Anko 6

FemHaku 10

Tenten 13

Temari 12

Tsunade 5

Ino 7

It was early morning when seven people where setting at the training ground waiting for…

"WHERE THE HELL IS KAKASHI-SENSEI!" Ino and Sakura yelled.

"Maybe we should start with out him?" Asked Sasuke.

"We should, but we need two jounin to do the test properly." Said Kurenai thinking of a way to get back at the late jounin.

"A jounin? Can't you have one of us do it and then give that person a different test later." Asked Naruto.

"…" Kurenai takes a thinking possession, " Maybe… OK, yeah, Naruto you well take Kakashi's place." (This is good now I can see what he's really capable of...wait why do i care he is just a kid, but he is a cute.) she shook her had at that last part.

Naruto was a little surprised but got up and walked over to Kurenai then they walked off to talk about the test.

"S-so what do you think we well do?" Asked Hinata.

"Like it matters with Sasuke-kun on are team and that idiot Naruto against us we can't lose." Said Sakura receiving a glare from Ino and Sasuke.

"Naruto-kun is the best if any thing the test just got harder." Stated Ino looking dreamily at her crush.

"Yeah right he is a loser just admit it Ino-pig." The pink haired girl said again. Not noticing how mad the Uchiha was getting.

"Why do you insult him? He was top in class?" Asked Shino.

"Sasuke-kun just let him win that in fact I bet Sasuke-kun helped him cheat. Right Sas…" She stopped talking as she turned around to see a pissed off Sasuke sharingan activated and spinning.

Sasuke was not mad no he was beyond mad. He continued to glare at the pink haired girl not even aware of the fact he activated his sharingan. "You have NO right to talk about my brother that way!" He said in a low dark voice releasing some killing intent.

The others felt this and backed off a little but Sakura was frozen to the spot to scared to move. After a moment of silence where every one was waiting for Sasuke to kill the pink haired girl, Hinata came up and put her hand on Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke looked over at her and slowlystarted to calm down. He then walked a way from Sakura and waited for the test to begin.

Naruto and Kurenai where both aware of what just happened after they felt the killing intent. "Perhaps we should let my brother calm down more before he is forced to work with Sakura?"

"No, we should do this now besides he has to learn to put his emotion aside to work as a team." Said Kurenai, "Are you ready?"

"Always." He answered. They both walked back after that.

"OK, lesson up, do to the fact that Kakashi is not here we had to make some changes to the test. Now Naruto well be testing Sakura, Sasuke, and Hinata. And I well test Shino and Ino." Kurenai said in a demanding voice.

Sakura gained some of her composer, even though she was still shaking a little,raised her hand and asked, "But shouldn't you test us so Naruto only has two people to test because you arethe jounin?"

"We can't do that because I can't properly test my own team, but don't worry I believe you said it would be easy going against me." Naruto said with an amused smirk on his face.

Sakura looked down at the ground depressed, "I-I'm sorry." She said in a sad voice.

"Safe it we have a test to do fallow me." He then walked off to the far side of the training grounds with the other three other genin fallowing.

With Naruto

"OK guys in order to pass the test you must get one of these." He pulled out two bells, "If you can't get a bell within the hour you fail and go back to the academy." He then set his watch to go off in a three hour.

"But there are only two bells?" Sakura complained.

Naruto smirked at that and said, "BEGIN!" all of them took off into the forest.

Sasuke was in a tree not far from his brother. (OK now what is up with this test I know I can't bet my brother by myself without getting to tired. Maybe I should have Hinata help me that would make it easier but I Can't help but think something is up… wait Gai-san's team had all three members but with this test only two can pass that's not right… That's it! We all have to work as a team it doesn't matter if we get a bell, But Hinata might not trust me and even Sakura might not trust me after what happened all though I can't say I want her help. Sigh I guess it's my best choice though.) Sasuke took off looking for his two-team mates.


"Hmmm…." (It seems my brother knows what to do, Hinata too is on the move but Sakura …) He looked up to see Sakura with a determined look and kunai at the ready. (Sakura is an idiot.) Naruto mentally sighed. "You know you are a bet off from what you are supposed to do."

(This is it I can bet Naruto and give a bell to Sasuke. I know what he said but I'll prove Naruto is a weakling. HELL YEAH!) She and inner Sakura thought. "I can do this I CAN bet you!" she charged Naruto at full speed and stabbed him in the arm. "HA gotcha!" she yelled with joy.

"Wow Sakura you did a great job against that log." Sakura looked up to see Naruto on a tree branch arms crossed and a bored look on his face. Then she looked back to see her kunai two inches in a log.

(H-how did he do that? He didn't even use hand signs.) She thought with a confused look on her face. "How did you do that?" She asked.

Naruto wasn't paying attention to Sakura though. (Dame Sasuke found Hinata. If they work together it well be hard to keep a bell but they need Sakura too. Lets see what my brother has up his sleeve.) Naruto jumped off the tree to dodge three shuriken Sakura threw at him.

With Sasuke

(Found her!) Sasuke thought as he found Hinata on a tree branch watching Naruto and Sakura's fight. "Hinata" he said in a silent voice, "I have a plane on how all of us can pass."