Disclaimer: I don't own anything! Just this plot.

This story is dedicated to one of my best friends and is based on what happened to her but using the Yu-Gi-Oh! characters rather than real people.

Summary: What starts off as a loving relationship turns into something more sinister as time goes on…

Yugi hummed as he rearranged items on the shelves. It was three o'clock in the morning and he was on the night shift at the local garage where he worked. He was hoping that a certain someone would come and fill up tonight. He had been every night for the past two weeks and Yugi was sure he was coming for much more than just to fill the tank on his bike up. Yugi himself had a passion for bikes and the two had often spent a few minutes chatting about them when he came in as it was usually early morning and the garage was quiet then.

A rumble caught his ears and even though it had only been a couple of weeks since he had started coming here, Yugi instinctively knew it was his bike coming.

He sat behind the counter and waited for him to arrive.

Sure enough he had been right as a bike pulled into the station but instead of pulling over at the pumps he rode it right up close to the door. Getting off the rider removed his helmet and Yugi's stomach flip flopped as he took in the sexy figure dressed all in black leathers from head to foot which matched his bike which was also black.

"Well hello there." He drawled as he walked up to the hatch. The main shop was locked at night to minimize the risk of robbery and everything was sold through the hatch.

"Hi." Yugi said blushing slightly as the man on the other side of the glass smiled at him. "What can I get you?"

"How about a date?" the other said and Yugi gasped not knowing what to say for a moment or two.

"Uh…yeah sure." He stammered not quite believing his ears.

"Good when is your next day off?"


"Be here at seven in the evening." He said and getting on his bike, he roared off in a cloud of exhaust fumes and dust.

Yugi sank onto the stool behind the counter and took deep breaths for a few moments. He didn't even know this guy's name and there he had been asking him out on a date. This was not something that happened to him every day and yet here he was going on a date the following night with a guy he had fancied since he first saw him two weeks before.

Yugi woke up after sleeping during the day on a high. He was filled with anticipation of his upcoming date and spent a long time getting ready. He decided on leather pants and a leather sleeveless top with leather bands adorning his wrists and upper arms. (A.N. Mmm DROOL!) He put his bike leathers on and set off on his pride and joy, his Yamaha Thundercat.

He arrived five minutes early and getting off his bike he went over to talk to his best friend and co-worker Jou who was covering the evening shift.

"Hey Jou."

"Hey Yug what you up to?"

"I've got a date." Yugi said grinning.

"Really? Who with?"

"One of the customers who has been coming every night I've been working for the past two weeks and last night he asked me out."

"Hey that's cool man, it's about time you got someone." Jou said smiling pleased to see his friend looking so happy.

The sound of a bike came to them and Yugi knew it was his date. The bike pulled into the station and came to a stop next to Yugi's.

"Hey Yug he looks hot." Jou said winking.

"Yeah he is." Yugi said.

Removing his helmet, Yugi's date walked over to the two friends and smiled.

"Hey sexy." He said giving Yugi a surprise peck on his cheek and making Yugi blush. "Where do you want to go?"

"Oh I'll leave that up to you." Yugi said not having been on that many dates in his life and wasn't sure of the best places to go.

"Come on then I know where we can go."

Both of them mounted their bikes and roared off. Jou watched them go and hoped that the date went well for Yugi.

Yugi's date whose name turned out to be Keith, took Yugi to a pizza house where they enjoyed a good meal and found out a lot about each other. Keith said he loved bikes and that pleased Yugi a lot as he was very much into his bikes. He thought that nothing and no one came close to making him feel the way he did when he rode out on his bike.

At the end of the night Keith was asking Yugi out again, this time to a bike rally that was due to be held the following weekend.

"I'd love to." Yugi said his face lighting up at the prospect of going to a rally. He loved them and always had a laugh over people who thought he couldn't possibly fit a helmet on his hair, which never seemed to flatten no matter how long he wore his helmet for.

Yugi called Jou the following day and gushed all about his date down the phone to him. Jou was happy for his best friend and hoped that it would become something more for him.

After a few months of seeing each other, Yugi and Keith rented a house together. Keith was very loving towards Yugi and Yugi thought he was the luckiest guy in the world to have met someone as wonderful as Keith.

It started with little comments about Yugi's clothes.

"I think you would look better with this top on." He would say and Yugi being the kind of person who always wanted to please, would change his top and Keith would kiss him passionately and tell him he looked stunning. Yugi thought he was in heaven when Keith paid him compliments and he was only too happy to do whatever Keith asked of him.

He knew Keith liked it when he had a drink on the table for him when he got home from work, knew that he liked a bath run before he went to work and how he liked his clothes set out for him. There was a certain way Keith liked the bed made having pointed out to Yugi that it looked better and neater when done in a certain way. Yugi loved to keep Keith happy and he was rewarded with a very active sex life.

One evening Keith announced that he was going out with some of his friends.

"Can I come?" Yugi asked not having been out drinking with Keith for a few weeks.

"No I'd rather you didn't." Keith said frowning as if he didn't expect Yugi to ask such a question.

"Oh." Yugi said disappointed that Keith didn't want him to accompany him. "I just thought as it's been a while since we went out together…"

"Well you thought wrong." Keith snapped and Yugi looked shocked. That was the first time Keith had ever snapped at him and his tone was not nice.

"You are so annoying sometimes like a whining dog." Keith continued nastily and grabbing his coat he stalked out through the door slamming it behind him.

Yugi stared after him in shock, what on earth was up with him? he never raised his voice to him but he had then.

Yugi sighed and went to do the dishes. He did them in the way he knew Keith liked them to be done and stacked them neatly when they were dry in just the way he knew they should be done.

When he was finished he went through to the sitting room and sat down to watch TV. He flicked through the channels avoiding the ones that Keith didn't think would be suitable for him to watch. He did this more out of habit than anything else.

They had been living together for four months now. More and more it seemed that Keith was telling him what to do all the time. He hadn't noticed that he was relying on his partner more and more for everything. He asked Keith before he did anything these days and he knew Keith was happy with that. Yugi knew he had to keep him happy so that they could stay together forever and he was blissfully happy.

When Keith arrived home later on that night, Yugi was still up watching TV.

"What are you doing still up?" Keith slurred obviously drunk.

"I just thought I would wait up for you. Is that alright?"

"No it is not alright!" Keith said sounding angry and Yugi knew he should have been in bed when he got back. "You know if you're not in bed early enough you're tired the next day and then you moan and winge and it drives me insane!"

Yugi couldn't remember any time at all where he had been tired during the day and moaned but Keith must be right so he nodded.

"I'm sorry Keith, I'll go to bed now." He said and went to go upstairs but found his arm grabbed.

"Where's my kiss?" Keith demanded and kissed him hard on the lips, so hard in fact that Yugi's lip cut on his teeth. He tasted blood and tried to pull away a little but Keith just pulled him closer.

Eventually he let him go and looked at Yugi's cut lip.

"Let that be a lesson to you, never go to bed without first giving me a kiss, if you forget then I might have to punish you." Keith said and Yugi fled the room.

What the hell was wrong with Keith? He had no idea but he vowed that he wouldn't forget to kiss Keith goodnight again.


There you go the first chapter done. I have used Keith because this partner turns out to be nasty as you may have already guessed! Don't worry, Yugi will end up with the right one eventually. This story is based on true events that happened to one of my best friends.