get here, then?" Tasuki demanded, and she glared at him and snapped her jaw shut as she turned pink.

"We'll have Her Majesty release you from the dungeon," Chichiri said, when it became obvious she wasn't going to talk anymore. "She didn't want to put you in here, but considering the circumstances of your arrival, she didn't have much choice, no da."

"And maybe she can get ya some decent clothes while she's at it," Tasuki added, grumbling to himself. Chichiri suddenly turned around in SD mode and grinned at his friend.

"Tasuki's embarrassed!" he shouted, and ran around as Tasuki tried to in vain to catch him. "Tasuki has a crush!"

"I do – am – the hell I do!" he yelled in protest. "And ya turned redder than I did, damn monk!"

"What…the hell…?" Kae wondered, staring in shock at the scene before her. "I'm going to die now, aren't I?"

"I apologize for how I arrived, You Majesty," Kae murmured, bowing low before the Empress after she had been brought to the older woman's personal chambers.

"There is no need, if Suzaku summoned you to aid us," Houki informed her smoothly. "For what purpose have you come?"

"I…don't know," she admitted, turning pink from embarrassment. She hated talking people, finding it hard to relate to most people she met, but this was by the hardest meeting ever. "I just…came here."

"I see," Houki pursed her lips for a moment before gesturing to one of her attendants, who rushed over. "I took the liberty of arranging for you to have your own personal attendant and escort while you are in Konan – this is Bo."

"I don't really…" Kae tried to protest, but she happened to glance at the girl's brown eyes, which were full of pleading. Kae realized that to be refused must be a disgrace for an attendant to the Empress, and she sighed in defeat. "I would be honored if you allowed Bo to aid me, Your Majesty."

"The honor is mine, Kae," Houki smiled in pleasure. "And you may call me Houki in private. Now, Bo has brought you some clothes I thought might fit you – please, allow her to dress you and fix your hair."

"Th-thank you, Yo-Houki," Kae corrected herself, praying that she'd be allowed to leave quickly before her stutter grew any worse.

"Bo will show you to your chambers, Kae. If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask," the Empress smiled pleasantly at the other girl as she rose and followed the Chinese woman out of the room after bowing deeply. "That girl is so very shy," Houki said thoughtfully. "I hope Chichiri and Tasuki aren't too rough with her, although I get the feeling I should be more worried about Tasuki's actions…"

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