TITLE: Undoing
PROLOGUE: It Happened
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Don't quite know what inspired this, but here it is. Oh, and there is a dark and controversial theme coming up, so be prepared.

It happened because, since 'the incident' -- that was what Booth made her refer to the kidnapping as -- since then, hugging had somehow become part of their 'routine.' It happened because one night just a couple weeks ago, as they'd been hugging, Booth had turned his nose in to her hair and inhaled softly. It happened because she turned her head to ask what he was doing. It happened because, instead of answering her as they stood on her doorstep, he'd kissed her. And it happened because that kiss never stopped, even after they'd tumbled into her bed.

Angela would tell her that it happened because it was supposed to happen. It was written in the stars, or whatever other fluffy explanation she would invariably come up with. But Temperance Brennan knew... as she strode quickly back from the Jeffersonian bathroom shoving an object into her lab coat pocket... that this certainly was not supposed to happen. This could not be in the cards for her. She didn't want it to be.

She burst into her office and grabbed the object out of her pocket, flinging it into her garbage can without a second glance. If she discarded it, covered it with her empty Starbucks cup and sandwich wrapper, then it wouldn't be real anymore. So she did just that, and then strode purposefully back toward the evidence room, ignoring the small turn of her stomach as she did so.

Nobody would know. Not Zack or Hodgins, not Angela, and certainly not Booth. There had to be a way to undo it, before anybody could find out.