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'This couldn't be happening.' Sakura thought frantically. 'She didn't just say that he…that Kakashi's…' She couldn't finish the thought, but Tsunade finished it for her.

"Hatake Kakashi is dead. His body was found on the edge of the forest last night." With a glance in Sakura's direction, she continued. "Though he was on a mission, due to his crimes," another glance, "his name will not be added to the Memorial Stone." With this said, she stepped down from her pedestal only to be met my Sakura's fist.

All those gathered were in shock. Why had Sakura just attacked her sensei?

"How dare you!" came Sakura's cracked cry. "You sent him on that mission. You knew he would die, do you deny it?" she asked, rage seething from her form.

"Yes. I did, and I knew. That's why I sent him. Why do you think I let you see him?" Tsunade asked, a bit of a smirk creeping into her features.

This was more than Sakura could take. As she was about to strike Tsunade once more, Naruto and Sasuke each grabbed her.

"Let me go you traitors!"

"No!" Naruto cried. "He's not worth it! Don't get yourself in trouble for him!"

Little did any gathered there know just how strong she was, but they quickly found out. Sakura's rage won out and she thrashed out with all her might. Unfortunately, all her 'friends' were in the crowd. Before she could hurt anyone, Ino, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji, Lee, Neji, Tenten and Hinata joined Naruto and Sasuke in holding her back. It took every last one of them to do so. None of them could believe her next words.

"Tsunade! You knew! You as good as murdered Kakashi knowing I was carrying his child!"

That stopped everyone in their tracks. Sasuke actually looked shocked and he let go of her. He was the one who had turned Kakashi in to Tsunade. He didn't know whether he should be disgusted with Sakura or himself. Before he could do anything more though, Sakura's parents came up and took her from the grasp of the others.

"How dare you get pregnant!" was her mother's reply. Her father slapped her so hard she fell to the ground and then stated calmly, "You will be terminating that child. As you are not yet 18, as your parents, we decide whether or not you can have this baby.

That broke her. She collapsed further, her hair falling about her like a curtain.

"I will perform the surgery myself. Tomorrow, if you would like." All eyes turned back to Tsunade as she said this, and Sakura visibly cringed an wilted.

"I believe that would be best. Come Sakura, we're going home." As he said this, her father came next to her, yanked her up, and dragged her back to the house. Her mother followed dutifully behind.

The others were left were they had gathered to hear Tsunade's announcement. None of them had expected this, but what could they do? Between the decision of Sakura's parents, as well as the Hokage, they were helpless. Several felt sorry for her, but others thought she deserved it. They all slowly parted, each thinking their own thoughts on the subject, and slightly worried about how Sakura would respond. If Kakashi's imprisonment had made her fall into a 3 month long depression, what would his death and the forced abortion of their child do to her?

They wouldn't have to wonder for long. Sakura was already planning what she needed to do. She quietly complied with her parents that night. They scheduled the appointment with Tsunade for 11 a.m. the next day. Sakura did nothing wrong and offered no complaints for the rest of the night.

The next morning, she woke up at 8:30. She quickly grabbed a pen and paper and began to write. Once she finished, she gathered what she needed, told her family she wanted to take a bath before they left. It was now 9. By 9:30, Sakura had finished her bath and knew her mother would come looking before too long. Sighing quietly to herself, Sakura looked at her slightly swollen stomach. She smiled lightly at the sight, then reached for the things she'd brought with her.

'I need to do this quickly,' she thought to herself. She wordlessly took hold of her things. She put the note she had written on top of her bath towel in plain sight. She then grabbed her kunai. With steady strokes, she carved two kanji. On her stomach, Obito, and on her chest, Kakashi. Once she had finished, she looked at the blade softly, before saying quietly to herself, "I'm coming…Kakashi…" With that thought, she took the kunai and slit her throat. She was dead in seconds. It was now 10.

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