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A seven your old blond boy was walking through the village on his birthday. October 10, the day meant a lot but none of it was happiness for Uzumaki Naruto. A few years ago Naruto would have been thrilled it was his birthday, but he learned acting happy on this day just made the angry villagers even more mad at him. It was after all the day the Kyuubi attacked as well as the day his dad The 4th Hokage died sealing it in him. A fact he's known now for little over a year. After hearing a villager say it Naruto went to The 3rd Hokage Sarutobi to ask him. The 3rd told Naruto a lot about his father and even gave him scrolls his dad left for him with both letters and jutsus. Naruto was happy to learn of his dad but he still new nothing of his mom. He asked the old man but he said he didn't know. Naruto knew this was a lie but he did not know why no one every told him these things.

(Sigh maybe they thought it better I don't know. Yeah right they probably just didn't want the "demon" to know his past… bastards.) Naruto thought as he continued to walk not really caring where too. At this point Naruto reached a play ground with a few kids his age. He took a step forward but as soon as he did the parents glared at him as if daring him to move. (Sigh always with the eyes I hate that. Why can't they gust get it through there head I'm not the Kyuubi. Ahh screw them it's a free play ground and I'll go if I want.) With out a second thought Naruto kept going in to the playground. Many of the parents were surprised that he kept moving but that stopped as soon as there anger rose again.

"What do you think you are doing?" questioned a parent trying to hide his anger a little.

"Going to play." Naruto responded. "Is there something wrong with that?"

"Yes there is my daughter is playing right now." Answered the villager.

"That's nice maybe I'll meet her."

"YOU WELL NOT GO NEAR HER!" after that he hit Naruto back and took him into an ally way. "Demon you have gone to far. It is bad enough we put up with you now you wish to endanger my child. It's time some one got ride of you." Now all though he was no ninja he was still much faster and stronger than Naruto. He started to beat up Naruto badly with intent to kill.

(Crap this isn't good I can barley keep up with him.) Naruto thought as he tried to avoid the hits. After a little amount of time he got the hang of it. (Hey this is good it's like he's moving slower.) After he had that thought the man tried to punch him in the face and Naruto dodged it by doing a back flip away from him. He looked up to see a very surprised and scared villager.

"T-The S-Sharingan? But there's no way you can have it." The villager said just loud enough for Naruto to hear.

Naruto was confused (Sharingan? What's that?) But he didn't think about it long the mans surprise left him open for attack. Naruto punched the man in the gut causing him to fall down in pain. Then Naruto took of to the forest.

After a few minutes of running he found a stream and cleaned him self off. It was then he saw the change to him. He saw him self-but with two red eyes one with two little black swirls /right/ while the other had one /left/. (So that's what he meant the Sharingan. I should talk to the old man about this. But first I do I get them back to normal?) He closed his eyes and tried to relax for a minute just to see the same red eyes from a second ago. (Well that can't be good. I guess I'll see him soon like now.) With that he took of towards the Hokage tower.

Naruto arrived at the tower and jumped up to the window where the 3rd was. He opened the window and went in the 3rd didn't even have to ask who it was.

"Naruto it's nice to see.." he stopped as soon as he turned and saw the Sharingan. "What happened Naruto?" he asked in a more serious tone.

"A villager attacked me, I got these." He pointed at his eyes "During the fight. What are you hiding from me old man I know this is some sort of bloodline limit. Who where my parents?"

The Hokage sighed "I am sorry Naruto, I know you don't like being left in the dark, but at first I honestly didn't know the 4th kept he's relationship a secrete from almost every one. I'm sorry to say we still don't have a name but we do know she was from the Uchiha clan and that she died giving birth to you."

"So the Uchiha clan is where this Sharingan came from." With the Hokage's node he continued. "So how do you turn it off?"

"You simply stop the flow of chakra to your eyes." Naruto did as he said and sure enough he had he's normal blue eyes again.

"So what know, I mean am I part of the Uchiha clan now? Or should I keep it a secret?" Naruto asked.

"Well the Uchiha clan has been wiped out the only other member is Uchiha Sasuke." Naruto cringed at that name he did not now the young Uchiha well but he did know he was arrogant. "And you already used the Sharingan so you can't keep it a secret." Naruto knew he had a point news travels unbelievably fast for such a big town. "Here Naruto take this." He handed him a scroll he just wrote on. "Go to the Uchiha complex and talk to Sasuke about every thing it may do both of you good to have some family. I'll try to settle things down and get some one to train the two of you." Naruto gave Sarutobi a weird look signaling his confusion. "It's not safe for you Naruto some people even ninjas well attack you for the Sharingan." Naruto nodded knowing not many would take the demon having the Sharingan lightly.

With that Naruto left in search of the Uchiha complex and Sasuke. After a good hour of searching he found the complex. (This place is huge! Why would some one live here by them self? Sigh oh well that's not my problem I need to find Sasuke.) A minute of searching leads him to a nice sized building with a lone light on. He went up and knocked on the door and for a while no one answered. He knocked again this time adding an "Oi, Sasuke get up I got some news for you." A little while longer and he heard the door unlock and saw a raven-haired boy with black eyes and black pj.

"Naruto? What do you want? It's late and I'm tired." He said in an unhappy tired voice.

"You going to let me in? I have a message from the Hokage."

Sasuke glared at Naruto "What message?"

"A message to let me in dammit its cold."

"Fine but make it quick."

Naruto came in and sat down on a couch in the center of the living room. "You may wont to set down for this." Sasuke did as he was told and sat down on a chair to the left of the couch. "OK read this Naruto said giving Sasuke the scroll and Sasuke's eyes began to grow wide as he read it.

"You mean you are a member of the Uchiha clan?" Sasuke asked

Naruto shrugged and activated his Sharingan. "I guess I do have the Sharingan I just activated it today. My guess is my mom was part of the clan or something because there isn't Uchiha blood on my dad's side for my knowledge." After that he deactivated his Sharingan and began to look around the house.

Sasuke just nodded at his words. "Wait so are you going to live here know?"

"Couldn't say for sure, but by the way the old man was acting probably it also sounds like we may be trained."


"Hai, I don't know if its with you or not but I'm not safe the villagers well attack me for the Sharingan or at least some may try. They don't love me like they do you." He said getting up and walking around. "Hey is it OK if I stay the night?"

"Why?" Sasuke asked.

"Well you are the only living family member I got and I've never had that before just want to know what it's like."

Sasuke agreed he has been really sad since his clan's death and although he would not admit it, it was nice to know you had family still. They stayed up talking for a good three hours about there life dreams and training.