Angelus and Legna had left to go and warn Caim and the others of Manah's kidnapping.

"I swear I'll burn everyone one of those soldiers to smitherines when I catch them!" Angelus snarled in rage.

"Let's get back and let everyone know." Legna said back.

"Right," Agelus said increasing her speed.

Nowe looked outside and noticed Legna and Angelus were flying faster back to Caim's castle then they were leaving it. Sensing their urgency to talk. Nowe told the others, "Legna and Angelus are back. And it looks like something's very wrong."

Caim had felt his nerves flinch as he remembered seeing Manah not have her weapon when she had left.

Everyone had gotten up and had gone outside right as Legna and Angelus had landed.

"Manah's been captured." Angelus said looking at Caim.

"She's been taken to Gismor." Legna spoke towards the others.

"I'll be back." Caim said as he turned and went back inside the castle. He had gone towards his and Manah's room. He had seen her staff laying against the rightside of the door as he had entered their room.

He came back a few moments later holding her staff as he walked towards Angelus.

Nowe and Urick had sat upon Legna.

Seere had summoned his Golem and had it carry him and Eris.

Caim had leaped up onto Angelus and said looking at everyone. "Let's go and get her back. There's no telling what he'll do to her."

Everyone agreed and had left the area towards the Heaven's Clocktower.

Manah had woken up and found she was trapped in a cage.


"In Heaven's Clocktower, woman." Gismore said glaring towards her.

"What in the hell do you want with me, you bastard!" Manah asked angrily.

"You will be the bait to lure the Dragon Child and the others out to their deaths." Gismor said with a malicious grin.

Manah glared at him. "I won't let you harm any of my friends or family, Gismor."

Caim and the others arrived at Heaven's Clocktower and was shocked at the mass of soldiers.

"This doesn't look like it's going to be easy. But I don't mind." Caim paused then said grinning, "I can use these worthless soldiers bodies to sharpen my blade."

Everyone looked towards Caim and saw him grinning. But his eyes had spoken volumes of what he was really feeling at that moment.

Nowe looked towards his uncle in a little shock as he recognized fear inside his eyes. It wasn't fear for anyone of them. But for Manah and what Gismor might try to do to her. Nowe had also felt fear in the pit of his stomache at what might happen to Manah in the hands of that monster.

Angelus and Legna had swung forward and killed many of the soldiers as Caim, Nowe, and Urick jumped down off of their backs. Seere and Eris had arrived being held in Seere's Golem's hands.

"Where is Manah being held by that bastard?" Caim asked as rage passed through his eyes.

"The uppermost level where the hoursglass is." Spoke one soldier in fear as he saw the deadliness of Caim's eyes. "Since you told us where she is. I'll spare your life. Now get lost and never let me catch you around here again."

The soldier had fled for his life as Caim and the others entered Heaven's Clocktower. As they entered they had seen even more soldeirs.

"Get out of our way! You filthy heathens!" Caim spoke in rage as he mercelessly began cutting down the imperial soldeirs. And soon they had cleared through every enemy and had made theri way to the uppermost level where Gismore held Manah captive.

"I see the 'Dragon Child' has come. And I also see 'the Coward' is here." Spoke Gismor recognizing them.

"Release Manah Gismor, or else-" Nowe said holding his sword towards him.

"'Or else' what, boy?" Gismor smirked at Nowe.

"You'll be begging for death by the time I'm through with you," Caim said in a venemous voice as he stared at Gismor in silent rage.

"Who are you?" Gismor asked Caim.

Manah had regained consciousness and saw Caim and then the others.

"Caim," Manah whispered weakly.

Gismor looked towards her and grinned evily as he saw the blood dried up on her body and clothes from his chained whip he only had used for his enjoyment.

Caim heard her whisper his name and looked towards her. He was shocked at her appearance.

"She was fun to torture." Gismor said tauntingly towards Caim and Nowe.

"Caim you go and help Manah." Nowe paused then said looking at his uncle, "she needs you the most right now. We'll handle this bastard."

"Alright," Caim said and began walking towards Manah. He was able to reach her and had begun removing the chains that held her captive.

"Caim," Manah whispered fainting in his arms.

"It's alright now. You're safe." Caim whispered against her hair as he gently kissed her forehead. He had then picked her up and began carrying her towards the outside of the Heavenly Tower.

Angelus had seen how Manah looked as Caim carried her in his arms.

"My God!? What has that bastard done to her." Angelus asked in rage.

"He tortured her." Was all Caim had whispered as tears filled his eyes.

"Manah!!?" Seere and Eris had stayed with Golem and went towards Caim as he had exited the Clocktower. He was shocked and had tears falling from his eyes as he saw her condition.

"Gismor," Manah whispered weakly. "He said I was only the bait to lure you and Nowe out." She said looking at Caim.

"Damn him," Caim whispered angrily. "He will die very soon if not today." Then he bent forward, not caring who saw them, kissed her gently on the lips.

Seere felt his eyes opened wide in a little shock at Caim kissing his sister.

Manah smiled and whispered in Caim's ear, "I guess it took longer than I thought for Seere to guess our relationship."

"I guess so," Caim said returning the grin.

They had both turned their eyes towards Seere and waited for his reaction towards what he had just witnessed.