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The Ties That Bind Us

"Well, I know I can sleep tonight knowing that asshole is off the streets." Elliot Stabler leaned back in the chair at his desk, tossing the closed file amongst the other paperwork he had not filed. Folding his hands behind his head, Elliot followed his partner's every movement until she joined him at the opposite desk. He felt a need pull deep inside his stomach as his partner began to chew her lower lip, this was a sign he had picked up from years of being with her partner she was distressed about something.

"Liv?" He always loved the way her eyes would light up when he would say her name, but this time she stayed lost in her darkness. Curious his blue eyes fell upon a crumbled white envelope she held with a vice grip.

"Olivia, what's wrong?" He leaned over his desk and began to reach for her hand, to tear the offending paper out of her hands so she would become the Olivia he had always known again, but she was too quick for him. Olivia looked at him momentarily, her big eyes sparkling with tears. Before he could make another move, she pushed her chair back and ran to the bathroom.


Elliot gently pushed the bathroom door open and pressed his ear close, listening for signs of life other than that of his weeping partner. He could hear her sharp intake of breath as the door creaked on its hinges and he cursed himself for intruding. "Benson are you okay in there?" Elliot clenched his teeth at his own stupidity; of course she wasn't all right! She tried to say something reassuring but her hiccups betrayed choked back tears. "The hell with this…Olivia I'm coming in."

All the years with his partner could not have prepared him for the vision before him. Olivia was sitting on the tiled floor, her eyes reddened from her heavy crying, strands of her coffee hair clung to her face where her hands were. "Jesus…" Elliot kneeled besides her and put his hand on Benson's trembling shoulder, trying to infuse his strength into it. "Olivia, what's going on?" He winced at his own words but hoped that the slight demand would snap her back to reality, back to him. His only reward was her gaze to the clenched paper in her hand.

"El…I have a sister."



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