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By 10:15, her mother began to suspect something. She briskly walked into the bath, prepared to give her daughter a thorough scolding, only to be met with the sight of her only daughter, dead, in an overflowing bathtub of crimson water. She screamed.

After a moment, she regained her composure, as best she could and took stock of the situation. She saw the kunai, and it immediately made sense. Then, she noticed the note. By this time her husband had come in. He took in the sight with more composure, but his eyes revealed the shock he held. He never expected her to go this far. Why?

"Why?" he asked softly. "I think this will tell us." came the equally soft reply of his wife. She was holding a note, written in their daughters neat hand, and crying silently. Her husband read it as well, even shedding some tears of his own. By now, it was 10:45. They went to Tsunade.

"Ah, I was wondering if you'd show or not." she said with false cheerfulness. However, when she saw their faces, she stopped. "Where's Sakura?" she questioned.

Without a word, the note was handed to her. Tsunade read it aloud to herself.


I am leaving you, but not in the traditional way. If I thought becoming a missing nin would help me at all, believe me, I would not have stayed here a moment longer that necessary. Since this letter is being read, I have finished my plan. Since my love was so harshly taken away from me, why should I stay here? I suppose I should explain a few things, but I'd rather just vent to some people.

First, my parents. You two have never shown me any true love. Everything I did was never enough, I could never live up to your expectations. I know you always wanted a boy, but could never have children after me. For that, I suppose I am sorry, but then I would never want them to endure what I have had to. I became a Genin, passing in the only group Kakashi had ever passed, but it wasn't enough. I became a Chuunin and was being trained under the Hokage herself, but it wasn't enough. My only friends had left me, my family could not be called such, is it any wonder I turned to my former sensei? He was my only constant and friend, and that friendship progressed to something more. I know you would never understand, but I love him, now and forever, and I know he loves me.

Second, I would like to speak out to Tsunade. You are lower than filth. You taught me strength, told me to go for my goals, but when I did, you punished me for it. It was you who took Kakashi away from me, in every way. If you had not decided that Kakashi was some sort of freak for falling in love, I might still be alive. You knew that I was pregnant, then sent me to see him. He was distraught when he found out, and believe me, I connected the dots when I heard of his death. You offered him a chance to see me and die, or live without ever seeing me. He had already accepted a suicide mission when he found out he would be a father. Do you have any idea how crushing that realization is? That your sensei killed, no murdered, your love like that? You deserve to be haunted, but I think I will be too busy loving Kakashi to care.

Thirdly, to my friends, I would say this. Curse you. Sasuke and Naruto, you were some of my closest friends. I thought I could trust you to not betray my trust in you. Apparently, you have different ideas of what is right for me as it was you who told Tsunade. I cannot forgive you for that. You are my friends, but that one act shattered all trust. To Ino and the others, you never understood me. I was always 'forehead girl' or 'hey you' to you, so I do not blame you, but nor do I say thank you. If anyone would have stood up at Kakashi's trial, some things might have been different.

To Kakashi, I say, I am coming to you. Your son would have been beautiful and lived a wonderful life. But I could not bear to raise him, knowing that he would never see his father, or have any record of his bravery thanks to Tsunade.

To my unborn son, Obito, I say I love you. I would rather have you die within me as I die, than to see Tsunade take you from my living body and kill you. I am sorry that we will never know you. Both your father and I would have made wonderful parents, but sadly you will never have the chance to meet us. I hope you can forgive us.

Also, I would like to say this, to any that read this letter. Who is anyone to determine if a love is right? Shinobi could die any day. I and Kakashi simply made the most of the time we were given. We acted as shinobi. Kakashi lived and died as one, so why is his name not worthy of the Memorial Stone? Because he loved me? No. Because he did everything ever asked of him? No. Because he saved Konoha several times in his life? No. Because he poured himself so into his work that he never had a chance to get to know someone who wasn't a shinobi? No. Because he felt remorse over every last person he'd lost in his life? No. Because he spent more time at the Stone than his home? Because all of his friends are on it? No. His name is being disgraced, as his father's was, for caring too much. The White Fang loved his friends too much, he killed himself to join them. Kakashi loved me enough to go on a suicide mission just to see me one last time. And I, I kill myself so that I might keep my son safe.

I never asked to get pregnant, it just never occurred to me that I might. However, given my options, if I could simply have my child, I would gladly stay alive. A forced abortion, the murder of my love, and the thought of living with myself and never being able to go and remember him at the Stone, death is fare more inviting than that. Death, where I can be with my love, is far better than a life where I am seen as a whore, where my love is seen as a traitor and pedophile, and my son is denied the chance to live. I have carved the kanji of my son and my love over the place where each lies. Now though, I say goodbye to it all, and hello to the sweet darkness where I can be with my love. As I have been denied every other place.


Tsunade had tears in her eyes as she finished. "I led her to this. If I hadn't forbidden his name from the Stoneā€¦" She couldn't say anymore. By the end of the day, the note had been shown to all those mentioned in it. And the part addressed to any who read it, was read as four names were etched into the Stone.

Hatake Sakumo

Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Sakura

Hatake Obito

Angsty, I know. It just came to me. I couldn't think of a happy way to end it. I truly love the pairing of KakaSaku, and this was the way I saw them winding up together.

In case you don't know, Hatake Sakumo was Kakashi's dad. I couldn't very well leave his name off too. I hope you enjoyed it, now review! And maybe I'll write an original story where they live happily!